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(Nov. 23, 2017) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘Pulse of the Nation,’ the informative and entertaining news show that’s always a hit.”

“That’s a joke.”

“Pardon me? And where did you pop up from?”

“I was waiting around the corner, that’s where. And this show is a joke. All you do is report beheadings. Look, we all know about beheadings; heck, we’ve seen enough of them on the TV, starting with Daniel Pearl way back in 2002; beatings of women and animals; stoning and beheadings of women and unbelievers and so-called honor killings happen every day.

“And another thing: we all know that mosques are nothing more than armories in disguise; that these 22+ Islamovilles (Killing Fields) scattered all over our country are nothing less than the displaced 2001 Afghan terrorist training camps where Muslim men and women perfect Jihad warfare tactics that the FBI turn a blind eye to.

“And one last gripe: we all know that Islam is a political philosophy – not a religion — that rules by sleep deprivation/ignorance/stupidity/terror/torture/murder and even more stupidity and ignorance and even less sleep.

“Imagine spending all of your time badmouthing the Jews, Christians and all the other billions of ‘unbelievers’ throughout the world? Why, you’d get nothing done*. What’s the point? Revenge this, revenge that. How about living your life? Oops, sorry: there is no life to live. It’s all controlled by the State, i.e., the Imams and the Ayatollahs who squirrel away money in Swiss bank accounts: millions to billions USD, the grease that fuels the Great Satan. Ironic, is it not?

“And here’s one for you: the Muslims are still upset about getting kicked out of Spain 400 years ago: too bad today’s Spaniards aren’t as patriotic and brave as their ancestors. And the Muslims are still crying over their defeat at Thermopylae as if the Persians and the followers of Islam are synonymous, one and the same, which they are not. Islam isn’t genetic: it’s just wasteful of the potential of the achievement of men and women.

“And our 4th Amendment violations at the airports: there would be no need if there weren’t any Muslims, people who proclaim, ‘Death to the Jews and Christians whenever Ye may find them,’ anywhere in our country. Get rid of all the revenge and murders from the Quran and you end up with a book of blank pages. ‘Nation of Islam ignoramuses? Deport them along with the rest.

“So don’t say it anymore; you sound as if you’re a broken record. Enough is enough; we get it, okay? And now I’m out of here. Goodbye. Sorry for interrupting your introduction.”

“And there he goes. Excuse us, please, while we break for a commercial.”

Longer” (3:24)

“Now back to the introduction: my name is Roving and I’ll be your host for tonight’s show. We’re back on our corner across from the railroad station about to see what this lady is up to. Excuse me, Miss, you mind being interviewed on ‘Pulse’”’

“Only if I can mention the Beslan school massacre and LTC Terry Lakin’s kangaroo Court Martial.  Maybe I’ll suggest we have a moment of silence for Ambassador Stevens being fed to the wolves, and if 9-11 wasn’t enough, will there ever be an ‘enough?’”

“Gee, lady, give it a break. All I hear is ‘this-and-that’ all day long from people who wouldn’t know the difference between a ‘moderate’ and a bin Laden clone. Let me ask you one question, okay? Will Lois Lerner and all the other rats ever see the inside of a jail?”

“No, of course not. Why would they? If that Navy traitor John Walker didn’t stand in front of a wall and face a firing squad, all bets are off. Look at that Army deserter, Bowe Bergdahl: same thing. Remember those pansies in Congress just sitting there as Lois Lerner walked out of that congressional hearing, symbolically giving them and the rest of America an unmistakable hand gesture? So the answer is an emphatic ‘NO’: it will never happen.

“The only way that justice could ever possibly prevail; the only outcome in which Lady Justice could assert her dominance over the ‘paid-off’ and ‘fixed’ is for Hillary (and others) to spend a minimum of ten years in a federal penitentiary. Any lesser sentence is just not acceptable.”

“Gosh, lady, you’re one tough cookie.”

“I have no qualms about placing a traitor against the wall, but the Joint Chiefs of Staff sure do. History rewritten will have Japanese ‘tourists’ complaining of over-booked hotels in Manchuria and rioting; the ‘German thing’ will be reduced to the Germans swarming all over Europe and Russia because the Continent decided to have a garage sale (think every garage) of art at the same time, many on the same day, so there was no art ‘confiscation’ but bargains’ galore, so many, in fact, that lorries and whole trains were designated to haul the loot back to the Reich.’ And here’s my train. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye, lady. And that’s all the time we have tonight. Thank you for watching. What? I’m told to read a letter. Very well:

Dear Mr. Roving:

I can’t seem to find you on our TV.

Longtime reader,



Dear June:

Different cable companies have different programs. Contact your cable provider, but the transcript that you read on The Post & Email is in the ballpark.

Thank you for watching/reading.

Roving Reporter

“I’m sorry to say that we’ve run out of time. And when you pray over your Thanksgiving meal, thank our lucky stars that Hillary, the architect of Uranium One, isn’t in the White House. Goodnight.

“Wow, great show. Let’s grab a burger: my treat.”

[*nothing done: the Muslims lived on the land of rocks and sand for 1,400 years and then the Jews took it back and worked their tails off to create a lush, green oasis. The Jews watered the crops and trees by carrying tins of water, in many cases for over a mile, hour after hour from sunrise to sunset.

Meanwhile, look at the garbage heap that the PLO has been in charge of. They breed like rats; no centers of higher learning; women treated like slaves; cruelty to animals and pity themselves for being the scrounge of humanity. They ought to read the Bible: maybe they’d learn about envy and Thou Shalt Not Covet.

They (the followers of Islam) are unable and unwilling to work and toil as the rest of humanity has had to do. They accept their Fate as ‘Allah’s Will’ and, therefore, remain ignorant and left behind while the rest of humanity marches forward. They deserve derision and deportation from the civilized countries of the world.

The abuses in Europe will visit the United States en masse and then it’ll be too late, as it seems to be in Sweden, Germany, France and England, to the detriment of all those peace-loving Christians that their politicians sold out for 30 pieces of silver or, even worse, promises of COEXIST, which is a fairy tale if I ever heard one.]

In My Life” (2:30)


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  1. EXTREME VETTING 101: What’s in YOUR brain…Constitution or koran?

    COMMON SENSE 101: Cease all importation and immigration of koran-worshippers into western nations, including America, UNTIL AFTER the worldwide koran-inspired mind-slavery of JIHAD murder and mayhem ceases worldwide…why is the western world even importing and accepting this MUSLIM COMMUNITY PROBLEM CALLED “JIHAD”?

    ANSWER: The brainwash/hogwash/whitewash mind-slavery-thinking of cowardly western leaders, like Angela “Steve Merkel” Merkel, Ph.D in Numbskull Future Think

    REVELATION 101: Western leaders take note: When all else fails, THINK FOR YOURSELF and GIVE REALITY A CHANCE!