by Ron Ewart, ©2017, President, NARLO

(Sep. 3, 2017) — In a book we wrote a number of years ago entitled “Our Cosmic Connection,” we opened one of the chapters with the following observation:  “In spite of all of our individual and collective faults, there is a ‘great good’ that exists in a very large number of us.  That good is personified in a wide range of human traits and behavior including private and public achievements, bravery, courage, sacrifice, industry, creativity, empathy, generosity, spontaneous volunteerism and spirit, either as individuals, or as a society.   Unfortunately, due to the ‘distorted window’ through which we view our information, that ‘great good’ in us seems to be eclipsed by an over-zealous emphasis on that which appears to be ‘bad’ within us.”

One of the print and electronic news media’s flawed policies is personified in one statement:  “….. if it bleeds, it leads.”  Instantly, our news is distorted by the negativity, bias and general acceptance of almost any kind of violence.  Transportation and vehicle accidents, war, pestilence, riots, famine, genocide, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and the like dominate the front pages of our newspapers and are the lead stories for evening television news.  On the other side of the negative picture we get political and individual corruption, fraud, adultery, betrayal, treason, murder, robbery and unbridled greed, added to our daily diet of information.  Every little sordid detail is trotted out for those who gorge on the grief of others, or thrive on doom and gloom, in soap-opera fashion.

From Boston to Berkeley, from Ferguson to Baltimore, from Seattle to Miami, we are forced to witness the bad behavior of a minute fraction of the American population, leading us to believe that everything is going to hell and society is collapsing before our eyes.  In fact, the news media is the carrier of the diseases of violence, dissent, division and racism.  Their reporting on violence only spawns more violence, division and racism, all for the sole purpose of increasing their ratings.  The recent riots and violence in Charlottesville, VA were a glaring example.  The news media alone is responsible for this insane rush to tear down historical statues, as Democrats engage in self-flagellation.  It was in fact Southern Democrats of the 1860’s that wished to preserve slavery.

In spite of this distorted picture of America, we have a totally distinct identity that is only marginally represented by the worst in us.  What we see and hear every day is not the real America and does not represent the true and beautiful character of her people ….. a people steeped in responsibility, self-reliance, industriousness, goodness, charity and compassion, under that great symbol of freedom, our American flag.  If the rest of the world watches American news every day through the distorted window of the print and electronic media, it is no wonder the people of many countries think we are decadent, self-absorbed and inherently evil.  The truth is, such a view of our America could not be farther from the truth.

For over 12 generations, since some brave and courageous men mapped out a blueprint of liberty to govern this great nation from sea to shining sea, the American people, in spite of their faults, have done what the people of no other country on earth have done.  They have become the beacon of light for the rest of the world, founded on the principles of individual liberty and the God-given goodness that comes from being free.  Their sacrifice has freed over a billion people who were locked in slavery or war.  Their productivity feeds a hungry world.  Their voluntary generosity has lifted millions out of abject poverty or those ravaged by natural disasters.

Americans are farmers and factory workers, nurses, doctors, engineers, draftsman, pilots, truck drivers and fast food employees.  We are rich, middle-class and poor.  We are religious and non-religious.  We are adventurous on one hand, while being cautious on the other.  We believe in fair play.

We are mothers and fathers, wives and husbands, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, cousins and children of every stripe, size and color, who live by some very basic, overriding principles of honesty, integrity, honor and family.  Most of us have a deep sense of goodness about us and constantly try to overcome the ever-present evil that resides within us.

We have worked hard for what we have obtained and what our nation has achieved.  We should be proud of what we have accomplished and not hang our heads in shame because others are jealous of our success.  Our inventiveness, creativity and industriousness have made us the richest nation on earth and have enriched every other nation in one way or another.  Our compassion and generosity exceeds that of any other country or culture on this planet.

But that’s not all.  Just think of the wide range of scientific American research going on right now in the areas of power and electricity.  Think of the research in genetics to unravel the mysteries of inherited diseases and other conditions and what part that research will have in finding the root causes of these conditions and their respective cures.

Think of the research in food types and production to increase our food supplies.  Consider the research in and use of fiber optics, or the research in rubber and plastics and new materials and fabrics.  This research is fueled by the fires of commercial enterprise and in some cases, from the moneys that are collected by our government, as in the NASA space program.

Look at the progress we have made in the world of medicine, even with all of its problems.  Look what we take for granted for medical care in this country.  Look at the machinery that has been developed for the world of medicine.  Magnetic Imaging Machines, breathing machines, heart-lung machines, blood monitoring machines, CAT scanners, X-rays.  We don’t know all of them because we’re not in the world of medicine.  All we know is that if something goes wrong you have a place to go where people care for the most part to see that your problem is resolved the best way they can, complete with flaws.  We provide medical services in the United States that can only be provided here.

