by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, ©2018

(Mar. 1, 2018) — Jim Miller is to Monroe County, Tennessee what Seth Rich is to Washington, DC.

Jim Miller knew a lot about state and federal government corruption in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Jim Miller was an elections official and a cop who knew in November, December 2008 Barack Obama was a fraud.

In July 2010, perceived a threat to publicly disclose information Mr. Miller commanded, assassins ambushed Jim Miller, shot Mr. Miller in the head three times, threw Miller’s body in the trunk of Miller’s car, drove to a second location, parked off-road, then set Mr. Miller ablaze in a dramatic nighttime fire.

It was a very public execution.

Investigators immediately connected Monroe County Sheriff Bill Bivens and deputies in Bivens’ department to the Jim Miller murder.

One suspected witness to Jim Miller’s demise was later found hanging from a tree, an unattended death.

Bill Bivens was a principal criminal actor working for Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Robert Mueller in April 2010. Former Sheriff Bill Bivens “partnered” with then FBI Director Bob Mueller in a separate series of very public felony crimes widely reported as “The Madisonville Hoax.”

Jim Miller’s firsthand, boots-on-the ground, eye-and-earwitness and participation in Bivens’/Mueller’s “Madisonville Hoax” is one reason why Jim was whacked. Deputy Sheriff Miller’s personal and professional knowledge of the Bivens/Mueller hoax glaringly stands out as an uninvestigated motive in the cold case of Mr. Miller’s July 2010 slaughter.

Jim Miller’s murder case is being carefully managed, not investigated.

Bivens was ousted from office in his 2014 bid for reelection.

Bivens has no business running for Sheriff. “Bob” Mueller has no business targeting President Trump in Mueller’s bogus investigation.

Bivens and Mueller both belong in prison.

Bivens and Mueller are both formally, criminally charged.

I gently opine these matters be aggressively talked about on a national stage.

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  1. I don’t think that the murder of Donald Young was the first death in Obama’s quest for the presidency/Agenda 21 and transforming the USA into just another “has been” Third World cesspool.
    I used to think that Chicago was corrupt, and it is, but the difference between the corruption of Chicago and that of New Orleans is that Chicagoans at least have the common decency to make their smoke-filled back-room deals in smoke-filled back-rooms, whereas the corruption in New Orleans is out in the open/in your face and “What are you going to do about it?”
    Reminds one of the corruption in Monroe County, TN, does it not? Out in the open/in your face and any threat to the MONROE COUNTY SWAMP is a burnt body in a burnt car.
    We know that the TN FBI is as corrupt as the FBI in Washington, DC: “SWAMP HEADQUARTERS”.
    If you and I could surmise that Obama wasn’t qualified to be the president, one can also surmise that the FBI could reach the same conclusion. The fact that Obama’s name appeared, not only on the first ballot in 2008, but the second one as well in 2012, says it pretty plainly how deep and corrupt our so-called “law enforcement” is.
    You did good, Commander, going-up against the low-life “no respect” swamp critters in Monroe County.
    Proud of you, Commander.