4 Driving Distractions That Cause Serious Accidents


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(Mar. 13, 2018) — We all know that driving without due care and attention can cause serious accidents, yet many people still take to the road paying little attention to many of the things that could cause these small yet fatal distractions. Remaining vigilant while driving is essential to ensure that you come to no harm and others around you are safe including those riding along with you. There are some tiny yet significant distractions that can occur both inside and outside of the car that people often miss. Considering these distractions can put you in a better position and mindset when driving so watching out for them could potentially save your life.

Here are some of the most common yet less obvious driving distractions that could cause serious accidents.

Using a cell phone

Cell phones are one of the biggest distractions for drivers and cause major accidents on the road each day. They can distract drivers in a number of ways with main causes including calling or accepting phone calls, texting or using social media while driving. Distractions can also occur when you are in stationary traffic, as taking your mind off the road and checking your phone can lead to not viewing the traffic ahead and other motorists rear-ending you.

Children and other people in the car

Distractions don’t just happen from external factors, as they can be happening inside your car while you are on a journey. Children can be one of the biggest contributors to this, as children that are fighting, moving around in the rear and taking their seatbelt off may cause your train of thought to wander. Not only can these distractions cause accidents, you may also receive a traffic violation ticket for passengers not wearing a seatbelt. This type of offense may also affect your insurance so contacting the Florida Ticket Firm can assist you in rectifying tickets without involving a traffic conviction.

Eating and drinking

Although one of the lesser ways to cause an accident, this is still a distraction that can take your eyes off the road. Eating and drinking at the wheel may seem harmless but dropping crumbs on your lap or spilling hot coffee everywhere, may startle you and can cause unnecessary actions such as sudden braking or stopping in dangerous circumstances. Stop for a snack or drink if you feel like you need one, as one small moment could change everything.

Reaching for objects

If you need something from the back seat or the footwell of the car, you need to ask yourself the question, is it really worth it? This few seconds with your eyes off the road could lead to accidents or veering off the road due to oversteer. If you feel tempted to grab something off the back seat or grab a CD from the glove compartment, it is better to pull over and retrieve it than put yourself or others in danger for a lack on concentration for something that is not important.

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  1. Jeffrey Harrison   Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at 6:08 PM

    This is an excellent article. I copied the main article and Cellphone use causes over 1 in 4 car accidents. Here again the P&E has shown that a diverse of topics are presented daily.

    Most auto accidents can be prevented. Let’s all of us be more careful behind the wheel and watch out for the other driver…

    In presented articles I especially appreciate the “blue” highlights” for additional articles and related information. This is an awesome aid and service. Long live the P&E.

    The P&E is a wonderful resource for information and updated news, therefore I encourage
    all that can to lend support and donate requested funds.

  2. Charlotte Sarvee   Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 1:45 PM

    Thank you for this. I currently drive two hours a day and it’s so easy to become complacent.

  3. OPOVV   Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 10:41 AM

    Most countries handout a $500 fine for using a cell phone while driving. Second offense the fine is $1,000. Third time they confiscate the vehicle, for good. I, for one, have no problem with that.
    In Finland they take away the car after a DUI. So how many people are killed each year in Finland by DUI drivers? Not many.
    How many people are injured and killed in the USA by DUI drivers? They say more killed by drunks each year in America than were all the Americans killed during the whole Vietnam War.
    Next they’ll be a statistic about DUI’s AND cell phone use at the same time.
    And with all the illegal immigrants in our country, many more “accidents” will occur due to “improper maintenance”, i.e., bald tires (if you ever get a chance, check-out a tractor-trailer truck’s tires from Mexico as they drive our Interstates, thanks to NAFTA).

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