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by Fredy Lowe, ©2018

(Feb. 8, 2018) — The United States Constitution does not exist to grant you rights; those rights are inalienable which are inherent in you, as an American citizen. The US Constitution exists primarily to establish and provide a limited government, so that those natural rights can be exercised freely by all Americans.

Individuals who wish to dismiss the Founders’ contention that the Second Amendment gives us the right to own firearms for the purpose of repelling tyranny, arguing that average Americans would have little to no chance against a standing army.

But, those who say such foolish things, fail to understand how many average Americans own guns, and in turn the actual size and strength of our silent militia.

Whether or not the newly-elected governor of New Jersey agrees with these statements or not is immaterial. By his recent actions, one can easily see that his goal is to make gun ownership in New Jersey as difficult as he possibly can. Knowing this, it is a mystery to me how Phil Murphy was elected in a state with over one million firearms identification (FID) cards, and 850,000 hunters. But regardless of why so many stayed home, I will now do my part by joining with a few other like-minded people who have chosen to fight back! And, we are asking for your help in making our efforts a success.

Allow me for a second to note that the original militia had been defined to include all able-bodied-men. But, our updated version of today’s new militia will include women and further be defined as needing only eyes to see, accompanied by an ability to squeeze your index finger (as one might on a trigger), like this!

Our group is called ThinkSafe/GoldHawk and we have come together with a well-respected Martial Art Instructor to create a series of seminars entitled ‘The Art of Safety and Personal Protection for Seniors.’ Our plan is to teach orienting, or awareness of our ever-changing environment, hands-off, grab-release, defensive cane tactic, and of course firearms. Our way of fighting back will be to add one newly-trained, able-bodied-senior (men or women) to the new militia.

We specialize in training inexperienced seniors or first-time gun owners to get as many of the older generation involved, or back to our sport, which is their Constitutional right to legally OWN and enjoy using a firearm, even in the state of New Jersey. As an NRA Instructor, our goal is to have them take the Basic Pistol Shooting course with followup practice sessions and tactical training as they progress through the program.

We are located in Little Egg Harbor, NJ and are primarily looking for senior citizens who live in the Ocean County or southern section of New Jersey. I can already hear a few of you whispering to yourself, “Thankfully, I don’t.” But, we can’t all run away, as many of you have previously suggested. Our plan is to stay here and fight back.

If you live in New Jersey or have a friend or relative who does, someone possibly from the older generation that you know who has always had an interest in guns, but never had the opportunity, this is their opportunity.

Please go yourself and/or ask a friend to look at our website at: http://ts2bs.biz/goldhawk to review what our series of seminars for the safety and personal protection for seniors is all about. They can register online for our Introductory Seminar on Saturday, March 3rd.

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