by Jack Mertz, ©2017

(Nov. 17, 2017) — There seem to be more than a few “Republicans” who are committing treason against their own party.  These traitors  are killing the party as will be revealed in the articles below.

Who are these officeholder/traitors?

  • False/ineffective “Leaders” Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.
  • The over-the-hill twins: McCain and Graham.  The upstarts like Rubio and just recently Cruz and even Mike Lee.
  • The low-approval-rating and soon-retiring failures, Flake and Corker.

There you have the treacherous and hypocritical Gang of Nine.  There may be more that you can think of who also  belong in the gang. You can add in the GOP Establishment members as well and some members of the Deep State.  Wow.  The gang grows in size by leaps and bounds.  Hypocrites, ALL.

Mitch says he will EXPEL Judge Roy Moore for “not meeting the standards of the Senate.”   However, the taxpayers paid out over $15,000,000 to cover some still-unknown Congress critters who did things below the low bar set for membership in the House and Senate.  There should be a FOIA request to reveal the identities of the felons who received $15,000,000 of taxpayer money to  hush up their crimes. The American people need to know how their money is being wasted. The criminals should be required to refund that money to the U.S. Treasury.
It seems as if there is a definite “Double Standard” at play against Roy Moore and in favor of some real criminals — $15M-worth.



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