by Oscar Y. Harward, ©2018

(Jan. 16, 2018) — Almost all elements of ‘racism’ died in America years ago.  President Obama, the Democrat Party, and ‘mainstream’ medias have recently reinstituted ‘racism,’ reinitiating these ugly flames.

Democrat Party leaders show their own lack of experience, perhaps showing their ignorance.

As Democrat leaders pursue, many ‘mainstream’ media outlets leap with their support.

With so much sustaining evidence of corrupt activity involving Bill and Hillary Clinton’s misuse of their political positions, many members of the ‘mainstream’ media and the Democrat Party’s leaders continue their political and financial support of these likely-to-become convicted felons.

The Democrat Party’s multiple leaderships attempt to press America to the left.  Their deep-rooted beliefs on important issues are amiss.  Their own skills are empty.  Their wisdom is stupefied.  Their ignorance is showing with recurring defeats.

In politics, if Liberals lack the leadership, knowledge, skills, and/or wisdom in presenting an issue, one last straw is to attack their opponents as ‘racists.’

Democrats and the ‘mainstream’ media need to study our Founding Fathers, their lives and their history.  Become aware of their learned knowledge, skills, and wisdom.  All are inscribed into our U.S. Constitution.

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