New York: Is The Population Coming Or Going?


by Al Belardinelli, ©2017

(Sep. 26, 2017) — “Reclaim New York” is asking for folks to write and “Tell Their Story” about the problems in New York and the fleeing of citizens. It’s an honorable effort because, as with all their efforts, Reclaim New York asks nothing in return. I urge others to get out YOUR pens and join in with YOUR Grassroots experiences. Here’s my Albel1 [], Grassroots report:

New York: Is The Population Coming Or Going?

There are figures that claim that tens to hundreds of thousands of New York’s population have fled the state. Is that true? Well, not exactly. The statement that hundreds of thousands is way off. I’m not even sure if there is a way to pinpoint the numbers with any accuracy. Let’s use some logic and see if we can come up with better answers.

State-published statistics [found at] claim that in 2010 New York’s population was 19,378,110 and in July of 2016 the population was 19,745,289. That’s an increase of 367,187 people [+1.9%]. Huh – imagine that? How can those figures be true? Is the population coming or fleeing?

Are people fleeing? My parents had 3 children. We kids had a total of 8 children and all 8 have left the state – yup – not one child lives in our family’s home state. So, a total of 11 people and 3 people remain living in New York and 8 left. 72% of my immediate family has fled New York. AND: I can honestly state that the majority of the folks I know have similar circumstances in their families – and it isn’t just the kids. While the state figures show an increase in population, those figures are worthless as an indicator of New York’s population.

I have lived at my current address for over a decade. On the block where I live there are 40 homes. I personally know 21 of the families that lived on the block when I first moved in. Since I have lived on the block only 10 of the 40 homes are occupied by the same folks that lived there when I moved in. That’s a population change of 75%. I personally know that 12 of the 30 have moved completely out of the state. That documents that a minimum of 30% have left New York. Using logic, I didn’t know 13 of the 30 that have moved out. Logic indicates that 30% [4 families] of those 13 families have left the state. This brings the total to 16 out of 40 families – 40% minimum – have left New York State. NOTE: I shudder thinking of the number of folks that I went to school with that have moved to other states – YIKES!

We could go further by examining other suitable statistics, but why? I personally think the prior facts have induced enough anguish. We have all lost friends – lost jobs and lost heritage from the fleeing. Total number accuracy just doesn’t matter. It’s obvious that the numbers of people fleeing New York is staggering – Logic says: It’s in the MILLIONS.

Here’s something to bring to light: In recent times New York has one overriding achievement. New York has contributed to making other states a better place to work, live and play. Productive New Yorkers have populated other states and New York has encouraged other states’ negligible populations to move in – are you packing up your car?

We now know New York’s population numbers are relatively stable, but the population’s character is now vastly different than that of most other states. So: The question isn’t just who fled – it’s who moved in – and why?

There are facts and figures bantered about regarding the condition of New York’s citizenry. Mostly, those who talk only hypothesize. They talk from fact books, not real experiences. AND: Sure, if you choose a specific town or city those town-folks know their own geography (which, overall, is always viewed negatively), but not many folks really know what it’s like in the next county or 200 miles away. They simply can’t imagine that conditions in the entire state could possibly be as bad, or worse, than they are in their home town. Folks are fleeing New York. The ones that remain mostly do so out of hope. That hope would vanish if they experienced the rest of the state. The character of New York’s towns and cities is all similar. New York is in dire straits.

Over several years my “endeavors” have brought me up and close to “real” New Yorkers all across our state. From Southampton to Plattsburgh to Buffalo and everywhere in between – many times. No matter how small or large the towns and cities are, the story is always the same – the people feel disgust, anguish, disappointment and depression. Never do you find joy or optimism over the future of New York.

The life conditions and spirit of New York’s “producers” are burdened and distressed. Wherever we turn, it’s pay more – earn less. Our personal choices in where we work, live and play in New York are severely reduced, restricted and controlled. All – yes, ALL those depressing conditions are caused by a controlling, overspending, corrupt government. But; that’s only half the story of why millions of people are fleeing New York, which brings us back to the question of who fled and why – and who moved in and why.

The final straw for those fleeing is who moved in and why. We can extrapolate what the final straw is by truthful examination of who moved in and why: Do people move to New York so they can pay more taxes? Do they move here for more freedom to build a big deck or install a swimming pool where they want?  Do people move to New York because we have large amounts of bountiful jobs?  Cheap housing? Cheap transportation? Cheap food? Better roads? Better education?  Clearly, the answer to ALL those questions is NO. Moochers, freeloaders and the self-impoverished are moving to New York – by the MILLIONS – and that’s the segment of the population moving in and why. AND: They are now neighbors of the “producers.” That is probably the biggest factor of why good, producing people have finally begun fleeing New York.

If anyone wants to “Reclaim New York,” the first step is to clearly acknowledge ALL the problems and then come to the realization that it is all interrelated. “Ya can’t fix just one thing” – get it?

One of the best examples that exhibits New York’s dilemma is Tom Galissano. Tom, a wealthy businessman, was fed up with conditions in New York, so he ran for governor to fix things. Tom was torn to pieces by the status-quo and lost. Tom packed up the car and left for Florida. He left with his final statement being: “If I leave New York I will make the same amount of money, but I will keep $5,000,000 more per year.”

“Reclaim New York” is a catchy phase and a great gesture. If New Yorkers want to reclaim their ground it will take great initiatives of tenacity, grit and complex hard work, performed by a large number of good people. BTW: One of those initiatives should be a behest called “New Yorkers Come Home.”

My story concludes saying: It ain’t over yet – I “Got Connected” with hundreds of thousands of good New Yorkers. WE fought hard for “FULL Repeal of the Safe Act.” Together we “Lobbied the Albany Cesspool” over and over. WE ran a campaign called “Cuomo’s Gotta Go.”  WE even go back to before “Paladino for the People” got rolling…….. AND I’m also remembering: WE also fought together in many other unmentioned actions. So, is that depressing? YES – BUT – WE Gotta “Keep Fighting.” “The Banner Truck” ain’t done rollin’ yet!!!!!!!!!! Yup – The fight continues – the BIG question is whether real New Yorkers have the fortitude to finish it!!!

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