Let’s take a little closer look at technology over the last 15 years and what the computer has done in providing a continuous flow of information so that people can learn more and do things quicker.  Watch how fascinated a child is as he makes keystrokes on a keyboard of a computer and sees the response on the computer screen.  They absorb it like a giant sponge and love every minute of it.  Sure, there are side effects, but we will overcome them.

Look at the excitement that was generated by the recent solar eclipse.  Millions of families traveled hundreds of miles and braved endless traffic jams to witness the sun disappearing behind the moon, an event that only lasted for two minutes.  Those millions of people weren’t thinking about violence, riots, politics, or corruption.  They were awed by a natural event that only occurs on rare occasions.

The doomsayers will tell us that we are going to run out of power.  We are going to run out of oil.  We are going to pollute the environment with our cars and our industry.  Our automobiles are going to quit running and our airplanes will quit flying and our ships will no longer ply the open seas.  Sorry, folks, it will never happen.

Some day in the not-to0-distant future, we are going to develop power sources that will literally boggle the mind.  Our vision is that each home, each office, each business or building will have its own centralized power unit.  And in that power unit will have the source of power to purify our drinking water, destroy our raw sewage and gray water, heat and cool our homes and offices and provide the electrical power for our lights and appliances.

Think of it.  Those in your twenties, watch how our planet will shrink in your lifetime.  In ten to twenty years there will be airplanes that will leave the United States, sail up to the stratosphere or higher, glide at two to five times the speed of sound and land in Russia in a couple of hours.  At 3,000 MPH we can go halfway around the world in four hours.

Personalized transportation will change dramatically.  There will be air corridors for small, personal air units, whether they use the principles of helicopters and small aircraft or some new strange power yet to be discovered.  Maybe we will find a way to offset or neutralize gravity.

Folks, we are going to the stars and nothing anybody does will stop that.  No amount of fear of the unknown.  No amount of naysaying about financing.  We will find the money.  Ever since man first burned himself with fire and realized he could use it to his advantage or transported some object by rolling a log and converted that idea to the wheel, he has been forever driven towards more knowledge, more understanding and a wider, larger, broader world in which he can explore.

But all that excitement, creativity, generosity and goodness are being eclipsed by the picture that is being painted about us in our newspapers and magazines and on our radios and TV’s and even the Internet, every single day.  The information we receive is not representative of who we are.  The propaganda, lies and distortions from our government and special interest groups that we absorb from these venues warp the vision of who we are and what our true reality is.

There is no crisis here.  There are just problems to solve and challenges to meet.  Challenges are met by enterprising individuals working together collectively with a common purpose and goal.

If we allow our government, special interest groups, the news media, or the money-changers and power-brokers who cloud our vision to divide us and destroy our American sovereignty and our God-given, natural freedom and goodness that allows our unique individuality to blossom, we will descend into the hell of the collective and it will take a bloody revolution to restore freedom and liberty.  If left alone by government, American individuals will once again, with all our strength, power, beauty, compassion, spirit and the joy of wonder, will lead man on into the coming centuries for the good of all mankind, just as Americans have led the world for the last two and a third centuries, under our cherished flag of freedom.   Hell, no, we are not perfect, but then who is?

Tell us what you THINK.


Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property rights issues and author of this weekly column, “In Defense of Rural America.”  Ron is the president of the National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO) (, a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State, acting as an advocate and consultant for urban and rural landowners.  Affiliated NARLO websites are “SAVE THE USA” ( and “Getting Even With Government” (   Ron can be reached for comment HERE.


