The Debating Coach (RR)


by OPOVV, ©2017

(Sep. 2, 2017) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the ever-popular news show, ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ where nothing is off-limits, which makes us the talk at the water cooler. Hello, my name is Roving and I’ll be your host as we interview unsuspecting commuters, your neighbors, on their way to the city. As you can see, we’re back at our favorite spot, on the corner under the awning across the street from the railroad depot. Excuse me, please; Roving here for ‘Pulse’; mind answering a question for us?”

“Oh, hello. Watch the show.”

“Thanks.What’s your take on this Kaepernick* controversy and those players not standing for the anthem?”

“Well, as far as this Kaepernick character goes, he had his chance and he didn’t cut it, did he? And there was no controversy at my house with the NFL, simply because we stopped watching.”

“Good answer. And who is next in line that wants to be on TV? Oh, hello. What’s your name and what are you up to today?”

“My name is Lorie and I’m on my way to my last class at the university, so I’m really happy. What I thought was going to be an eye-opening education morphed into a political-correct nightmare, so I’m transferring somewhere where there’s no stupid protests just about every day; every week for sure.”

“What are they protesting these days?”

“It’s not ‘these days’; it’s every day. It’s BLM: Black Lives Matter**, as if they’re the only ones that count. My foot; so I walked up and said, “Don’t ALL lives matter?” And they started yelling at me, calling me names: ‘Racist! Nazi! KKK! White Supremacist!’ That’s when I did a U-turn and went to the administration office and told them I was transferring. That’s my train; bye.”

Interlude: “Sioux Honor Song” 3:10

“Thanks for talking with us. And who’s next in line? Hello. Let me ask you: What’s your take on this ‘fake news?’”

“Hey, watched the show since its very first day. Took you a while to get a workable format going but at least you’re improving. Bye the way, I like that Chief New Leaf: he just lays it out. Never hear the Chief whine, although I believe if there were any distinct group of people who live in this country that has a legitimate gripe, it would be the American Indian (“Native American Indian Sioux dance 1894” 0:50).

“But to answer your question, these lies that they push are just a manifestation of a failed system of belief, the belief that Americans gladly accept lawbreakers (illegal immigrant); accept the excuse that Big Government is the answer (when we all know big government creates more problems than it solves); and attempting to bring every one of us down to the lowest common denominator (as is the result of Affirmative Action).”

“Wow, that was a mouthful. What do you do, or what did you do if you’re retired?”

“I’m a retired professor who used to teach the finer techniques of debating.”

“Interesting. Care to share a tip or two?”

“Gladly. First and most important is to believe in what you’re defending, because if you don’t the chance that you’ll miss something along the way is increased exponentially.

“Second is if and when you’re ever proven wrong is to graciously bow out. You’ve only one life to live, and to believe in your own lies is not the time to double-down.

‘And my last tip would be to let the facts stand alone. A good example is the public schools in our inner cities that haven’t worked for the last 60 years, so the argument that more money is the answer doesn’t hold any water. The schools that have the best scores in the country spend less money per-student than our failed city schools. Fact.”

“No kidding? For real, less money but better test scores?”

“For real.”

“Getting back to the MSM, what’s their problem?”

“Here’s what: they’re presented with a narrative, all of them at the same time, so the airwaves push the same words: ‘Russians; Russians; Russians; Racist; Racist; Racist; no experience; not a career politician’; on every station, day after day. Does anybody ever take the time to realize that they’re all getting the same message with the exact same words and phrases at the same time?

“Now how do you think that happens? Happenstance? Bad luck? Coincidence? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a planned attack on America, an attack on all of us, a sneak attack, although it’s neither sneaky nor subtle.

“Look at CNN and then go on over to MSNBC and take a minute and think about the power the MSM has over all the news that we watch, to be able to push the same lie at the same time from multiple communication centers. Bottom line? They’re selling something that America isn’t buying, which is why Trump’s massive victory caught them completely off-guard. They’re trying to sell lies but Americans are only buying the truth.

“So I suppose my answer is that I don’t trust the MSM and therefore don’t watch any of their programs. And I’m sorry to seem rude, but the wife is waving to me from across the street that our train is pulling in. Nice to be on your show. Bye.”

“Bye. And Molly, our sound-boom girl, is gesturing me, on behalf of the crew, to wish you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

[*Kaepernick: petty: small; insignificant; worthless; of no account.]

[**BLM: Black Lives Matter: the rebuttal is, “Don’t do the crime if you ain’t got the time.”]

Cherokee Welcome Song” 3:05



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