by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 8, 2017) — In recent days, Fox News has reported that a member of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller’s “team” hired to investigate alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin served as attorney to Obama deputy national security advisor and Democrat operative Ben Rhodes.

Laura Ingraham first broke the story on her new Fox show, “The Ingraham Angle” that Jeannie Rhee, who served in the Obama Justice Department, also represented the Clinton Foundation in a 2015 lawsuit and represented Rhodes as his “personal attorney.”

Mueller was hired in May by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein after Democrats and some Republicans demanded an independent investigation of allegations that Russia had meddled in the U.S. election apparatus and that the Trump campaign may have improperly communicated with the Russian government.

Thus far, former and short-lived Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and two of his former aides have been indicted on alleged crimes unrelated to the presidential race, and Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn (Ret) pleaded guilty last Friday to two counts of lying to the FBI.  Members of Congress, both Democrat and Republican, have said that no evidence of “collusion” associated with the election has yet been found between Trump, his aides, and any Russian operatives.

On Wednesday, under the subject “Deep State,” former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee posted what he said is Rhee’s letter of application to Mueller in which she reportedly wrote, in part:

You and I must know a lot of the same people. For example, I’m sure you’re acquainted with Ben Rhodes, who was Obama’s deputy national security advisor but who actually spent most of his time as a skilled political operative, constructing Obama’s “narrative.” Until very recently, I was literally Ben’s personal attorney, so of course I learned a lot from him about writing fiction, which will be useful to our legal team as we create our own narrative for what Trump did. (For example, it’s easy to leak to the media that evidence is piling up by the day, even when no evidence whatsoever has been found.) In fact, when the House Intelligence Committee was investigating possible Russian interference, I was literally Ben’s liaison with them. So I know what I’m doing –- literally –- and am, above all, political. Ben’s letter of recommendation is attached. I have also attached letters from my respected colleagues at the FBI, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page (who say hi), and also from Andrew Weissmann. They know I have what it takes to get the job done!

I hope to join your investigative team as soon as possible and get to work unseating Donald Trump.

Mueller has been accused of treason by LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret) and others based on his now-obvious intent to thwart Donald Trump’s presidency and for his past actions, which include having led the FBI when it deployed scores of unnecessary agents in Madisonville, TN on April 20, 2010 in an effort to frame military veterans as “potential domestic terrorists.”

As a result, Darren Wesley Huff spent four years in federal prison for a crime he did not commit, based on a false affidavit from FBI Special Agent Mark Van Balen.

The U.S. Justice Department refused to release any documentation associated with Huff’s arrest and incarceration, citing “privacy” as the reason.

During the Obama years, Operation Vigilant Eagle targeted military veterans, particularly those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, as being unfit to own a firearm and as “militia/sovereign citizen extremists.”

Mueller served as FBI director from 2001 to 2013. During Obama’s first term, he approved the removal of terminology which he deemed “offensive to Muslims,” from FBI training materials, according to documents Judicial Watch received after filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit.

Earlier in Mueller’s reign as Special Counsel, he reportedly was seeking evidence of treason on the part of Trump aides.

In her alleged letter to Mueller, Rhee claimed that she was “highly qualified for this job.”  “First, let me say I am very highly motivated, and, indeed, am literally salivating at the prospect of going after Trump, as I strongly supported Hillary Clinton for President –- having given over $16,000 to Democrats since 2008 –- and know she simply couldn’t have lost fairly because literally everyone in my circle of friends at the FBI voted for her.”

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  1. Elmo,

    I searched for this letter/Huckabee post a couple of days ago and several links came up. Unfortunately, I just read the link titles and told myself I would go back later. Later….they are not there. One of links contained this information, to paraphrase: Mike Huckabee post an obvious parody of a letter to Mueller. Not exactly what it said, but reasonably close. That and the other links did not appear in my search today.

  2. Earlier post meant as a gentle response to Fran> Kandy Ricotta (not a criticism of anyone).
    Things are starting to break open and will become much clearer by the end of the month when the IG releases the first part of his report.

  3. There are no other posts about the Huckabee revelation anywhere else on the internet (that I could find) I think it was a satirical tweet by Huckabee-given recent revelation re: Jeannie Rhee (by Fox News’ Laura Ingraham last week). Fox news may not be perfect but it’s the best conservative outlet in TV News land – Hannity did drop the ball on Obama though – he could have nipped this all in the bud if he had gone ahead with his planned interview of Zullo and followed through with an investigation of Obama. He’s now trying to clean up a mess that could have been prevented.

  4. Perhaps Fox News didn’t cover this fake letter because they didn’t want to hurt Huckabee? On the other hand, if this is the parody it reads like it is, why is fake news not all over it to discredit Huckabee…..and Trump.

    Still, even a wild-eyed liberal would be unlikely to write and send to Mueller something like this purported letter……OK, maybe they would.

    It’s true Fox fears reporting on certain things….the biggie was Obama’s fake identity papers and usurpation of America’s presidency. Fox did worse than not just reporting on that, they mocked and ridiculed and refused to have on people trying to reveal the truth about Barry………even, and at times, especially, Sean Hannity.

    Forgiving Fox for that is not easy.

  5. To: Kandy Ricotta

    FoxNews does not always report the news. Two examples are: where is all the reporting about how Roy Moore’s accusers have not told the truth, and where was all the reporting about aka Obama’s life history discrepancies?

    I too have questions about the letter posted, but know that the MSM, including FoxNews, does not always report stories that need to be told.

  6. Sharon, while I would LOVE to believe this as true, can this possibly be an authentic application? How did Mike Huckabee obtain it, and given this incredibly incriminating expose’, why has it not been plastered all over Fox News? I would expect that from the MSM, but not Fox?

  7. I can’t imagine that Governor Huckabee would post anything that he has not verified as true. I have been very involved with politics and know it is a dirty game, but what is coming out now is even worse than I expected. Why is Deep State so afraid of Russia being involved in our election when they are as bad as the KGB.

  8. What is really sad is how many “Americans” refuse to believe that our government is so corrupt. I get responses to comments all the time from people claiming that it is impossible for there to be so many people in government working together to create gray ops like the 9/11 disaster, the Sandy Hook/Newtown scam, and even now the lying about the Las Vegas shooting being done by a lone gunman; not to mention how now several of the Roy Moore accusers have been proven to be liars by admitting their false claims.
    We have far more people in government that are willing to do ANYTHING for a payout, on both sides of the isle. And while we are distracted by the constant attacks on our God-given, Constitutionally protected rights, these criminals and traitors are continuing to destroy us from within. Trump has good intentions but I don’t believe he has a chance to stop the carnage ahead. Our “civilization” has progressed to the point that it is now reversing, and today’s population refuses to act for fear of government retaliation because ALL law enforcement agencies across this nation, both federal and state, are part of it.

  9. Good grief, I hope that letter is authentic. It is so incredibly incriminating it’s hard to believe.
    I hope Mike Huckabee didn’t get conned into reporting something that didn’t happen.
    The letter sounds like satire, it is so over the top. It’s gotta be a joke.