by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 10, 2017) — In a letter received by The Post & Email this past Monday, an inmate at the Shelby County, TN jail claimed that when he was interviewed by investigators last year regarding the violent death of Yvette Joiner, he denied involvement but that the typist taking down his statements was instructed to alter them to indicate a confession.

In his letter to us dated October 27, 2017, Taylor claimed that the “Shelby County Criminal Justice Center has violated my rights…they have told a lie stateing i admitted to stabbing, my girlfriend to death with a knife. I told them, no am not going to admitt to something that i didn’t do.” [sic]

He said that during the questioning, he told the investigators, one of whom reportedly “had a gun on him on his side,” that he is “not a killer, and i started crying, plus having one of my panic attacks.” [sic]

He then said that his questioners “got mad because i didn’t agree on what they was saying.” “they told the lady that was typeing for them, they was telling her to change some of my words…” [sic]

As stated in his letter, the story was “all over the news” as of November 21, 2016.




One article reported that no arrests had been made in Joiner’s death but that Taylor had been “charged with first-degree murder.”

Several accounts, including a press release posted at the website of the Shelby County District Attorney General, state that neither Joiner nor Taylor had been seen in the vicinity of Joiner’s apartment between November 10, 2016, when Joiner was reportedly killed, and November 18, 2016.

“Officers went to Taylor’s last known address on North Hollywood and learned that a relative of Taylor’s had received a letter from Taylor regarding his concern for the well-being of Joyner,” the DAG’s website reported. “The letter was sent from jail where Taylor was booked on Nov. 12 on another matter.”

The press release continues:

The relative turned the letter over to police, and on Nov. 20 officers made a detective visit to Taylor in jail and escorted him to the homicide office for questioning. After receiving his Miranda rights, Taylor told officers he stabbed Joiner during an argument on the night of Nov. 11.

But that is not what Taylor’s letter to us says.

The date Taylor identified as the day on which he was questioned agrees with DAG Amy Weirich’s given date of November 20, 2016.

On a separate sheet of paper, Taylor wrote:

This file Play was on Nov 20, 2016
The investigators have violated my rights
On this date. and charged for murder,
And I was indicted July 21, 2017. C.C #8
which is Criminal Court #8

He them printed and signed his name, dated the note, and indicated underneath:

My Right’s have been Violated

He stated that he is bipolar and experiences “panic attacks all the time, but i take pilles for this disorders”.




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