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(Sep. 27, 2017) — Man the lifeboats, the ship has sunk.

We’re sunk? We’re going down?

We have the chance of going under.

So we’re not sinking?

Could be, so be ready.

As in ‘life vests on?’

At the ready.

In hand?

Know where the locker is, where your vest is stored.

So we’re not sinking.

Sooner than you think.


When you least expect it.

Any hints?

The moment you become complacent is when it’ll hit the fan.

And then what?

You’re toast.

For good?

Could be.

Intermission: “12 Bar Blues-Jam” 3:39

The lifeboat is full?

Not yet but it could be.


Again, soon. Sooner than you think.

You’re not making any of this up?

Trust me.

So, let’s review and see if I’ve got it right: Trump is the Captain of The Ship of State, correct?


Because of all the Left-Wing idiots, America may not survive the onslaught of the stupids’ siding with the enemy, which are Deep State/Federal Reserve/Islam and the New World Order.

Because of the New World Order.

Bush the Elder said it first 1:51.


So, you’re what? A rower?

No, I’m a Helmsman. I steer our course towards the Constitution.

And everyone on the lifeboat has to think just like you?

You got it.

And if they don’t?

Then we don’t lift a finger to help them.

You’d sail without them?

Look around: we already started.

So when the NFL declares chapter 11, where will you be?

I’ll tell you exactly where I’ll be. I’ll be driving down the road — make it just after it rained — and those that kneeled will be walking to pick up their Food Stamps, or something, and I’ll, let me say, disrespect them.

You’ll drive through the puddle on purpose.

So maybe they’ll feel just what I’m feeling now, get it?

Rained on?

Something like that, after all, it was I who put my life on the line and saved a bunch of American military, including myself. Fact is: I did it and they didn’t — and never will.  They do squat compared to what I did when I was proudly wearing my custom Hong Kong-tailored uniform, which I wasn’t wearing at the time, by the way.

Straight skinny?

If I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’.

Intermission: “Sean Sean” 2:42

You’re back.

Haven’t left yet.

You still on course?

Within minor variations. For a time I was the helmsman on a Light Guided Missile Cruiser so I should be able to head this little lifeboat in the right direction.

Really. I don’t see any GPS or compass.

Don’t need any; we’ve got the stars.

Kick anyone overboard yet?

A few, but not to worry; no doubt one of their compassionate liberal lifeboats will pick them up.

There’s no such thing as a liberal lifeboat, for if there were then the inner-city kids would know how to read and write. But you knew that.

Okay, so they’ll sink. Trump laid it out for them: dump Common Core and the Teachers’ Union, right?

Yes; and they still voted for Hillary. So right now the NFL is going under. Are we going to pick up any survivors?

Not if they knelt.

You’re sending them to their fate.

Too bad. Tell them to tell it to the Chaplain. Look, I don’t want to be rude or anything, but do you have to go to the dog park?

Matter of fact, I do. I’d like to send a personal message to Kaepernick 0:38 and all the other traitors out there.

I like the sound of that. Get your leash and I’ll meet you at the door.

This Diamond Ring” 2:07

[Here’s a Talking Point: I stopped watching the NFL long before President Trump said one word about the disrespect shown to our flag, country and us Veterans. So don’t be giving Trump all of the credit for the NFL boycott.]

If You’re Going to San Francisco” 2:59



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