by Fredy Lowe, ©2017, Canada Free Press
(Nov. 23, 2017) — Today, I am thankful, grateful and blessed as an individual with a wonderful, loving and healthy family (and smart too).  And on this day, I would also like to take the opportunity as I do each year to thank my NYPD partner Mike for his contribution to our collective efforts in that old police adage of making sure we each went home safely at the end of each tour. 

But, the truth be told, there is little to be thankful for outside of my personal world of family and friends, where this year everywhere feels different: as an individual, as a father, as an American, as a former US Marine, as an NRA firearms instructor, and believe that although we should always be thankful for the blessings that the Good Lord has bestowed upon the people of this exceptional nation, it is equally as important a time for a reality check and for preparation. 

As I open our front door each day to that reality, here on the Jersey Shore, a place where my wife and I decided to retire to the place where it all began back in 1968, little did we know then, or when we came here 15 years ago, of the political corruption and the overwhelming liberal ideology of many who live here in the Garden State. And, before you say it out loud, there are some days we wholeheartedly agree with your advice and whisper to ourselves, “I am leaving, I am leaving” but, then the fighter in us remains, if not for the privilege of living on the world-class Jersey Shore, then it is to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and fight another day. 

And, out of that local darkness slivers Phil Hussein Murphy as the People’s Republic of New Jersey governor-elect. We have seen little written about the political movements rooted in this Obama-appointee who has learned his lessons well in the socialist politics of Europe as ambassador to Germany, who will invariably deny our Constitutional form of governance and strip its citizens of their rights and freedoms? Oh, and we almost forgot to mention — many voted for Phil simply because he was NOT Chris Christie.

No, Phil is the man who ran on a massive gun-control agenda, wherein someone has to explain what over one million gun owners and hunters here in the state were thinking? Or for that matter, not thinking, but just staying blindly home on Election Day. And, he also promised our foolish fellow citizens, who already pay the highest real estate taxes in the country, that he would make them pay more and, of course, to become a California-east as a sanctuary state. An amazing platform for a successful campaign, no?

The rich liberal elites will now control all three branches of NJ government. They love having so many uneducated illegal alien residents and care little of the two extremes of rich and poor, with the latter’s areas like Newark and Camden that thrive mostly on taxpayer-funded welfare. Oh, yes, the elites will always pay these outrageous taxes, as they sanctimoniously sip their hoity-toity Grey Goose vodka martinis, because they can. They believe it to be a good investment where, in return, they receive their power, their belief in social justice and the fulfillment of their absurd better-than-thou ideology. 

Murphy’s acceptance speech was full of classically-liberal-dog-whistle-statements like, “Tonight we declare the days of division over” and “Today, we will move forward together”…”We have each other’s backs.” And, in speaking only for my small circle of conservative friends, when he started by “declaring” from this day forward, he sounded more like either an ignorant fool or a wishing-hoping socialist-in-training.  

But, come January 16, 2018, just minutes after swearing to God with his hand on His Bible to defend and protect the United States Constitution, Mr. Murphy, with his self-fulfilling mandates, will renege on that oath and “will move forward together” in behalf of all illegal aliens, Antifa, jihadists, and elites to make our Second Amendment rights nearly null and void, where only the criminally violent and other psychopaths will be able to carry guns; because like Phil, they care little for the people or our rule of laws. 

Please accept my sincere apology for running on so long about the totally corrupt state of New Jersey, but as it is said, all politics are local. And, I will now attempt to cover the massive list of problems we face as a Nation, or better yet, ask yourself what form of government are ‘We the People’ presently living under today in America? I will attempt to be as succinct as possible with the most current and/or ones of the greatest importance, and our only prayer is that you and your loved ones are paying attention and are making the necessary plans and preparations, just in case my views are even close to being correct.  

Like many of you, I too voted for President Donald J. Trump and, despite the best efforts to deny him by the totally corrupted never-Trump politicians and the corporate leaders along with their constantly-badgering-mouthpieces in the mainstream media, we realize the many successful accomplishments he has made. But, nevertheless, in the air, the American public feels as if they are more divided today than ever before, where one can easily envision our history of the 1860’s repeating itself. If for some reason you don’t agree with that, please watch one of the Thanksgiving NFL football games, where they have jokingly been renamed as the Neeling Fools League, who thankfully can’t spell either.  

