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by Nicholas E. Purpura, ©2017

(Oct. 10, 2017) — Have any of you heard of the most comprehensive RICO lawsuit in New Jersey’s history? It is a lawsuit that is capable of restoring every citizen’s gun rights in all fifty states. That is, it will restore every law abiding person’s 2nd Amendment Constitutional right to “bear arms” either by open or concealed carry. This lawsuit is now before the Supreme Court of the United States, Docket No. 17-280; Purpura v. Gov. Christie, et al.  This legal action includes as defendants many New Jersey legislators, Judges, and Police Chiefs.

Unfortunately, in this final stage, this lawsuit is being swept under the rug by the enemies of our free Republic. Enemies such as leftist politicians in both parties and of course the grandest of all traitors, the Main Stream Media. We have come too far, fought too hard, invested too much to allow that to happen.

This case before the Supreme Court, contains three fundamental legal arguments. It is these three arguments which will bring full force and constitutional compliance to the disparate ruling of some states, such as that of New Jersey. Each of the three arguments is presented separately since each one is based upon previously affirmed findings by the Supreme Court of the United States as well as by established statutory law.

  1. In the first argument Petitioner proved that all administrative laws and restrictions must be ruled “null and void”, if not instituted by Congress. Any such Administrative Law is in violation of the 9th Amendment which protects “federalism”. The Supreme Court, in two recent cases: 2008, Bond v. United States, 09-1127; and 2015, Department of Transportation et al, Assoc. of American RR. No. 13-1080 unanimously stated that unconstitutional administrative law “is no law at all”!

2. The second argument, is based upon statutory law. The RICO statute mandates that the Defendants named as conspirators must admit or deny a Petitioner’s allegations. The response is required to be proffered with particularity and specificity. Failure to follow those edicts require an automatic forfeiture. In this RICO action, the named Defendants, having no sustainable legal argument or defense, failed to submit even a general denia Instead however they attempted to rely on invented technicalities while apparently acting in connivance with the Judge who ignored the Federal Rules of the Court. It is not surprising, that is the ignoring of the Forfeiture Rule, since the proper adherence to it would have mandated the full restoration of your Second Amendment rights. Let it also be noted; Defendants (Officials of the State of New Jersey, as well as the Federal Government to include private personal attorneys were unable to refute the Petition before the Supreme Court and waived their right to argue, and thereafter, by use of a private attorney, submitted a false document which erroneously claimed that the case had been dismissed. Dismissed by the way, by a  Judge whom had no legal jurisdiction to do so. Both attorney and judge were well aware of the lack of jurisdiction.

3. Lastly, the third argument might surprise one who has been involved with cases concerning the 2nd It is not based upon Heller, McDonald nor Caetano, it’s based upon numerous Supreme Court precedence which were adjudicated prior to the findings of the above referenced cases. Those previous precedence support the nullification of every unconstitutional firearm restriction throughout these United States.

This case has legal force behind it. What is needed, at this time, to aid in making the Supreme Court aware of this case, is for publicity.  I ask you to write to the:

Supreme Court of the United States

1 First Street N.E. 

Washington DC. 20543

The correspondence should respectfully request they expedite and hear Docket No. 17-280 Purpura v. Christie et al., the restoration our Constitutional Second Amendment Right depend on this case. If this fails, there will be no other for many years and possibly, forever.

In your letter, please be respectful. Thank them for their consideration.

Your letters may well provide the impetus required to get this case heard.

Too many beautiful young men and women throughout our history have given all to keep us free. Many of you took an oath to protect our Constitution against all enemies, domestic and foreign. Those who would disparage our Constitution are our enemies and traitors.  This victory can restore freedom, liberty and assure that “federalism” still exists in our Republic.

God Bless & God Bless the United States

Nicholas E. Purpura, Chaplain

Please forward to all you know — our Constitutional right is on the line.




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  1. So, A question immediately comes to mind with the first argument listed. If this case is won and argument number one is verified as correct, then this should immediately nullify and void ALL administrative laws and restrictions not instituted by Congress. Because they ALL violate the 9th Amendment.
    Secondly, this pertains to laws in the state of New Jersey, so would winning this case also pertain to the federal administrative laws and restrictions?