by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 25, 2017) — In an effort apparently intended to discredit Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore, CNN on Wednesday published an article focusing attention on Moore’s questioning of Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility for the office of president, labeling him a “birther.”

The article focused on several statements and interviews Moore has given since 2008 in which he joined then-businessman Donald Trump and millions of other Americans in questioning whether or not Obama is a “natural born Citizen,” as Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires for the nation’s chief executive.

Radio host Andrea Shea King brought the matter to this writer’s and others’ attention in a Friday morning email in which she correctly reported that CNN misspelled her first name when referencing a March 2009 radio interview she conducted with Moore on the subject.

At the time, Moore commented that Obama had not released what was later termed his “long-form” birth certificate which in early 2011 Donald Trump very publicly demanded.  During the interview and quoted by CNN, Moore had told King, “The press doesn’t mention them and the courts continually reject them. I don’t understand it; I think — they can holler political question all they wish, but it’s a simple fact that if he’s not a natural-born citizen, he’s not qualified to be President, and I don’t care who he is.”

On April 27, 2011, the White House released what it said was a PDF scan of a certified copy of Obama’s original birth record obtained from the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH). Within hours, however, the image was declared a forgery by several computer and graphics experts whose position did not change over the ensuing months and years.

In its article, CNN failed to report that a criminal investigation conducted by the then-Maricopa County Cold Case Posse, a volunteer arm of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), declared in three press conferences over a more-than-five-year period that the long-form birth certificate image could not have emanated from a paper document.

In the third presser, which took place on December 15, 2016, lead investigator and former detective Mike Zullo revealed that two different forensic analysts probing the image from two different disciplines and two different continents arrived at very similar conclusions to his own.

Moore, who twice served as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, wrote a dissenting opinion when the court responded to a lawsuit claiming that the Alabama Secretary of State failed to vet Obama and other candidates for presidential eligibility in 2012. In his opinion, Moore stated that it should have been incumbent upon the state’s election official to verify the qualifications of each presidential candidate.

Dozens of civil lawsuits were brought challenging Obama’s constitutional eligibility beginning in August 2008, with none being heard on the merits. Currently, one suit remains active in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, as plaintiff Cody Robert Judy on Monday requested a rehearing en banc after a three-judge panel affirmed a lower court’s ruling that his case is “frivolous.”

Trump has long called CNN “fake news” and, more recently, “very fake news.” Just before the release of the long-form birth certificate image, the first “cable news network” ran a two-part special hosted by Anderson Cooper claiming that the “short-form” birth certificate image posted on Obama’s 2008 campaign website is authentic despite many experts’ claims to the contrary.

Part 2 of the series in which a screenshot of microfilm was strongly suggested to be from Obama’s original birth record was removed from the web several years ago without explanation.

As with the evidence supportive of the theory that DNC staffer Seth Rich was killed in July 2016 for contact he might have had with WikiLeaks, the many credible reports issued prior to the criminal investigation stating that Obama was born in Indonesia or Kenya have been ignored by such sources as The Washington Post, The New York Times,, and CNN itself.

The Post and the AP have both issued conflicting accounts to Obama’s public life narrative which remain unexplained to this day, with the former claiming he was “raised in the Kansas heartland” and the latter that Obama went with with mother to live in Indonesia at age 2, not 6.

Other than local Arizona media, television news has failed to report the findings of the Maricopa County investigation at any point in its more than five-year history. The Associated Press and other mainstream outlets have attempted to minimize Zullo’s December revelations by stressing that because then-Sheriff Joseph Arpaio would be leaving office on January 1, the investigation would soon be “closed.”

As if in lockstep, the mainstream media has insisted that the claim that Obama’s long-form birth certificate is a forgery has been “debunked,” but not by whom.

Arpaio and Zullo stated from the outset that the investigation did not focus on Obama’s birthplace, but rather, the fact that an image said to be a representation of his original birth record was created on a computer and released to the public “with the intent to deceive.”

Also found to be fraudulent and made public at the first press conference on March 1, 2012 is Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form. When Zullo and Arpaio asked to see the original form or a certified copy at Selective Service System offices, then-SSS Director Lawrence Romo refused, suggesting that Obama’s records and others of that era had been destroyed.

CNN does not have open comments to Wednesday’s article.

