Please Consider Supporting Us with a Donation for Our Year-End Efforts


by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 22, 2017) — The Post & Email has encountered some unusual expenses over the last few weeks and must ask for your financial support to see us through to the end of the year.

We do not relish asking for donations given the many, many people who are currently suffering:  those in Puerto Rico without power whose homes and businesses were devastated by Hurricane Maria; citizens of Texas and Florida affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, respectively; and other Americans who are struggling to put food on the table.

However, in order for us to continue our investigative work and reporting, we must raise a modest amount.  All monies raised will go toward website technical services, hosting and other fees, our paid email account, postage and other necessities.

This writer donates her time to keep this publication running and has done so for the last seven years, 365 days a year.

Every reader donating $2.00 would be more than enough.  While we know that that will likely not happen, please consider some of our unique work:

  • the Obama birth certificate issue which no mainstream media outlet will cover;
  • the Roane County, TN criminal accusation against Roy Cook which was dropped by the government after a five-year prosecution;
  • the exposure of corruption within child-protective service agencies in California;
  • our coverage of grand jury, judicial and prison corruption in Tennessee, the latter of which has been validated by the Associated Press and Channel 4; and
  • the Arpaio civil-contempt hearings, criminal contempt conviction and upcoming hearing following the presidential pardon.

Donations can be sent through Paypal to  If using USPS, our address is:

The Post & Email
P.O. Box 113
Canterbury, CT  06331-0113

We do not wish anyone to give who does not have the means to first take care of his or her family.  Also, to anyone who has recently donated, please disregard this effort.

Thank you so much.


2 Responses to "Please Consider Supporting Us with a Donation for Our Year-End Efforts"

  1. JONATHAN DAVID MOOERS   Monday, October 2, 2017 at 8:48 AM


    I am mailing out $50 today to help P&E “keep the lights on” SOETORO-OBAMA II (= SO2, sulphur dioxide swamp-gas odor wafting throughout our entire guilty-knowledge-powered U.S. Government 08-28-08- TODAY).

    Some 323,000,000 American citizens have been presIDential-knowledge-robbed anew each day, since Nancy Pelosi’s stinking DAY IN INFAMY on 08-28-08, of their INALIENABLE RIGHT-TO-KNOW the full travesty-identity of SO2, and, thankfully, your carefully archived one-stop knowledge-shop intends to clear the air once and for all!

    I HAVE A DREAM in 2017, that career lawman Joe Arpaio, and The P&E et al, will now go on an historic national presIDential KNOWLEDGE TOUR!

    KUDOs to The P&E staff! A liberating nation-wide people-empowering clean-air KNOWLEDGE VICTORY is just up ahead!

  2. jeffrey Harrison   Saturday, September 23, 2017 at 8:41 PM

    Sharon, thanks for letting me know of your need for funds for The Post & Email.

    For the past few years I have followed the many items that P&E has covered. P&E truly
    covers many news worthy subjects that other news agencies won’t. Moreover, I know
    that the P&E is not for sale. In other words, honest reporting is what P&E constantly
    delivers. The BIG Major news agencies are told what to cover and how to cover it.

    To me, the other news agencies slant and pervert the news. I prefer news that covers the truth. P&E does that and more. At P&E I also get insights. Your Motto at P&E should be,Truthful Reporting All The Time and/or At P&E The Truth IS Effective No Need To Deceive.

    There are others sites that fill certain niches and are truthful. However, your site is one of
    a handful that I trust. Also, because of my limited time, I turn to the P&E.

    Let’s all support The P&E.

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