by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 4, 2017) — Just after 3:00 p.m. EDT, The Washington Post reported that U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona Judge Susan Bolton “upheld” the pardon former Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio received from President Donald Trump in response to her conviction of Arpaio for criminal contempt on July 31.

A hearing held Wednesday morning was to determine whether or not to vacate the underlying conviction.  Last week, certain groups and members of Congress had filed unsolicited briefs with Bolton’s office, positing that Trump’s pardon of the six-term sheriff was “unconstitutional” and requesting that Bolton override it.

The Post’s Matt Zapatosky wrote that “Jack Wilenchik, an attorney for Arpaio, said U.S. District Judge Susan R. Bolton in Arizona rejected challenges to the pardon filed by outside groups and indicated that it was valid. Wilenchik said Bolton dismissed the case but did not immediately rule on a request to vacate all the orders in it, including Arpaio’s conviction.”

Both the Justice Department, which launched its prosecution of Arpaio one year ago, and Arpaio’s defense attorneys wrote in separate briefs filed with the court last month that they recommended “vacatur,” or the vacating of the conviction from Arpaio’s record in light of Trump’s August 25 pardon.

At a Republican fundraiser last Friday in Fresno, CA, Arpaio suggested he plans to seek further political office.  He was also peppered with questions from a reporter for Valley Public Radio about his office’s five-year investigation of the “long-form” birth certificate image posted at purported to represent Barack Hussein Obama’s original birth record from Hawaii.

In his responses, Arpaio corrected the reporter to say that his office was the only law enforcement entity to launch a probe of the image which had been deemed a forgery by several well-credentialed computer and graphics experts.

On March 1, 2012, Arpaio’s lead investigator, Mike Zullo, announced at a press conference that the investigation had found probable cause to believe that the image is fraudulent.  Two subsequent press conferences revealed more detail, and ultimately, corroboration from two well-known outside forensic analysts, of those findings.

The media has not shown curiosity regarding the conclusions, instead choosing to vilify the messengers in the person of Arpaio.

Arpaio has claimed that his prosecution by the Justice Department was a “witch hunt” conducted for reasons other than “racial profiling,” which was the basis for a civil suit from which Bolton’s conviction stemmed.




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  1. Dear Trump 44 I too feel that my writing is limited. But, to me, your writing and remarks are
    fine. We all come from different parts of the country and have different levels in education,
    income and etc… But we are united in defending the Constitution, doing our own homework
    that an USURPER has occupied the White House and we need a hearing or some type of
    effirt on the subject and then strike for justice.

    Team Obama and Barry or whomever he is have pulled one of the biggest scams in American
    History if not one of the biggest frauds in the history of mankind. And on mankind.

    Indeed, we should have a massive convention of all (great and common folk) from across
    American and internal gests to share the information of the USURPER and come up with a
    game plan how to hold Obama, his handlers, the media, and the US Congress accountable.
    Maybe we could have several conventions held on the same date nation wide. And have
    some from around the world linked at the same time.

    This Obama usurpation affected US Citizens as well as the world. Under Obama’s unlawful
    watch many were killed, harmed and negatively affected. Therefore, why not include international justice with American Law and efforts too?

    Now that Apraio’s legal concerns have been dealt with, I sense Team Arpaio may come to the surface and go on the offensive. They have had lots of time to plan some moves. I expect some real fireworks.

  2. What a great idea. What a wonderful dream. Why, if you could get 100 birthers in the same room at the same time, that would be the Derp Singularity, featuring one third of one millionth of the American people. From there, we just shovel the tiny insignificant band of whackjob frootloops into a loony bin and that’s the end of that. I’m in favor of it.

  3. Fellow Knowledge Patriots,

    Since our for-pension U.S. Government and virtually every licensed attorney and all their licensing boards and virtually our entire for-profit media and our entire nationally-syndicated judicial network and Nancy Pelosi and her DNC and John Boehner and his RNC and protected-affirmative-racism-felons Barry and Michelle Soetoro-Obama II ET AL will never indict themselves by releasing the full identity and full life history of NEVER-presIDent Barry Soetoro-Obama II (SO2) in our lifetimes, We the Knowledge Patriots on Main Street USA must secure and release such indictable ID documents ourselves on behalf of some 323,000,000 presIDential-knowledge-robbed American citizens, as soon as possible.