According to a recent poll, Moore is leading Republican run-off opponent and current seated U.S. Senator Luther Strange by a considerable margin.   Since neither candidate won 50% or more of the vote on August 15, a runoff election will take place on September 26 to determine the Republican candidate for the December special election to fill the seat vacated by now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


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  1. In a recent post to you I stated that it was in Honolulu at a job interview that I first met Dick Cheney and GHWB. That was not quite accurate as the first time was was in 1969 in Camp Zama, when GHWB was Ambassador to China, and my 2nd step-dad had been assigned there.

  2. And when it’s all said and done (when a person’s life on earth is over), the question will be asked: what did you do to save the Republic?
    Some will answer they voted for a vetted candidate; others will say they voted for the flag; and still others will say they voted against tyranny and Socialism.
    Those who were left behind in the education and reasoning department will reference judges and all the Secretary of States’ dubious ability to refuse a bribe, or just your everyday plain incompetent County Election employee who blindly follows orders in order to “protect my job” and place an non-vetted candidate’s name (Obama’s) on the ballot in 2008 and again in 2012.
    Sorry: no dice. If humanity was to learn anything from WW II, it was that there are limits placed on the excuse of “I was just following orders”.
    Bribes come in many forms. Some bribes are of a monetary nature; other are of a “Good ‘ole Boy” nature as in “just go along to get along”.
    Nevertheless, wrong is wrong and no amount of “slight-of-hand” and pointing to incompetent judges and government officials can make a forgery miraculously become the real McCoy.
    Doesn’t work that way. You can’t take a lie and reference the living daylights out of it and expect the truth to emerge.
    It all comes down to one fact, a fact that has yet to be presented, a fact that needs to be answered:

  3. The “natural born Citizen” clause was placed in the U.S. Constitution in regards to eligibility for President by the founders of our nation and framers of our Constitution specifically to bar persons in the future with foreign influence and foreign citizenship on them at/by birth from ever becoming the Commander-in-Chief of our military after the founding generation had passed away. It was placed in the Constitution for future national security reasons. Reasons we see materializing today with Obama. The founding generation was exempt from the natural born Citizen clause in Article II Section 1 of the Constitution. The natural born Citizen clause only applied to future generations of those who would be President upon the passing of the founding generation. These facts were stated in writing in a 1787 letter from John Jay to George Washington, Presiding Officer of the Constitutional Convention. Obama is the first person since the founding generation whose father was a ‘foreign national non-immigrant to this country’ to be the Commander-in-Chief of our military! Obama was born a British Subject via his foreign-national, non-immigrant father and Obama’s loyalties are to his foreign-national father and his father’s Marxist “dreams” to destroy the USA. His usurpation of presidential power and command of our military unconstitutionally is an extreme national security threat to us all as exemplified by the Benghazi Libya event, IRS targeting of conservatives, raiding AP phone records, the Fast and Furious Gun Running venture, and the lies and cover-ups by Obama and his agents thereafter. Obama is not a “natural born Citizen” of the USA to constitutional standards. His main loyalties and goals are not in the best interests of our constitutional republic and the USA. He should never have been allowed to take office in 2009 or 2013 despite the major media promoting and protecting Obama. But the cowardly and complicit Congress and Courts controlled by the two complicit and corrupt political parties failed to live up to their oath to support and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Obama has shown us all he is a domestic enemy of our U.S. Constitution and should be removed from power for many reasons including his constitutional lack of eligibility due to his being born with divided national allegiances and his criminal felony identity fraud of using forged documents such as a backdated and forged draft registration card, forged birth certificate, and other forged documents and for his unconstitutional usurpation of office and violations of his oath of office. The fix was in by both political parties in 2008 and it continues to this day and is planned for future elections too. Our Republic is in grave danger! Only ‘We the People’ can correct it and restore the rule of law and our Constitution! Read and learn more in the below page and links therein.


  4. There is no legal difference between a “Certificate of a Live Birth” and a “Birth Certificate”; in any event, no federal elected official is required to produce any such documentation. In addition to the courts, two Secretaries of States have accepted Hawaii’s verification that Obama was born there, and that the information on the “long form,” which is in Hawaii’s records, is accurate.

    The judge in MacLeran’s case noted that he had a FEC number; that was never denied. The judge, however, ruled that merely having a FEC number was insufficient to prove candidacy. MacLeran did not present to the court any evidence of actually campaigning or otherwise being a genuine candidate; if such evidence existed but was not presented, it would seem the incompetence lies, not with the judge, but with MacLeren or his legal counsel.

