Former Presidential Candidate Sends Obama Eligibility Letter to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch

February 28th, 2018

The Honorable Neil M. Gorsuch
Associate Justice
United States Supreme Court
One First Street NE
Washington DC 20543

Dear Justice Gorsuch,

We write to you concerning the silence of the Court in hearing your [Individual justice application] stemming for the cause and in consideration of Appeal from Tenth Circuit Court Case No. 17-4055. The U.S. Supreme Court recognized receiving this, but failed to give it a Case Number. It was reported: [The Supreme Court has not yet acted upon Judy’s petition, although a courtesy copy filed with the Tenth Circuit was publicly acknowledged on April 26.]

Rarely has the opportunity for Justice been given, as a small rudder for a very large ship, to equalizing an imbalance to the United States of America’s Elections. To act as an ensign of discipline for the Laws of Nature so magnificently towards Political Parties who are straying away through perilous popular politics verses the Republic for which we stand.

Our Hope for you in your principles toward the laws of nature of which few have honorably defended so boldly as you in your judgements in the rearview mirror, was that you would not abandon Principles of the Forrest, for the scant weeds of proceeds. Can there be a reasonable argument made that Civil Rights have not been desecrated in the abandonment of the fortress made in Article II., Section 1, C-5 demanding clearly [naturalization] applied as [Citizen at the Time of the Adoption of this Constitution] and that the Laws of Nature be applied in soil and parents demanded in [or a [natural born Citizen] thereafter?

How can one reasonable object to our concern of usurpation of the Office of the President or the impact upon our Citizenry subject to the period of Time prescribed of one [Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents] as the definition of nature unscathed by the statutes of naturalization?

Can the nomenclature of which our Framers were familiar be compared to Subjects of a King, who had no chance whatsoever of being King in any truth of description or comparison to Citizen or the Time Frame of what was expertly referred to as a [natural born Citizen] by the recommendations of our first Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court to our First President that ever so smoothly was heartily agreed upon for the National Security of our Nation?

Can this Court so readily dismiss even the Actions of Congress 9 times since 2000 not to change the definition of, or qualification of, [natural born Citizen] for the particular Offices of President/VP, as if Congress doesn’t represent even the greater shallows of dangerous peril in popularity having much shorter Time periods of re-election?

Are we the people suspected so stupid as to assume our Congresses of the last two decades have defeated the 9 petitions/acts to change the definition of natural born Citizen from nothing to nothing? Why submit 9 petitions/acts for change if the definition was not [born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents] and the statutes of naturalization cover roundly every condition of time subtracted from that?

Should an un-substantiated paranoia subject the Citizenry by race? Would that not be a green light for a King also? Then how can the U.S. Supreme Court be silent on the definitions of qualification for the Office of President, brought to them by another Candidate for President who has suffered, and is suffering great humiliation in public by reputation verses what should be his honorable courage to take a stand for the Constitution?

Should the silence of the U.S. Supreme Court act as a measure of instability in wrecking the Union under the very umbrella put together that defines their offices?

I cannot begin to put into words how hurt I am over this terrible, horrific, cruel, and nefarious silence? The affects are far reaching into my circumstance and never a day goes by that I am not suffering over this any more than a day goes by that Mr. Obama is not rewarded for substituting the definition of the Constitution himself above and beyond what would be considered equal under the umbrella of the Constitution as defined in 2008 and 2012. This is efficiently called a usurpation.

Let’s call it what it was and what it is; and then I would like you to explain to me, knowing I was an official candidate for President in the Democratic Party how you think the corruption we have experienced in 2016 in our Election Process (Rigged Democratic Party Primaries- Fake Dossiers- Abuse of FISA Warrants to Spy on Americans- Special Investigations), and perhaps even the outcome, is not a direct descendant of 2008 and 2012?

Please explain to me your thoughts on it not affecting 2020, and then you will understand why it is imperatively important to retroactively disqualify Obama as a discipline of and for the law, political parties, acting as a protection for the Citizenry and the future of the Union. If the discipline was only monetary how blessed, or lucky, or fortunate we could all count ourselves avoiding the cry of patriots passed calling for vengeance of their blood.

How fortunate, blessed, and golden for the Court to know that they had a Candidate for President who had sued McCain in Federal Court first, and then Obama, that the chatter of racial inequality might be snipped in the back of the mainstream media’s throat? Could the Creator by the Lord of Time be so gracious to you in the year of our Lord two-thousand and eighteen?

Yet, this gracious Gift rarely unfolding in such a small rudder for the direction of a very big ship is thus far snubbed by you rather than snatched in bold correction as if you want the Court you reside in destroyed? I just don’t understand how you think it does not come around to destroy the Bench of your very seat as the head of snake eating its own tail.

I am a humble before the Court of which I have appealed showing great respect and patience in my suffering, but the burden is heavy, which has prompted this letter. Let me say, I know that Obama did not appear before the Georgia Court I was a Plaintiff to ending up in SCOTUS 12-5276. Obama did not appear before the Tenth Circuit Court ending in SCOTUS 14-9396 , and Obama has not appeared in the Petition to Individual Justice Gorsuch so recognized and recorded in the Tenth Circuit 17-4055.

The summation is clear. Obama thinks he is above the law, and the law has let him get away with that thinking. Now when I don’t show up for Court, the Judges don’t really appreciate that or reward me. Why have they rewarded Obama by acting as if they were being paid to be his attorneys? I don’t understand that.  How does my Civil Rights to run a fair race under the Constitution of the United States Qualifications for the Office of the President not come under your jurisdiction and thus upholding the qualifications not come under your duty?

The Republicans have a much bigger problem with unqualified candidates then the Democrats, I’ve clearly mentioned in my cases. So, how could it possibly be considered a political error or grievance for the Court to intervene in Justice and upholding the Constitution’s principles based upon political party?

We the People are left with the dereliction of inaction of the Justices being unlawful Constitutional Construction amounting to bad behavior. Never let sitting on your hands be considered love for the law, when evil upon the law is happening right in front of your face. We are left wondering if a women was being raped in front of your eyes of her virtue that you would not intervene in her protection, and may even consider giving a hand to the perpetrator. Is that the position you assume? Are you the type of man who runs into bullets to protect our children, or do you hide in a chamber while the bullets riddle the children?

The future generations are asking, and while I am the tip of this sword, do not suppose there are not many who make up the shaft and handle behind the tip.

Like Justice Sotomayor whose reputation for the poor was sullied by her nomination by Obama in her ‘denial’ of my Motion for Impecuniosity, and the nomination of Justice Kagan also derelict in the nomination of a man no more qualified than Kim Jung Un to nominate a Supreme Court Justice, you are the next in line to receive the Individual Justice Application, especially when the nominations are subjects by direct imbalances procured in the usurpation of the Office of the President.

 I humbly request that you find in the Tenth Circuit Case No. 17-4055, or your Office if it’s laying around, my Application for Individual Petition to Justice Gorsuch, and immediately reverse the wholly incredible and nefarious District Court Judges decision to totally ignore a lawful investigation conclusion with expert forensic evidence inspectors assigned in their fields and duty of the highest federal ranking officer in Maricopa County, Arizona; as well the Constitution of the United States in the protections of an Official Candidate for President, with the comporting laws of the Cabal/Cartel Sherman/Clayton Acts of Congress all giving me the authority to NOTICE crimes to the Judge directly; and reverse the denial of the Motion of Default for the ungracious respect Obama has had for the Courts.


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  1. Barbara Godolphin   Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 4:39 AM

    Is Justice Neil Gorsuch a traitor just like the others?

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