by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 19, 2018) — Early on Tuesday afternoon in New Zealand but shortly before 8:00 p.m. EDT in the Eastern U.S. time zone, internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom tweeted that he will soon be releasing documentation showing that his country of residence “was complicit in a pay-for-play White House operation against a legitimate internet business because Hollywood threatened to cut off $100m of funding to the Presidents 2nd term campaign” [sic].

About 15 minutes earlier, Dotcom told his followers to “Stay tuned” for the evidence he promised to release and that his legal team on Monday “asked the High Court to let us question Obama while he’s in the New Zealand jurisdiction.”

Obama will be speaking in Auckland on March 22, according to The Daily Mail.

Dotcom, whose file-sharing website, “Megaupload,” was shuttered by the New Zealand government and the FBI in 2012 for alleged copyright infringement and alleged money laundering, has long claimed that the Obama regime was involved in the business’s demise as a result of pressure from prominent Hollywood actors who said their copyrighted work was uploaded to Megaupload without authorization.

In January 2012, Dotcom’s home was raided by police in an operation later declared “illegal.” In July 2012, Dotcom wrote an open letter to “Hollywood” wherein he stated that he “wouldn’t be who I am if it wasn’t for the mind-altering glimpse at the future in Star Wars. I am at the forefront of creating the cool stuff that will allow creative works to thrive in an Internet age. I have the solutions to your problems. I am not your enemy.”

At one time, Megaupload was responsible for 4% of all internet traffic.  A documentary has been made about Dotcom’s saga, which resulted in the U.S. government confiscating much of his wealth.

Dotcom was born “Kim Schmitz” and has served suspended sentences in Germany, his home country, for admitted computer-system hacking and other offenses.  He has lived in Hong Kong, where he founded Megaupload, as well as Thailand, but became a legal resident of New Zealand in 2011.

Since being briefly jailed after the raid and placed on house arrest, Dotcom has fought the Justice Department’s’s case against him and elicited a public apology from former New Zealand Prime Minister John Key for violating his rights as a legal resident who underwent surveillance by New Zealand’s spy agency, GCSB.

Through his  legal team, Dotcom has been fighting extradition to the United States while maintaining his innocence of the DOJ’s charges on his website and frequently on Twitter.

As this article went to press, Dotcom tweeted:


As he also tweeted on Tuesday, Dotcom has claimed since last May that slain DN data director Seth Rich was the source of thousands of emails provided to WikiLeaks, which released them beginning in July 2016, just before the Democratic National Convention.  The emails showed clear favoritism toward Hillary Clinton over Democrat primary contender Bernie Sanders as well as coordination of information with some in the major media.

Last week, Rich’s family sued Fox News for allegedly making their son’s death into a “political football” by reporting last May on claims made by former Washington, DC Metro Police homicide detective Rod Wheeler that Rich was a WikiLeaks source.

Left-leaning media have insisted that the claim of Rich’s involvement in conveying the emails to WikiLeaks is a “baseless conspiracy theory” while choosing not to investigate Dotcom’s claim of having been “involved” in the operation himself.  Other than the recent lawsuit, the media has attempted to silence those questioning the public narrative that Rich was killed in a robbery attempt.

The DNC has shown little to no curiosity or concern about how Rich was killed on the morning of July 10, 2016 by two gunshots.  In August 2016, WikiLeaks fonder Julian Assange virtually admitted that Rich was a source and offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to his murderer.

At 9:38 p.m. EDT, Dotcom’s newest tweet reads:

Update, 10:30 p.m. EDT:  Dotcom released the following on Scribd, announcing it through Twitter:

He also published a press release at Scoop Politics here.

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