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(Mar. 7, 2018) — ACT I

House lights dim as the curtain rises to the music of Morning” (3:40) by Edvard Greig. There’s a dock at stage left; center stage is a campfire; stage right is the jungle. There are 9 young American men in all manner of dress where it’s impossible to tell what service they’re in or what rate or rank they hold. The races are mixed, but the one common denominator among the group is that they’re all carrying machine guns; the one who seems to be in charge is walking around with a BAR on his shoulders. The stage is brightly lit.

Bar-man: “Listen up; I’m only going to say this once, so pay attention. We’re to wait here, at this dock. No wandering off. Now we know that they know we’re here but we’re so off the radar we might as well be on the moon. And that means they’re also off the radar.”

Grunt: “Are they on the moon, too?”

Bar-man: “Good question; excellent question; shows someone was paying attention. And, yes, they’re on the moon, too. Now we’re not on the real moon, understand? It’s a make-believe moon, at least for another day. What we’re going to do today is stay quiet.”

Another Grunt: “You mean like sleep? That’s being quiet.”

Yet Another Grunt: “Everybody but you; you’d wake the dead.”

Another Grunt: “I do not.”

Bar-man: “Listen: we’ll take turns cutting Zs, but tonight there’ll be no sleep. They won’t attack as long as it’s light because we have the firepower, but they have the numbers and dark is a great equalizer, but the equalizer works both ways so we’ll just sit back and wait for the fireworks to start, which will probably be a few seconds past dark.”

Grunt: “What about food?”

Yet Another Grunt: “We could call in for take-out.”

Grunt: “You mean like order a pizza?”

Another Grunt: “I like pepperoni, but no anchovies.”

Yet Another Grunt: “Right: no anchovies. I never had a pizza with anchovies, did you?”

Grunt: “I’ve never even seen an anchovy. Who in the heck orders a pizza with anchovies anyway?”

Bar-man: “College girls; good-looking college girls order pizza with anchovies so they think they’re sophisticated. And when they get home they either eat around the anchovies or they pluck them out and feed them to their cat.”

Another Grunt: “That’s right: good-looking college girls have cats.”

Yet Another Grunt: “It’s a requirement, like, ‘Are you good-looking? Yes, I’m good-looking. Do you have a cat? No. Then you’re not good-looking.’ It’s on the application.”

Bar-man: “I dated a good-looking college girl who didn’t have a cat but had a Chihuahua.”

Grunt: “Heck, most cats are bigger than a Chihuahua so her dog should count as two cats; automatically double good-looking.  Getting dark.”

Bar-man: “That it is. Wake up the rest and let’s get ready for the fireworks.”

Curtain lowers as Moonlight Sonata” (2:29) is played for a 5-minute intermission so the concession stand can make some money.


Curtain rises to the music of Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King” (2:41) on a dimly-lit stage. The scene is unaltered.

Bar-man: “No! Leave the fire burning; not too much, but some flame, okay? Give them something to aim at and if they’re anything like our side, the safest place to be is right around the campfire, right?”

Yet Another Grunt: “You’re nuts, you know that? And who in the blazes made you Head Honcho?”

Bar-man: “I did and that’s good enough for me.”

Yet Another Grunt: “You know what? That lieutenant is going to press charges against you when we get back to The World and you’ll be TOAST, you know that?”

Bar-man: “And I’ll be the one that makes sure we all get back for that to happen. Where you goin’?”

Yet’s Friend: “We’re going to bivouac over yonder, away from this flaming target.”

Bar-man: “Well-said; I didn’t know you were such a poet, but I think you should take my advice just the same.”

Grunt: “Incoming!”

Bar-man: “Drop and hug the ground!”

Yet’s Friend: “That round landed right where we figured to hold out.”

Another Grunt: “You ought to listen to him if you want to make it out alive.”

Yet Another Grunt: “So we’ll stay here, all night, sitting around the campfire while they try and zero-in on us?”

Bar-man: “That’s the plan. At least it’s the best I could think up of at the moment. Look, I want to make it out of here as much as you guys; besides, I have a date with a Chihuahua.”

Grunt (stands and walks on over to front-stage-left and addresses the audience): “After the first few mortar rounds hit, all the men end up sitting around close to the campfire while keeping a close watch on the perimeter; firing haphazardly into the night, until the sun rises, when the Hueys come and take the men back to The World.”

As the curtain lowers Taps” (2:11) is played and it isn’t until it ends that the house lights brighten.


[Here’s the point: basically this is a true story, except for the dock. In every situation there’s got to be a leader, someone to take charge, and the best you can hope for is to be right. Yes, one of the mortar rounds could’ve zeroed-in on the campfire and I wouldn’t be here writing this, but it didn’t and here I am. I weighed the odds and came out a winner.

This little excursion into the world, stripped of the garments of civilization, is reality. But this play was set as a microcosm; a macro variation of this play would be the whole of the United States going against all of her enemies.

Which, for those who get it, makes it doubly imperative that we support our alpha of the pack, which would be president Trump. Unlike Obama, Trump is the real McCoy. For those in our country who do not support Trump and, by proxy, America, the consequences can only lead to hard times that couldn’t even be imagined, unless you’re a student of history.

The past teaches that those who do not heed obvious warnings, such as “Behead those who insult Islam” and heed the Muslim Brotherhood’s Manifesto, are making it doubly hard for the rest of us to not treat our fellow citizens other than IGNORANCE PERSONIFIED.

These haters of reason; these deniers of facts; these enemies of truth, are all around us. Besides CNN and the rest of the Fake News organizations, people such as Jessica Tarlov are on FOX NEWS. We have Linda Sarsour using our own freedom-of-speech laws to promote the abolishing of the Constitution, the subjugation of women to be second-class citizens, and submission to Islam or be murdered.

We, the people, have the power, yet we act as if we are powerless. Our government has allowed millions of our enemy within our borders. The Muslims would say that the “nose of the camel is within the tent.” We have an Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, who is nothing more than a weak excuse for upholding, what? What is Jeff Sessions upholding? Not the law, because if he were, then CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Muslim prisoners down in GITMO would’ve been executed by now. We’re witnessing the end of freedom and we’re not doing squat about it.

Just because our predecessors didn’t do the correct thing in the past, it should be no deterrent for us to do the right thing now. If an illegal immigrant is within our borders, we not only have the right, but we have the duty to deport them so future generations don’t have the problems that we’re experiencing now. And the same goes for the followers of Islam: deport them all. Either we will continue to be the BEACON OF FREEDOM or we will have assisted in the destruction and hope for the world. It’s our choice and it’s our responsibility to do the right thing.]

American Indian (SIOUX) “WAR SONG” (3:21)



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