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(Mar. 29, 2018) — These are amazing times we live in, with so few of my fellow citizens pausing to realize what is truly happening right here in front of us. We are all witnesses today to the identical deadly force against the people’s Constitutional Rights to keep and bear arms, by manipulating our children against us, which is the same exact tactic used by Hitler’s Brown Shirts over 75 years ago.

My original title was Pawns R Us to share with you my thoughts and research on where I believe we are today in the post-Parkland-shooting era. And, unless we put an IMMEDIATE STOP! to their mob-rules chaos, designed to turn the American people against guns, which is now gaining momentum by the minute, it will soon be too late.

There are a number of Parkland facts that few are aware of, but the Florida State Legislature was voting that very morning of February 14, 2018, on SB1236 to allow teachers and staff to be armed in schools. So, under the heading of “You just cant make this stuff up” this local legislation would have been a positive use of firearms designed to prevent this exact incident from occurring. The ends-justify-the-means Floridian Democrats could not risk this law being brought to the floor, and, well, you now know the rest of the fiasco that unfolded that day.

Why do so many refuse to acknowledge that guns do not kill school children; Democrats do. And, unfortunately, my research offers proof, much more of it.

By another act of extreme coincidence, and almost as if staged and planned, this past year on the very day that the Florida State Legislature was again preparing to vote to end all gun-free zones, just like clockwork, an unknown lone wolf gunman shot up the Fort Lauderdale airport, and the vote was never taken. Imagine the perfect timing of that, and how few of us ever made this connection, until now.

My research then welcomed another, as a writer-friend hooked me up, electronically speaking, that is, with a fabulous thinker/author who was recently compared to a modern-day Sir Winston Churchill, wherein he asked his well-researched question: What do Dunblane, Port Arthur, Sandy Hook, and Parkland school shootings have in common?

And, Desmond McGrath went on to explain the details of how Thomas Hamilton, who was well-known and yet ignored by the authorities to be a clear and present danger, nonetheless, on March 13, 1996, shot and killed 16 children and a teacher at Dunblane School in Scotland, which gave the radical left the kill-switch they needed to enforce a draconian gun confiscation in all of Great Britain. And, Barry Soetoro took note.

Mr. McGrath, in his aforementioned Churchill-ese style, went on to report how yet another kill-switch shooting, this time on April 28-9, 1996 also resulted in the draconian gun control legislation and complete gun confiscation in Australia. And, again the now-anxious Soetoro scribbled another notation in his overthrow notebook. By the way, that would also be the very same Australia legislation which two-peas-in-a-pod Hillary Clinton campaigned on as one we should seriously be considering.

And, finally how, in this author’s own words and opinion, the Sandy Hook play-actors’ guild attempted to bring all his note-taking to reality with his own kill-switch school shooting here in Fairfield County, Connecticut, wherein the now self-named Obama Administration, with full cooperation from the Holder Justice Department, tried to impose the very same draconian gun control legislation here in America. And, he would have gotten away with it then, had it not been for those pesky old words in the 2A, and of course you, as one of the 150 million or so gun owners, who did your part to stop him.

Your part, of which I speak, to stop them again today, is needed as if our lives depended on it.

And, so it seems how their theory of “breaking a few eggs (killing our children) to make an omelet,” one filled with total gun confiscation, is now in a repetitive mode with the planned continuation of their high-value school shooting Modus Operandi, which of course gives them as a secondary feature of the manipulation with their built-in-pawns – school children. The radical left will continue until they get it right, as the other countries noted above have batter-tested just how easily it can work.

A few other-worldly facts you might want to consider: Of some 193 countries, the United States is third in gun-related murders. But, if we were to remove just five of the radical left cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Washington, DC, St. Louis, and New Orleans, the very same United States of America would then be 4th from the bottom on the list of gun-related murders in the entire world. See how that works: To make an amazing 184-position jump from the 4th lowest to the 5th highest, all one needs to do is add a few Democratic gun-grabbers with their draconian gun laws.

It should not surprise anyone to know that these five cities are all controlled by Democrats, each one outdoing the next for that coveted award for having the toughest gun-control laws in the nation. But, the radical left owns the media, they own the global elite who will continue to invest billions of dollars to overthrow our Constitutional Republic, and sadly they have the numbers of my foolish countrymen, so they can arrogantly explain to you with a straight face how absurd it would be for you to draw any conclusions from these facts.

But, you and I know the truth:  the fact is that guns play the exact same role in school shootings as cameras do in child pornography, an art the liberal elite are quit fluent in. And, only a special kind of blind ignorance that permeates the Democratic Party would have you believe otherwise.

It seems that on our side all we have are facts and logic, and on their side they have both gun-AND fact-free zones. They also have the ability to manipulate children, to rub their young emotions raw, and they’re gaining momentum, because as Billy Joel once told us, Sinners are much more fun. Wherein ignorant mothers can stand hand-in-hand with their sons and daughters holding signs that say, “**** NRA!” always be aware that the left will exploit every opportunity that furthers their cause(s) and most people are too busy, apathetic, or just too darn stupid to realize it.

And, once again we see the “Never let a serious crisis go to waste” even if they had to create the crisis to get the ball rolling, as they blame the NRA again, with a number of the global elites doing their part as YouTube (Google) is now banning all gun instruction and/or gun-selling videos or links to sites that do. And then go even further by asking their users to report on any gun-related videos which they might have missed. Then on Friday we learned that Citibank is joining in by banning any credit card partners from having business relations with companies that do not support a number of new gun-control initiatives, and how they will have the right to audit the books of those who agree to continue working with them.

Today’s Democrats are totalitarians, who want nothing more than to kill our Constitutional freedoms, silence conservative voices, as in the First Amendment, and total gun confiscation as in the Second.

They have lied to us in the past with, “We do not want to take your guns away.” But, that is exactly what they plan to do. And, it was after Saturday’s  student rally which was planned and paid for by the radical left, that a writer from The New York Times completely dropped their phony facade with the headline: Repeal The Second Amendment.

And, so their plan since their first success back in 1939 with the ruling to ban sawed-off shotguns has continually nudged along to this very day where every seemingly harmless gun control piece of legislation, like size/capacity of magazines, bump stock, comprehensive background checks, raising the age to purchase firearms, until enough token gun-related arrests are made, and that day when the average American legal gun owner finally says, “It’s just not worth it anymore! Here’s my darn guns!”

Please take this from one proud American gun owner who is crying out for the help from all my 2A and gun-loving brethren, the choice is now yours. If you believe that we have an inherent right as Americans to keep and bear arms, to defend ourselves and our loved ones, then our upcoming mid-term elections could not be more paramount. Join us, fight back, or die.

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  1. To conquer a nation, democrats are brainwashing our youth, instilling fear in them, and confusing them beyond all reality. Yes, the democrat/RINO party is the globalist plague. “Everybody wants to rule the world” – but none more than the one world government demons, within and without.