by Cody Robert Judy, ©2018

(Mar. 16, 2018) —[Editor’s Note:  The following email was sent to Carol Carol Leonnig, Tom Hamburger, and Rosalind Helderman of The Washington Post.]

RE: TRUMP HOTEL IN RUSSIA Climate of Corruption

[Trump’s business sought deal on a Trump Tower in Moscow while he ran for president]


Dear Carol, Tom, and Rosalind:

As news at the Washington Post has steadily been headed down hill, I question your [protection] of President Trump in his role in bringing Mr. Obama’s long form B.C. out from “The View” for a business deal securing the Old Post Office. The Video below [Rewarding Forgery Awarding Fraud] details that. I was the only POTUS Candidate to sue McCain and Obama for non-eligibility in 2008. Don’t throw yr Racial Demougery at me! The Standard is the same for all and never included naturalized citizens accept those secured in Adoption of this Constitution ref. Art II, Sect. 1, C-5.

Trump was [chosen] and [agreed] to do this. How could any one get on “The View” for that specific agenda? Shouldn’t you ask THE VIEW PRODUCERS?

The Climate of Corruption was created from this onset. If you’re willing to fabricate identity to usurp the Office of President of the UNITED STATES,  what won’t you do?

CLINTON Email Server not responsible to the Public accept through her Private Screen door. Did the blackberries smashed have records of communication between Trump & HRC or Obama? Usurpation of the Secretary of State Office, outsourcing favors for Contributions and Uranium One deal for Russians.

FBI TOP (6) BRASS Corrupted in Climate Blackmail ex:  McCabe’s text FOIA (your not getting them)

Obama is gone- served his 2 term Limit that’s True, but the Climate of Corruption continues based in this root deception and [Point of Political Blackmail] which also assails into Trump becoming President.

The ISSUE of Qualification is HUGE to the American Public and would garner massive interest! It always has.

Election Fraud transgressed through the Dem Primary, where over half the Country was denied a fair Democratic Party vote in 2016. #SCOTUS has a Petition to Gorsuch also recorded on the Docket and Record in 10th Circuit case 17-4055 Judy v. Obama.

Don’t you think the narrative of Obama’s ” Deal” with Trump for the Old Post Office” is much more substantive than a failed Trump Tower in Moscow?

If President Trump was chosen to cover and poster Obama’s fraudulently created I.D, the Civil Rights of American’s is also up for Sale with that compromise,  and climate if Corruption in [The DEAL]?

Trump acted as the salesman of Fraud! Took the hit of Racist without objection and became President with the deed. But, what if Trump had lost? What made it worth it? The 9th addition to Trump Hotels? Recall HRC went to Trump’s Wedding?


Do you have any idea how many lives have been lost? How much national economic stability has been lost due to the compromise?

Do you know how much 10 Trillion is? Reporters act like they have no idea- like they are in some delusion. If Democrats had a stick-in-the-back in not standing up against Obama’s ineligibility, wouldn’t it be Donald J. Trump who collaborated with Obama on his Fraud and Forgery, and wouldn’t that be an answer, “that you just can’t get away with compromising Standards of our Constitution without paying a heavy price”?



The Obama-Trump Birth Certificate Connection





To end this we must revisit it on equal terms to #Republicans & #Democrats who ARE responsible. Its a neutral fan base for the WASHPOST worthy of its Founders associated with Watergate!

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