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by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 24, 2017) — On Tuesday morning, various major media outlets were responding to a renewed Twitter spat between President Donald Trump and Tennessee Sen. Robert Corker, who is not seeking re-election next fall.

One of those tweeting was CNN’s Jake Tapper, who is now, along with his colleague Brian Stelter, using the hashtag “#FactsFirst” in an apparent effort to rebrand the network as a seeker of facts and not simply a platform for various opinions.

Late on Monday, Independent Journal Review (IJR) responded to CNN’s apparent change in direction by reminding readers that three journalists were terminated for putting forth a story in June based upon one unsubstantiated report about Anthony Scaramucci’s alleged ties to a Russian investment firm.

Trump has long called CNN a purveyor of “fake news;” after assuming the presidency, his quip about the network morphed to “very fake news.”

In his tweet, Tapper provided a link to a soliloquy in which Tapper presented his research into Trump’s claim that Corker “is largely responsible for the horrendous Iran Deal,” an agreement the Obama regime reached with five European countries and the rogue state of Iran in an ostensible attempt to curb that nation’s nuclear ambitions.

Tapper explained why he found Trump’s statement to be inaccurate.  Both at the beginning and end off the broadcast, he said he was reporting for both “CNN and Factcheck.org,” the latter of which determinedly defended the “short-form” birth certificate bearing the name “Barack Hussein Obama II” released online in June 2008.

However, when contacted by this writer by both email and formal letter, Factcheck.org provided no response to a number of questions, including whether or not the organization would permit an independent photographer to take photos of the paper version of the document Factcheck alleged to possess by its own photo exposé.

That article, titled “Born in the USA,” is no longer on Factcheck’s website.

The Post & Email responded to Tapper’s tweet with:


In our Monday night report, The Post & Email pointed out that a subcaption next to a 2015 television interview between Tapper and former Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio misleads the reader into believing that the years-long probe into the “long-form” birth certificate image posted at whitehouse.gov included investigating Obama’s birthplace, which Arpaio insisted during the interview that it did not.

As of press time, approximately three hours after we sent the tweet to Tapper, we note no response.

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  1. “He most definitely does have the ability to direct the DOJ to go after Clinton and/or Obama’s birth certificate’

    And yet all he does is complain about how they won’t investigate it. LOL

  2. @ Mark Bellison

    “Trump complains that he doesn’t have ability to have DOJ go after Clinton. Same would be true for Obama’s birth certificate.”

    LIAR. That’s not what President Trump said, not at all. Rather, what he actually said was:

    “The saddest thing is that because I’m the President of the United States, I am not supposed to be involved with the Justice Department,” Trump said. “I am not supposed to be involved with the FBI.”

    He most definitely does have the ability to direct the DOJ to go after Clinton and/or Obama’s birth certificate just like Obama directed the DOJ to not go after the New Black Panthers, the IRS to go after conservative non-profits, etc., etc. Protocol, however, dictates they are not supposed to.

  3. Here is Mark Gillar’s tweet about the 1-bit layers and Mara Zebest.

    Mark E. Gillar
    Replying to @CharlesHughes62
    @CharlesHughes62 @AnnCoulter No expert said a pdf couldn’t have layers. Mara got the bits per layer wrong.
    10:30 PM · Jul 10, 2015

    And a tweet where he says a Xerox 7655 does explain the layers and the noise that Mara Zebest and other experts said were due to forgery.

    Mark E. Gillar
    Jul 5, 2015
    @CharlesHughes62 @AnnCoulter Does not explain the halos. Doesn’t explain coding under clipping mask. Does explain layers and noise.

    Zullo later said the Xerox 7655 does create halos but different than on Obama PDF. Originally they said halos could only be produced by forgery.

  4. Jeffrey,

    The problem with your list of evidence is that many of them are outdated and been shown to be false. Not just by Obots but by the Cold Case Posse.

    Take for example the July 17th, 2012 press conference. There are four Mark Gillar narrated videos outlining the evidence presented in the press conference. All of the evidence in three of the videos has now been contradicted by Mike Zullo and the fourth video was merely speculation.

    Retracting your own evidence is a problem for any criminal investigation’s credibility.

  5. T.F. Bow

    Check out ARTICLES OF FREEDOM, The Works of the Continental Congress 2009
    pages 43 to 45.

    Other related information, evidence, and insights can be found in entitled books:

    Obama Scare
    Where’s the Birth Certificate
    The Manchurian President
    Crimes Against Liberty

    Evidence is what it is. And I sense more will be coming in the near future.

