Live Now: Stepson of Last Moore Accuser on Facebook Live


by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 14, 2017) — Darrel Nelson, who is reportedly the stepson of Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson, is giving a Facebook live presentation stating that she was lying when she said that Moore sexually assaulted her at the age of 16 outside of a restaurant in Gadsden, AL.

The Post & Email learned of the younger Nelson through The Gateway Pundit’s post of Tuesday evening.

The Facebook commentary can be reached here:

Nelson said that Moore “has been an outstanding pillar of the community” and is “God-fearing.”  He warned Republicans in Congress not to interfere in Moore’s seating in the Senate if he wins the December 12 election.

“My stepmother is wrong for what she done,” he said.  “God knows she’s wrong,” he said, calling her out for “reading form a script” at the press conference on Monday night.

“I believe my stepmother is getting paid for this,” he said, adding that he didn’t vote for Moore “because I couldn’t vote for Moore.”  He did not give a reason then, but later suggested that during his “teenage years” he was convicted of a felony and lost his voting rights.

He said he was granted custody of his nephew by a judge, contending that that bolsters his credibility.

Nelson looks to be in his late 20s or early 30s.

He faulted Young Nelson for “reading from a paper” next to Atty. Gloria Allred, who he claimed told her what to say.

He pledged that Alabamans “will be voting Republican for the next hundred years.”

Much later in the broadcast, Nelson said he has lived in Etowah County, AL “for almost 40 years,” revealing that he is older than he appeared to this writer.  In so stating, he said that he never heard of the restaurant where his stepmother said she worked as a waitress when she was a teenager.

The restaurant appears to exist but spells its name differently than that which was written in Young Nelson’s “yearbook,” shown to the public by Allred at yesterday’s presser.

After Nelson went off-air at 8:16 p.m. ET, the Facebook page said that the video will be available for viewing “shortly.”



2 Responses to "Live Now: Stepson of Last Moore Accuser on Facebook Live"

  1. Rattlerjake   Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 3:00 PM

    What is truly sad is how so many on the right have jumped on the “guilty” bandwagon against Moore. Our Constitution says a person is INNOCENT until proven guilty, but I guess they don’t believe in the Constitution! It also doesn’t fit, that all of these allegations surface within a couple weeks/days of the election. Darrel Nelson is the third person to come out and show obvious impropriety. The mother of one accuser gave a different story than her daughter, and another woman reported that she was offered money in exchange for making sexual harassment claims against Moore.

  2. Jones   Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 10:31 AM

    Within the last few weeks Barak (came for jury duty HaHa) Michelle, Hillary, Biden, Belise to name a few came to Chicago and went to U of Chicago where David Axelrod works. A few of us here were wondering why their all here with so many shootings. Well, now we know it was a pow wow to take out Moore!

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