Back on track: One of Saul Alinsky’s greatest tactics as he wrote in Rules For Radicals was to “accuse the enemy of what you are doing.” Not only were the Clintons, the DNC, Resist-Obama, and their lapdogs in the MSM responsible for ‘accusing’ President Trump of collusion with the Russians, they actually planned and funded the research and spread the propaganda which was then used to create the phony Russian dossier, and in turn became the basis for the “legal maneuvers” against Trump.

Our greatest problem today is that President Trump has surrounded himself with many of the same people who have been, in fact, the major players in the Russian collusion scam, and the Uranium One scandal, such as Jeff Slow-Mo Sessions and Rod Special-Counsel Rosenstein, with near-zero chances of incarceration for the Clintons and/or any of the known swamp dwellers. Our system of government is dependent upon blind justice to evaluate behavior according to what has been done, not who is doing the do, which is supposedly to insure us that no one is above the laws of our land. 

There is only the slightest glimpse of hope wherein scuttlebutt has it that Trump has flipped Mueller for his involvement in the Uranium One act of treason and with secret indictments in hand, he will become Trump’s state evidence against Hillary and the treasonous Clinton Foundation. And, like most of you, I will not hold my breath while waiting for CJ Sessions to make his move.

It gives me little pleasure to tell you this, but it seems the well-respected Judicial Watch was recently quoted as saying, “We are dangerously close to becoming a failed state.” And, if this level of corruption goes unpunished, they will be proven right, and it will only be a matter of time before Americans completely lose faith in their own government. And, might I add, at both the federal and local state levels. We will then have the choice of either ignoring it, as we have done thus far to arrive at this point, or tearing it all down to start anew.  

We have also come to a very dangerous place politically with all the Hollywood and media sex scandals, along with the highly-suspicious timing of the allegations against Judge Roy Moore, the conservative senatorial candidate from Alabama. He has been convicted of nothing and he has not yet had the opportunity to defend himself, which is a violation of due process in America. And, so it seems, the MSM will be the ones to determine the election of a United States Senator; but in the end, we hope that it is the conservative citizens of Alabama who will make that decision.  

As I mentioned earlier, I am an NRA firearms instructor, and as many of us do, I specialize — mine is working with senior citizens, who have little to no knowledge or experience with the safe use of handguns for personal protection.  And, as also mentioned above, that has become a huge part of my fighting back here in New Jersey. We have a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and I truly believe that we are only entitled to the rights which we are willing to fight for.  

Meanwhile, as we await Murphy’s gun-control laws to be enacted, the anti-American progressive-liberal minds share and ‘test’ just how far they can go in their own states as the classic-nut-job Elizabeth Esty (D-CT) is now proposing that the mere possession of a maximum 10-round magazine, and if found with one that can hold 13 rounds, as an example, a law-abiding citizen could spend 10 years in jail. Amazingly, we could go to sleep one night a free citizen, and by the stroke of pen wake up a felon.

Legal gun owners in America have over 300 million guns and they are estimated to have well over a trillion rounds of ammunition. Seriously, folks, if we were the problem, you would know it. And, having said that, allow me to close with a Thanksgiving prayer that never will the foolish left go too far with testing the will of the American gun owner. And, one day we will all come to understand what He meant by THY WILL BE DONE. Amen.

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  1. Sharon and P&E staff,

    I’m thankful every day that America has you folks keeping the lights on NEVER-presIDent SOETORO-OBAMA II (SO2, The Odor of DC + DNC + PC).

    How important is The P&E to humanity?

    ANSWER: imagine no P&E since 08-28-09 carefully archiving and editorializing and commenting on daily discoveries relative to various national injustices, including the biggest injustice of them all this century, that began with Treason Queen Pelosi on 08-28-08, namely, confiscating our tax dollars to pay for state-licensed ATTORNEY-CRIMINALS to NEVER-ID SOETORO-OBAMA II.

    OJ gets away with murder every living day.
    BO gets away with treason every living day…and The P&E keeps the spotlight on this national treason/travesty until we leave the dark P&E-lighted tunnel of government deceit and enter out into the open sunshine-disinfected fields of FULLY-ID SOETORO-OBAMA II!

    I HAVE A DREAM in 2017:


    *THE 17 = the 17 presidents of colleges and heads of public agencies who can access SO2’s original identification documents listed in Item 207, A thru Q of LT Zullo’s affidavit to Justice Roy Moore’s Alabama Supreme Court circa 2012

  2. Thank you, Sharon,

    And have a Happy Thanksgiving with you and your family.

    We also like your ‘Fighting Back’ headline addition, thanks….;)

    Onward & Upward,