by Nohl Rosen, Rally for L.E., ©2017

(Aug. 26, 2017) — The pro-police movement Rally For Law Enforcement is commending the Phoenix Police Department for helping protect the public from violent protesters at President Trump’s rally held in Phoenix on Tuesday.

“When you throw bottles and other objects at police officers you can’t expect them to sit there and take it. Their response to the protesters was very reasonable and it also prevented more people from getting hurt. The Phoenix Police Department should be thanked for doing what had to be done. It seems like a simple two words but thank you Phoenix PD for doing what was necessary to keep the peace and help make sure the streets are kept safe,” said Rally For Law Enforcement’s founder Nohl Rosen.

Rosen and other members of the movement were there to have the backs of police officers but also help make sure that those attending the rally for President Trump were kept safe. He also says that the media needs to stop focusing their attention on the protesters.

“The media needs to stop turning their cameras towards the protesters and giving them airtime. If they stopped giving them so much attention then a lot of this chaos and nonsense goes away. The protesters and the terrorist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter want the attention and the media is giving them all that they want. It’s pretty apparent that the media have become nothing more than propagandists for the left. The media’s coverage on what happened in Phoenix wasn’t very accurate and instead of focusing on the protesters they should’ve focused on the thousands that came out to see our President and also on those who support our police and helped to make sure the event was kept safe,” Rosen added.

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