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(Feb. 5, 2018) — As the USA continues its descent into the deep bowels of becoming the old Soviet Union, more and more of our “lawmakers” are allowing it to happen.  There are a few—notably including Rep. Devin Nunes—who (against continual blowback from the Left) have been tirelessly working to bring the truth to the forefront.  And, what is this truth?  It’s the—now—documented and out-in-the-open facts showing that the Obama “Shadow Government” (which I have been writing about since October 2008—before Obama’s ‘election’) and “Secret Cabal” within our Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation is real.  Nunes’ four-page “FISA Memo” released 2 February 2018, is based upon this 99-page document, which is verifiable and can be viewed online (see below).  Of note is that the 99-page document not only identified the FBI but, also, the DOJ, CIA and NSA.  The document was prepared by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (aka FISA court) and the Nunes Report is based upon FISC’s conclusions.  At the end of Item 4 of the Nunes Report, it is clearly stated–and with no ambiguity:  “[FBI] Deputy Director McCabe testified before the committee December 2017 that no surveillance warrant would have been sought from the FISC without the Steele dossier information.”

The DNC members and a couple of handsful of RINOs ignore this when they say “Representative Nunes’ FISA memo and ongoing investigations have nothing to do with Mr. Mueller’s Russia investigation of President Trump.”  Huh?   Are they serious?  When did it become allowable for an investigation of a US citizen—or any other citizen, for that matter—for the FBI or any other agency when it’s discovered that the primary document that began said investigation was at the very least extremely flawed…let alone one that was made up out of whole cloth to oust a sitting President (or anyone for that matter) from office?  When has it ever been allowed—let alone legal–in any US Court to use fake documents as a prima facie case to investigate and/or charge with a crime any human person…when the original prima facie has been proved false?  And, when is it legal under the US Constitution or any other US law to investigate a person—let alone the president of the United States–when there is no stated underlying crime?  Answer:  Never, under our Constitutional Republic and legal system.  Only Banana Republics, Islam and other tyrannical Marxist governments operate in this dark and dangerous-to-humans manner.  However, that is precisely what is being allowed, today, within our evidentiary system of laws which—by the way–actually does demand that there be an identified crime before charging someone with a crime.  Is that clear enough or simply too logical to register even slightly in the minds of the far-Left and RINOs?  It appears even our lawmakers have forgotten, have been Deep-State-cowed into forgetting or are in full agreement with the Deep State’s takeover of the country don’t care that this is a major and primary requirement.  How can one be charged with a crime when no crime was established at the beginning of the process?  This has been a fishing expedition (aka careless inquisition, careless probe, comprehensive research, comprehensive study, comprehensive survey, fundamental research, investigation with reckless abandon, reckless inquiry, reckless investigation, reckless pursuit, wanton examination, wanton exploration, wanton inquest, widespread scrutiny, widespread search, wild inquest.  Associated concepts: prosecutorial misconduct from the beginning).  This is disallowed in the US legal system.  

Questions:  So, is this our “new” legal/justice system?  If Trump’s investigators—as are illegal aliens—are able to get away with the illegalities of their “investigation” based on known false data at the beginning of the process…they’re allowed to continue with it until they decide to end it?  This, my friends, is the Constitutional crisis.  These investigations are based upon lies, false information, rumors and every other scurrilous activity that the FBI 7th floor Gestapo leadership, Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS, Hillary Clinton (who paid Fusion GPS’s Simpson $10 Millions to bring forth the dossier) and the DOJ (who were and still are conspiring together to bring down Trump) had concocted and created to end Donald J. Trump’s candidacy and—now—his presidency.

The only additional question we should ask ourselves is “How long are we willing to take this new outrage at the hands of an increasingly corrupt and treasonous Left-wing contingent that seems to have infested every aspect of our government?  Our answers will need to be very…very soon.

“Your rulers are rebels And companions of thieves; Everyone loves a bribe And chases after rewards…”—Isaiah 1:23

99-page FISA underlying Document:

FISA 4-page Memo:

Trey Gowdy: FBI concealed Clinton role in Steele dossier:

Sara Carter: Fusion GPS testimony backfired on the Democrats ($10 Million paid by HRC):

“Fishing Expedition”:

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