by Nicholas E. Purpura, Chaplain, ©2017

What if the RICO defendant is Congress itself?

(Dec. 6, 2017) — President Trump was rather generous referring to Washington, DC as a swamp – the term “cesspool” would have been more appropriate. What is without argument is that Congress has become a self-serving criminal “enterprise” feeding at the public trough. That being said, the question of the day is, “Where the ‘hell’ is the Justice Department?”

Last I looked, misappropriation of public funds was a crime, or have the hypocrites in Congress once again exempted themselves from criminal prosecution for stealing taxpayers’ monies to cover for their degenerate behavior? And, let me be clear, an apology doesn’t cut it.

The fundamental principles of ethics and justice seem to have gone the way of the Dodo bird.  For those of you unfamiliar with Raphus cucullatus, it is an extinct, flightless bird, similar to our justice system. One has to wonder, does the criminal division at the Justice Department still exist? After the last three administrations, one has to wonder.

Why are the two counterfeit Republicans, House and Senate Speaker Ryan and McConnell, waiting to release the names of their degenerate colleagues? Is it possible that they may have used the “slush fund?” Hopefully not, but one could rightfully argue they appear to be aiding and abetting in the cover-up.

We the People” are entitled to know how much of our money each low-life thief stole. By law, based upon a warranted RICO action, “We the People” are entitled to treble damages along with statutory interest for each payout.

I could go on, but need I? Another justified reason for team limits that is long overdue: What took place was theft of public funds under the “color of law” with impunity.  You would think this message would be superfluous and unnecessary, but it is not!

Also puzzling, where are all these so-called public advocates? Did they all of a sudden have this loss of memory such that the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) makes possible a way to expose each participant and the amount of public funds expended to cover up for their deviant behavior?

The time has come, their names must be released immediately, and each of the thieves must resign, especially the committee members who created this illegal “slush” fund to cover up for themselves and their low-life reprobate charlatan counterparts.

The time has come for these so-called privileged elites to become subject to the same rules and laws as the rest of us. Under RICO each of these play-actors who has used this illegal fund can and must be prosecuted; there’s no statute of limitations available which they can hang their hat on under the RICO law.

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