    1. Law enforcement professionals Arpaio and Zullo (“A to Z”) must have another press conference, called a “Knowledge Patriot Summit”, similar to their three previous conferences, to reveal a formal Knowledge Patriot organization; in many ways this would be similar to a rebel Continental Congress assembly held during the Revolutionary War.

    Life is short, and getting shorter, so Joe Arpaio must have this fourth conference/summit in 2017.

    2. Having over 100 leading Knowledge Patriots (Taitz, Rondeau, Zullo, JB Williams, Corsi ET AL) assemble somewhere in America to produce a week-long televised (C-SPAN et al) revelation of FACTS is the ideal way to broadcast ID-knowledge to 323,000,000 American citizens, with this concluding revelation planted in citizens’ minds: “UNLESS Y-O-U CAN FACTUALLY P-R-O-V-E OTHERWISE, NEVER-presIDent SOETORO-OBAMA II NEVER WAS, NEVER IS AND NEVER WILL BE AMERICA’S 44th CONSTITUTIONALLY ELIGIBLE PRESIDENT”.

    The DVDs produced of this historic knowledge assembly can be sent to President Trump, to media outlets, to websites ET AL, of course, but they can also be preserved for future generations (Library of Congress?) so that our grandchildren ET AL have a living awareness of how America’s guilty-knowledge leaders breached the U.S. Constitution of 1789 on 08-28-08 to render America a CRINO-nation (Constitutional Republic In Name Only).

    I would recommend this week-long assembly be held in a hotel ballroom in Canterbury, CT where Sharon Rondeau has her renowned P&E knowledge center nearby.

    3. Each leading Knowledge Patriot prepares their own video explaining who they are, what they have done (prepared court case against SO2, website manager, author, blogger, etc.) and presents their plea to American citizens to have Trump release all of SO2 original origin-documents for public consumption, as should have been done on 08-28-08. All those prepared individual videos, ideally, are aired during said Knowledge Patriot Summit.

    This is a start, suitable for improvements. However, if Taitz will not even be seen in the same room as Arpaio, for example, then all Knowledge Patriots and private citizens and the U.S. Government have to wonder, why can’t all Knowledge Patriots ever assemble together on behalf of their presIDential-knowledge-robbed American citizens? .

  4. Considering all “colorful characters” involved, getting Arpaio, Corsi, Volin, Taitz, Rondeau, Vieira, Klayman, Moore, Zullo, Fredrick, Laity, Apuzzo, Sunderland, Lakin, Zolna, and Mooers to agree to anything would be quite the feat.

    But what about Phil Berg, Leo Donofrio, Cody Judy, Chris Strunk, Charles Kerchner, Carl Gallups, Dennis Montgomery, Miki Booth, Walter Fitzpatrick, Darren Huff, Gary Wilmott, Montgomery Sibley, Charles Lincoln, Lucas Smith, John Dummett, Thomas MacLaren, Alan Keyes, Ed Noonan, David Manning, Wiley Drake, Pamela Barnett, Gary Kreep, William Waggoner, etc.? Don’t they also deserve invitations?


    “get on the Hannity show, have YOUTUBE session with Arpaio-Corsi-Volin-Taitz-Rondeau-Vieira-Klayman-Senator Roy Moore-Zullo-Don Fredrick-Laity-Apuzzo-Sunderland-Lakin-Zolna-Mooers et al TO SHOW UNITY, and to boldly and confidently GET OUT OF THE HOBBY-LIKE F-R-I-N-G-E AND INTO THE F-R-A-M-E-S OF MINDS OF SOME 323,000,000 presIDential-knowledge-robbed AMERICAN CITIZENS.”

    How about putting on some kind of Birther Summit? Rent a ballroom in a D.C. hotel where all the Knowledge Patriots can come together and discuss how to get Obama out of office. There a guy in Virginia who is good at organizing these kinds of events, I think his name is Hoskins or Haskins. Dean is his first name. Should be easy to look up.

