by Linda Goudsmit, ©2017, blogging at Pundicity

(Nov. 1, 2017) — The ability to distinguish between fact (objective reality) and fiction (subjective reality) is an essential survival skill.

Children are easily controlled because they live in the world of feelings and subjective reality. They have not been taught the critical thinking skills required to survive as adults in the world of objective reality.

Civil society and the laws that govern it are based on the acceptance of objective reality. The idea of blind justice is foundational because it evaluates the WHAT of behavior not the WHO. This is an extremely important distinction because it separates childish feelings that focus on the WHO of behavior from adult rational thinking that focuses on the WHAT. This is how it works.

Thought precedes behavior.

If a society can be pressured to remain in eternal childhood they never progress past the WHO of behavior – they remain stuck in the emotional world of childhood accepting what they are told without the critical thinking skills to question the information – the WHAT. They are the unaware compliant population that Hillary Clinton idealized.

The current left-wing liberal progressive (really regressive) identity politics focuses on the WHO of behavior. If you are a member of the group your behavior is defended no matter how anti-social or criminal it is because the metric is the childish WHO of behavior and not the WHAT.

Leftists are at war with America. The movement to indoctrinate America toward the subjective reality of childhood and away from the objective reality of adulthood is a weapon of war. Progressives are determined to infantilize society in an effort to destroy American democracy and replace it with socialism. Obama’s lawless “resistance” movement of identity politics seeks to topple the government of President Trump.

Identity politics are tribal. Like children, tribalism evaluates behavior according to WHO not WHAT is being done. Consider the matter of “Russian collusion” – a prime example of identity politics focusing on the WHO not the WHAT of behavior. Hillary and the DNC (the WHO) commission a fake dossier designed to destroy Trump with false accusations of collusion that deflect attention away from Hillary’s real collusion (the WHAT). The colluding mainstream media embraced the dossier’s false claims and echoed them incessantly.

But it was Hillary and her cronies who actually colluded with Russia on the Uranium One deal that transferred 20% of America’s uranium to Russia – that is the WHAT of the matter. The Obama administration facilitated the anti-American Uranium One deal, but as soon as their complicity was exposed the Leftist media echo chamber went suspiciously silent. Social media, Facebook, Twitter picked up the slack and protected their own by manipulating the search engines, censoring content, and closing down oppositional accounts. The tribal identity politics of the Left are protecting the Clintons, Obama, Holder, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, McCabe, and every other person involved from the blind justice and public scrutiny that will determine WHAT they did.

The Leftist war against America is an information war that is pressuring the public to become unaware and compliant – to remain children without the information to make informed decisions about their future. Childhood is the position of powerlessness. A public who only evaluates the WHO of behavior and ignores the WHAT will remain the eternal victims that their identity politics exploit.

From kindergarten through college young Americans are being encouraged to remain perpetual children. In primary school they are disingenuously told they are all butterflies (subjective reality). Individual achievement is discouraged and collectivism is encouraged. By the time they reach college they are so fragile these butterflies require safe spaces and Play-Doh to cope with opposing ideas. This diabolical invitation to remain a nation of children is a sinister campaign to force the public into subjective reality where they will remain unaware, compliant, and easily controlled. A childish dependent population is precisely what the Left needs to destroy American democracy and replace it with socialism.

America is at a crossroads and whoever prevails in the ruthless Leftist information war will determine our future. Blind justice evaluates behavior according to WHAT is being done not WHO is doing it which insures that no one is above the law. Blind justice preserves our democracy and is our guarantee of freedom against tyranny. Freedom is the casualty when the blindfolds come off and the tribal norms of identity politics take over.

This is a battle that must be won. We must demand growth and a commitment to objective reality in our nascent Reality Revolution. We must examine the WHAT of behavior and oppose the Leftist war against America that focuses on the WHO. We must commit ourselves to adulthood and encourage critical thinking skills to oppose the malevolent Leftist plan to keep Americans stuck in childhood. Socialism is not a gift it is the theft of individual freedom.

Our Reality Revolution must reject the Leftist offer to remain unaware, compliant, eternal children. Only fully actualized aware adults insistent upon transparency and the accurate facts of objective reality have the power to oppose this attack on America. We must reject subjective reality, identity politics, and tribalism. We must reject perpetual victimhood and powerlessness. We must embrace adulthood and grow up.


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  1. Another very good read by Linda Goudsmit (I save them all for reference, including her “killing us with kindness” series).

    “Thought precedes behavior.” – Linda Goudsmit

    We are wherever we are in Life because our brain thought us there and our feet brought us there…how else did you get there? – J Mooers

    “Socialism is not a gift it is the theft of individual freedom.” – Linda Goudsmit

    NEVER-presIDent SOETORO-OBAMA II (= SO2 = The Odor of DC and DNC since 08-28-08) is an abandoned sperm assembly of human debris championed by the un-grateful un-American THEFT LEFT. – J Mooers