Peace On Earth. Good Will To Men. But…


by Fredy Lowe, ©2017, reposted from Canada Free Press

(Dec. 25, 2017) — Although a wonderful proclamation for the Christmas season, to consider our country in peace and/or good will towards others, in my humble opinion, is about two clicks from impossible this day, as we turn the page on 2017 with our hopes and prayers for a better 2018.

As many of you, I love and respect the positive attitude and courage of our President Donald J. Trump, and getting his tax reform bill through congress was a major win for him and hopefully for the entire country. But, and unfortunately, that is a huge ‘but’ with everything surrounding the Trump presidency, as if he were on his tippy-toes being held in a choke hold, with little room to breathe.

It is true that he has had phenomenal success with our foreign relations, of both friend and foe, he is renegotiating trade deals to balance all the lopsided agreements like TPP, NAFTA and the phony wealth-distribution plans of the Paris Climate Accord.

He is utilizing our military forces to destroy the threat of ISIS, bigly. He is once again letting the generals and senior officers manage our armed forces, although there are still too many of Obama’s military ‘experimenters’ leftover in the ranks that must be replaced – very soon.

President Trump has jump started our economy, in spite of a corrupt congress and the fake news media, with millions of new jobs, tax reform, which will only increase consumer confidence, and if the average American Joe can use the stock market as that barometer, then President Trump’s numbers for his rookie year in office are off the charts, again but…

There is simultaneously a very long list of tumultuous issues with thoroughly corrupted names associated with each of them, and all we can do is pray that President Trump is not only aware, but knows exactly how to prioritize the most important ones, the ones that could possibly overthrow his presidency. Although the radical left should be forewarned with taking their dream of impeaching Trump too far, as they may rue the consequences, and they could find themselves in the fight of their lives, if that day were ever to come to fruition.

Peace can only flourish in a country where its leaders are honest and true to their oath of governance. In the United States of America we use the term experiment to describe our Constitutional Republic form of self-government, in which at least idealistically, we elect our government officials from among the people, for the sole purpose of the betterment of all lives and protecting the people, by creating, abiding by, and upholding -equally- the laws of the land.

The question is: How far have we drifted from the moorings of that experiment in self-government, to the near total control by a sexually deviant, totally corrupted congress, financed by an elite oligarchy? And, even with our full support are we too late.  Is Donald Trump even capable of Making America Great Again?

But, (this time a positive but) we must keep in mind who Donald J. Trump actually is, and how this extremely successful businessman gave up his billionaire life style, to be ridiculed and have his life, and that of his family, threatened daily, where ninety percent of what is written or stated about him is negative, and maliciously hurtful – all in his courageous effort and his amazing power of positive thinking, to save for us the country he loves so dearly.

Like you, I truly believe that Donald Trump is our last great hope for returning America to the greatness she once was. Where we will once again be a country going places, doing the right things, where unlike the foolishness of the NFL football pawns, America will be standing proud in her greatness again. This often makes me wonder how any rational person can take all the negative fake news reports seriously.  It’s just a mystery to me. Liars lie. It is too bad so many believe.

One last thought:  We Americans live in the greatest, most exceptional nation in the history of the world.  It is time for each of us to take pause, especially over this Christmas season, to thank God that we are, in fact, Americans.  Spend time with your loved ones, give each a big hug this year more than ever before.

Prayers for our President Donald J. Trump.  Believe in your soul that he is our last hope.  Pray for peace on earth, and pray for goodwill to men.  Merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year to all.  Amen.

One Response to "Peace On Earth. Good Will To Men. But…"

  1. Jeffrey Harrison   Wednesday, December 27, 2017 at 8:04 PM

    Our God the Farther and the Lord Jesus are our best / only solid hope.

    To the best of my knowledge, Trump has brought Christmas back to the White House after
    it had been absent for several years. Likewise, I expect him to also bring back Easter to
    the White House too. Trump has revealed a prize possession of his is his mothers Bible.
    I tend to believe he is a man of faith and respectful to the Lord.

    Obama claimed to be a christian, did his deeds reveal this while he occupied the White
    House? Not!

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