Now NK Miniaturized Nuke It May be a Good Time to Start Smoking Tobacco


by Cody Robert Judy, ©2017

(Sep. 4, 2017) — Last night I had a Dream I was on kind of a river-type U-Boat. The Captain was a fellow resembling actor (Jack Nicholson). The compartments we had to stay in were very small requiring a sit up or half lay down on your belly position.

The mission was Top Secret and we were not allowed to walk around even broad shouldered. We had to cover any idea that a man was aboard walking silhouette style. I asked the Captain once seated if he would grab my wallet and one other item I’d forgotten, which he did, stating that was the last favor I could expect from him.

I then found myself above watching three submarines. One was ours. They were on an alarming collision course to me, and i began communicating to ours when it found itself in the middle being bumped.

These were very small submarines. The two others pulled over and one sea captain got in the others sub. They were old sea dogs reminding me of Russian Captains with weathered faces and fairly long beards.

Sunday posted on FB the reports Kim Jong Un had successfully tested the miniaturized hydrogen nuclear bomb in a cavern they had been digging underwater 10X”s more powerful than any prior test equal to 100 to 120 megatons of TNT capable of destroying any US City. I included the following Dream I’d had June 22nd and posted on FB which detailed Kim Jong Un being in just such a cavern like a James Bond scene.

RECALLING June 22,2017 Dream of Kim Jong Un

DREAM ABOUT KIM JONG UN- Today I woke up from quite an astonishing late afternoon dream. I was going through a very large fortress castle that was set quite literally as a top of a mountain.

From every door I opened the view was so steep you nearly could not manage going down and I quickly would double back through the fortress to get back to the better way down.

I spoke to several people there who where guards about directions and relayed I’d never been there before when asking them.

There was an Exercise about to be commenced and it required a volunteer within Kim Jong Un’s Military Elite to die. This was known among them and I saw many pass on the extension put before them in an understanding their Life would end. Fear took a hold of them in deferring.

Then I saw Kim Jong Un and quite a numerous entourage passing in front of me in what seemed an underground canal like you might see in a James Bond movie. They were on ski-doos riding on top of the water. Kim’s was quite unique elaborate and he sat down in it low.

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  1. Cody Robert Judy   Friday, September 8, 2017 at 7:03 PM

    [UPDATE: 9-8-2017 From AP -“Nature’s gone crazy,” ],-fire,-floods-and-quakes:-A-nutty-run-of-nature

    Hurricane Harvey hadn’t even fizzled and Houston hadn’t even dried out from record flooding before Hurricane Irma formed and also grew into a powerful Category 4 storm. Right behind Irma, Jose has powered up to a Category 4 storm. It is highly unusual, but not unprecedented to have back-to-back storms of that strength, Masters said. And then there is Hurricane Katia, just a shade under major hurricane status, due to hit Mexico’s Gulf coast.]

    [As Mexico was bracing for Katia off the Gulf coast, one of the strongest earthquakes in the country’s history hit late Thursday off its Pacific coast, near the Guatemala border. The magnitude 8.1 earthquake was felt for more than 650 miles (1,000 kilometers). The quake shook at a depth of 43 miles (69 kilometers) and a quake hitting at that depth with that strength is unusual, according to Cornell University geophysics professor Geoff Abers. It was one of the five largest for that deep in the past 40 years, he said.]

    [On Friday, 82 wildfires were burning in the United States involving nearly 1.5 million acres in nine states in the West. So far this year, more than 8 million acres have burned, only behind 2015 and 2012. One fire at the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest in Oregon has burned more than 175,000 acres and is only 5 percent contained as of Friday, according to the National Interagency Fire Center.

    Drought and a heat wave contributed. On Sept. 1, in normally temperate San Francisco, the temperature hit 106 degrees and at least six deaths were reported from the heat wave.]

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