  6. People are, of course, free to believe whatever they desire, but there’s no evidence linking Obama’s eligibility and Arpaio’s intentionally disobeying a court order to not violate the U.S. Constitution.

    I’ve been saying this for a few years now. Get all those people together and push this forward. I donate to this site, “thepostemail” when I can so that we have a platform to discuss matters like these. I can’t write as well as you and others on this blog, and there are intelligent people here I can tell, Sharon Rondeau especially, but I get by and my blood is freaking boiling over this Obama fraud nightmare. Maybe all you guys can start a special fund account through “thepostemail” somehow to further facilitate your mission. Who knows?…maybe T F BOW will donate a little “sumpin.”

  8. No hope for t f bow to ever acknowledge the ineligibility of usurper obummer, otherwise known as Soetoro/Soebarkah. I have a hunch that I encountered t f bow or his clone years ago on Orly Taitz’s website.

  9. I HAVE A DREAM in 2017

    We the Knowledge Patriots must individually, or as a group, relentlessly approach Trump , get on C-SPAN, get on the Hannity show, have YOUTUBE session with Arpaio-Corsi-Volin-Taitz-Rondeau-Vieira-Klayman-Senator Roy Moore-Zullo-Don Fredrick-Laity-Apuzzo-Sunderland-Lakin-Zolna-Mooers et al TO SHOW UNITY, and to boldly and confidently GET OUT OF THE HOBBY-LIKE F-R-I-N-G-E AND INTO THE F-R-A-M-E-S OF MINDS OF SOME 323,000,000 presIDential-knowledge-robbed AMERICAN CITIZENS.

    What is the reason, the resistance, that all said Knowledge Patriots can’t ever assemble together on this P&E website medium, and in other venues, for some 323,000,000 American citizens to have fingertip presIDential-knowledge-access to?

    Is it fear of BLACK LIES MATTER? Fear of pie-throwing “unbelievable” ridicule? Fear of “coming out” of our cozy knowledge closets? Why is there any fear at all when we are armed with First Amendment-protected facts not firearms?

    There is no need for Knowledge Patriots to freeze and starve at Valley Forge or hang when over-run by British forces at Charleston, as our patriot predecessors had to endure…we only need to in-jail presIDential FACTS and possibly endure ridicule in today’s Keyboard Revolution mostly from the comforts of our homes!

    We are looking for THE BIG BREAK when someone in our guilty-knowledge U.S. Government (Trump, Roy Moore, others?) and in the guilty-knowledge media ( Sean Hannity?) and in the guilty-knowledge military (Lakin-and-Mattis?) EXPRESS THE NEED TO REVEAL THE HERETOFORE HIDDEN IDs OF NEVER-presIDent SOETORO-OBAMA II (SO2) FOR OUR NATIONAL SECURITY by revoking EO 13489 et al to expose SO2 Occidental College foreign exchange student loan records, for example.

    The task of P&E Knowledge Patriots: We are the Embattled Farmers planting presIDential knowledge into the barren-to-fertile minds of some 323,000,000 American citizens!

    Let’s unite in 2017 to unleash our power of Knowledge!

  10. The only thing we know about Barry Soetoro are the effects of his fraudulent presidential regime from January 20, 2009 thru January 20, 2017.

    Everything else about him is shrouded with mystery, lies, blackmail, and coverups.

  11. Jeffrey,

    All of the information from Vern K. Lee was presented at the July 17th, 2012 press conference. All of her information works against Arpaio’s claims that the birth certificate is a forgery

  12. Sheriff Joe is going to be fine. Now he can go on to bigger and better things and tie up loose

    PAULA, I’m with you, no matter how much winning occurs, I too won’t get tired of it…

    Since some who come to this site have endless doubts about USURPER Obama’s fraudulent
    credentials or others who are plain saboteurs and as well for “new-comers” who are new to the subject Obama is a fraud, I’m going to research items of interest and post short bits of
    information about Barry… I am going to title it: BLASTS FROM THE PAST.

    My first item/subject will be Verna K.L. Lee. She was a birth certificate coder who processed
    Hawaii birth certificates. I am familiar with her involvement and her evidence. This is one of
    endless evidence from the Arpaio’s Files. Others out their can goggle it too…