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  1. Ron,
    There are many wonderful talented people in the medical industry but there are also bad doctors, nurses and others that don’t care or are evil people. The premature death of my wife was caused by the later and I don’t have to go into details but I watched the progression of events with the current complaints on micro managed/segmented care with poor follow up and inexperienced people working in so many facilities, quality care is dependent on getting a team of people that care and work well together which is like waiting for the weather in too many cases. The medical industry in America today is based solely on money and profit margins and quality of care is determined by too many factors. Obama care is a disaster and many of the good doctors and others are getting out of the medical field because of what is and has happened over the last few years. Few things are done in America until after the fact and death, damage and loss are only the pre-requirements to get anyone to look at fault and the efforts to cover up damage and mistakes today may be greater than the effort to do the right thing in the first place. An article from 2012 warned that hospitals that have come backs especially for poor care are being fined by medicare at $125,000 a pop and the article said “Don’t be surprised if they shove you out the front door if you are a comeback.” so that too many red flags don’t come up. The corporate world is better today at covering up problems than putting out efforts to fix them which is exactly the same as our government here in America. I am a Veteran and our local VA Hospital has been going down in quality steadily as I watched it over the years and having attended there. My wife died a slow miserable death at the hands of doctors that gave her unnecessary treatments that made her steadily worse as they collected fortunes along with the segmented treatments. If I had taken her out of the terrible hospital she was in which has horrible reviews and put her in the nearby hospital that is rated better, she probably would still be alive under more experienced doctors and nurses care. The other factor is age, too many elderly people are not getting the care they need in the hospitals and too many of the young people are insensitive to the elderly patients and ignore them, I witnessed it over and over. The doctors in Europe are paid much less there to screen out the “gold diggers” that swarm over the American system. There are many doctors in America still dedicated to their job to help patients but there are more and more that are not and they don’t care if you like it or not. I have lost all my trust in the American Medical System which is strictly “business” today and also our Government and every agency which was saturated by the previous group of political criminals that were falsified to stay in power for 8 years by Treason/Perjury/Election Fraud/Usurpation of a “Dual Citizen” Muslim that was falsified by Pelosi and Biden as Constitutionally Eligible in 2008. Both parties have been corrupted and are fighting against Trump who represents the mainstream of Americans and the press refused to cover the 6 American Veterans that were illegally imprisoned as whistle blowers over the past 8 years to protect DNC Operatives. After 1946 and The Federal Rules Of Criminal Prosecution, Corporate Trust Law and Corporate Fiction have illegally taken over our Judicial system and our Constitution by fraud and misprision of felony. You must be living in a different reality as I have witnessed these things and seen them in constant action. I do like your articles and your site NARLO are top of the best out there, informative and educational. I have had too many bad experiences with bad doctors/hospitals/nurses and to many that should be under psychiatric care. One nurse was stealing and taking the drugs of a relative dying from cancer and she was shooting up with the pain drugs and it was her second time being caught. I was butchered by a doctor in an operation and found out he had 9 winning law suits from patients before it was my turn. My friends daughter just graduated from medical school and is now interning as an ER doctor. She told my friend half way through school they stopped grades and started “Pass Or Fail” which tells me the smart kids have to help the no so smart kids but parents have lots invested in getting them through school with “DR” in front of their name, so when they graduate, which one will be treating you? Another “Dumbing Down” technique? I have known some very brilliant doctors and some that couldn’t tie their shoes. Maybe you need to be run through the system and get a few of the bad ones, you will be singing a different song Ron, especially if you call a “Lawyer” and get put through to “The Screeners” from the firms that will tell you whether you, your case or situation is worthy of making money and getting a green light to start a law suit which could take years and a small fortune. My wife is dead because of the politics of current medicine and they all ran out the back door but I did get a “sympathy” card from one of the doctors that was partially responsible. You’re either good or bad at what you do and there are some real losers out there hiding behind the letters “DR” that you don’t want to be treated by just as being represented by a political party. They are all just like “Unions” and are just as devious, evil, selfish or violent when charged with the truth of a lie, poor job performance or malpractice whether in politics or medicine. The good ones become insignificant as they are always outnumbered by the bad ones. I have seen it and lived it in a job market for over 45 years, believe what you want, I will go by what I have experienced and lived to see over and over. How many Democrats have been imprisoned or arrested for theft, lies under oath, murder, child trafficking, kickbacks, fraud, contract corruption, Constitutional Violation/Misprision Of Felony, Voter Fraud, Treason, Perjury, Judicial Criminal Acts Of Misprision or even gotten a traffic ticket? ZERO! How many Doctors lose their license to practice even after years of damage, fraud or theft in medicare, pill mills or abortion clinics? VERY FEW! So, is it better to be politician or a doctor? They are paid very well and have little to no conscience on any of the above. Being an observer is one thing, being a victim is another. After you have been a victim Ron, you will have a different story, especially when you are ignored as if nothing happened and it can happen over and over again like so many Americans are experiencing year after year with no change in sight. All the DNC talks about are “The Dreamers” on the news, too many Americans dreams were broken long ago, we aren’t worried about new people coming here illegally, we are trying to survive in a system that is out of control, where your value is the money in your account and your character is whatever you pretend it is. That might work at Disney World but in the real world America is in big trouble and the only man that can try to fix it against complete opposition in The White House is struggling to get through each day being opposed by Soros/DNC Operatives/Marxist-Communist Party Leaders and selfish deadbeats that aren’t worth the shoes they stand in. Obama, who took orders from Jarrett for 8 years, is enjoying his mansion with Valerie Jarrett, two happy Muslims, and other “Deep State” members. Ask the “doctors” if there is any cure for the above? I already know the answer, God has the cure, none of the above can fix it as they are part of the problem not the cure.

  2. Good one, Ron.

    EXHIBIT A: Walter Cronkite helped the enemy win the Vietnam War by broadcasting that it could not be won. General Giap was most happy he could kill our sons with the help of American news-rooms superseding Washington war-rooms:

    Selfless Washington, Adams, Jefferson et al…not perfect but perfect enough.

    Selfish Clintons, Pelosi, NEVER-presIDent Soetoro-Obama II et al…not perfect and not perfect enough.

    Selfishness is the root of all human evil; money [Bernie Madoff], tyranny [Hitler], lust [Bill Clinton], hatred [George Swartz-Soros], revenge [Obama II] et al are merely the vehicles used to convey selfishness to its victims, don’t you think?