by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 28, 2017) — On Wednesday, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore filed a lawsuit asking for a delay in the certification of the special election held on December 12 in which his Democrat opponent, Doug Jones, was declared the winner in what was considered an upset in a heavily-Republican state.

The filing was made in the Circuit Court of Montgomery County, AL and includes not only Moore, but two citizens and registered voters as plaintiffs.

Before the special election held to fill the vacant seat of the former Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, who became Trump’s attorney general, a report of ballot fraud in Bullock County was made public by the Moore campaign.  Following the counting of ballots that evening, a Jones supporter claiming to have voted despite being an out-of-state resident was broadcast on the internet.

Alabama’s Secretary of State, John Merrill, is reportedly investigating the enthusiastic proclamation by a Jones supporter who appears to say that he and others from out of state not only canvassed, but also voted for Jones.

Moore cites the latter example of election fraud in his lawsuit.

UPI reported that the election results are scheduled for certification at 1:00 p.m. CST today.

Moore has had a 40-year career in elected office and public life, beginning with his appointment as deputy district attorney in Etowah County from 1977-1982.

One month before the election, four women claimed through The Washington Post that Moore had initiated inappropriate relationships with them when they were teenagers, with one claiming that the incident involving Moore occurred when she was 14.

Later, several more women came forward to say that Moore flirted with them at the Gadsden Mall and, in one case, allegedly attempt sexual assault.

Moore has denied all of the claims.

Update, 7:46 p.m.:  Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill certified the election results at 1:00 p.m. CST, as scheduled after a state judge rejected Moore’s request to postpone certification or hold a new election based on claims of voter fraud.







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  1. The woman who claimed to be 14 was found that she couldn’t have been younger than 16 by her own timeline; the woman cop who claimed she was told by her superiors to keep Moore away from teenage cheerleaders when at school functions, admitted that it was actually her opinion; and the woman with the supposed signature in her yearbook finally admitted that she lied about the yearbook and Moore; plus the admission of out-of-state voters who voted in the election all smell of election corruption. It should also be noted that NONE of the other women have continued with any discussion about Moore since his “loss”. I would love to see ALL of they women, to include gloria allred, indicted, convicted, fined and imprisoned for election fraud.