  6. Jeffrey Harrison is, of course, free to believe whatever he wants, but the fact remains that Arpaio has not publicly released the finding of his purported experts, and there is no indication that he ever will.

    Harrison also, of course, can believe “three major news releases” (whatever that means), “authorized” DVDs (which contain no additional information), or various affidavits from Zullo that have been roundly ignored. But no court or other government entity has been interested, especially since much of the information presented therein has already been debunked.

    Harrison can also believe self-anointed experts such as Zebest, Israel Hanukoglu (who is not “Israel’s Science Dept.” nor does he speak for the country of Israel), Papit, Sibley, Jordan, Hollister, Zatkovich, Denninger, Harrison, Vogt (who actually had his testimony stricken in the Indiana case), and Adams. But no one else believes them because they are not really experts: they have not subjected their analysis to any peer review, nor have any of them been recognized by any court as an expert. Indeed, it’s just the usual innuendo and hearsay that has never seen the inside of a courtroom, and never will.

  7. T.F. Bow your silence is golden. While Team Arpaio has been silent for awhile, like a military attack sub, they are due to surface. While I have no inside baseball news or info I highly
    guess Arpaio has much much more evidence he has held close to his vest.

    That grenade pin is due to be pulled and that grenade is due to be tossed. Further, what’s stopping him from also going world (wide) with all his evidence? Our National Government has had a change in leadership. Now more than ever, the timing is ripe with ears to hear and with hands to take action.

    Lots of cracks and fissures are occurring in recent news, these huge scandals with the Clintons, IRS / Tea Party, and etc… Perhaps we’ll have open minds and open hearts to have Arpaio’s evidence to be heard and acted upon in the near future.

  8. T.F. BOW the fact is that Team Arpaio has had at least three major news releases and
    Lt. Zullo has submitted an affidavit to the Alabama Supreme Court (53 pgs.).

    Further, Sheriff Arpaio has authorized the release of two DVD’s the first one is entitled: An Investigation into the Fraudulent Identity Documents of Barack Obama and the second DVD is entitled: Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Final Press Conference on the Investigation into the Fraudulent Birth Certificate of Barack Hussein Obama II Held in Maricopa County, AZ on Dec. 15, 2016.

    Other related evidence is a 10 page (fine print and graphs) from Mara Zebest who is a computer expert / instructor who has been published. It is entitled: Report Barack Obama:
    Long Form Birth Certificate. She wrote this report in response to Arpaio’s request. Therefore, this is in his evidence stack. Here Zebest writes in fine print the fabricated faults
    in the released birth certificate on the White House Web Site.

    The country of Israel’s Science Dept. did a very basic examination of Obama’s BC and stated it to be a fraud. I actually emailed Isreal Hanukoglu and got basic reply that I am sharing.
    And I have read related articles.

    From England and a chap named Monckton of Brenchley he released a 22 pg. report that
    Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud and related info.

    Garrett Papit released an Comprehensive Analysis (Obama LFBC PDF File). It is a 30 page
    report. Here he talks of compression, multiple layers, white halo, object code, and etc..
    “The evidence suggests that this file has been tampered with…”

    Montgomery Blair Sibley has produced a report entitled: A Request for an Investigation and Presentment Concerning Barack Hussein Obama’s Identity Documents (31 pgs.)
    Here Sibley speaks of Savannah Guthrie “touching the seal”, and compares seals on pg. 5,
    “it isn’t visible” ? Sibley points out problems with typing spacing (some words off grid),
    misplaced “X”s. “Note the different vertical and horizontal locations- something a typewriter
    would never have done”. Another problem is “Kerning” letters spaced too close on BC,
    not possible on a typewriter. And different typewriter fonts were see pg. 18. Problem with
    spelling on Registrar’s Stamp pg. 19. Also Sibley speaks on Obama’s fraudulent SSN#,
    Sel. Ser. Form being fraudulent.

    Lots of evidence out there by many other people too that Obama is a fraud, some of them
    are: Linda Jordan, Gregory Hollister, Ivan Zatkovich, Karl Denninger, Tom Harrison,
    Doug Vogt, Tim Adams. Many of these are computer experts.

    Many people have been convicted of crimes with much, much less info and evidence. In
    Obama’s case the fat lady is yet to sing. Look at recent news, things are starting to move
    faster… Justice could be just around the corner. Lots of facts and evidence here.

    P.S. The devil eats his own.

  9. Speaking of facts: there are no “the findings of a criminal investigation”; there are only Arpaio’s claims about such findings. (And the media duly reported Arpaio’s making such claims.)

    The actual findings have not been publicly released, and there is no indication they ever will be.