    A sign of maturity is admitting when one is wrong: Which would include when multiple courts have expressly ruled that birth in the United States is sufficient for natural-born citizenship, and when a court has ruled that only obtaining a FEC number is insufficient to bestow standing.

    The judge in Lakin’s case ruled his proposed defense was irrelevant to actual charges against him. And “embarrass” has specific legal meaning, which the judge precisely and accurately used. In any event, Lakin voluntarily pleaded guilty to disobeying orders.

    Roy Moore’s dissenting opinion only says that he believed the Alabama Secretary of State had the authority to investigate a candidate’s eligibility. Moore, while writing as a judge, said nothing about the meaning of natural-born citizenship.

    None of which has anything to do with CNN’s coverage of Moore.

  5. ENOUGH!
    A “Certificate of a live birth” is not the same as a “Birth Certificate”, of which Obama never produced, at least a valid one.
    Just prior to LTC Terry Lakin’s release from Leavenworth Federal Prison, the white house release a forgery of Obama’s made-up-imagined Birth Certificate that may have fooled some people for as long as 30 seconds, if that.
    And as long as a (any) Federal judge claiming that I never presented my Federal Election Commission presidential candidate number, the judges’ total incompetence is not my fault.
    But the verdict was a forgone conclusion, so the whole argument has been rendered moot, just as it was when LTC Terry Lakin was not allowed to present a defense as he was railroaded in his kangaroo Court Martial because it would “EMBARRASS THE PRESIDENT”, as if any rational, thinking and patriotic person cared.
    Suffice to say, Obama never was a valid president.
    A sign of maturity is when a person can admit when he was wrong and go from there. T. F Bow (any relation to ‘Fogbow’?) has rendered himself a no-account; a non-entity; a persona-non-grata. I’m sure he’ll release his pent-up frustration by toppling some statue, maybe Lady Liberty.
    By the way, admission to one of my campaign speeches required one to show a loaded gun, which is why the cops or the media was never informed; just trusted Patriots, and I never did see any ‘T.F. Bow’ on the “Welcome List”: lucky us.

  6. In case it was unclear: Around a dozen courts ruled on the merits of the various plaintiffs’ suits; many cases were dismissed due to lack of standing, but around a dozen courts expressly addressed the plaintiffs’ factual and legal claims, and concluded that Obama’s Hawaiian birth was sufficient to confer natural-born citizenship. (As with all people born in Hawaii, Obama’s birth certificate is in the records of the Hawaii Department of Heath.) These courts’ rulings aren’t fantasy; they are real and binding.

    With respect to Thomas MacLeran’s standing, here’s what one court had to say: “As to [MacLeran], the [complaint] is devoid of any details about his alleged candidacy for President.” In other words, MacLeran did not provide the court with any facts to show that he had standing, and it is not the court’s fault that MacLeran did not provide the needed information.

    Specifically: “To gain competitive standing, [Ed] Noonan and [MacLeran] needed to prove that their ‘own chances of prevailing in an election’ were affected by President Obama’s presence on the ballot. . . . However, they have failed to demonstrate that they were President Obama’s competitors in the 2012 Presidential election or were otherwise personally injured by President Obama’s participation in the election. There is no evidence that Noonan or [MacLeran] appeared on any state’s 2012 general presidential election ballot, that they campaigned for the presidency anywhere in the country, or that a single registered voter intended to vote for them. Concluding that either Noonan or [MacLeran] has standing to bring this lawsuit would amount to declaring that any citizen who wished to be the President of the United States could self-declare himself or herself a presidential candidate and gain standing in federal court to challenge the results of the presidential election.”

    None of which has anything to do with CNN’s coverage of Moore.

  7. http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/evidence-of-forgery-fraud-fabrication-in-obamas-ids/#comments = Comments 65, 107 and 138


    IF NOT Y-O-U, WHO?

    NO P-R-O-O-F = ALL SPOOF = NO 44th presIDent Soetoro-Obama II

    Y-O-U have to cease RELYING ON LYING 08-28-08- TODAY, cease relying on the for-profit media, cease relying on an unaccounted Congress of Criminals, cease relying on the millions of minions called “U.S. Government” , cease relying on silent licensed attorneys
    http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/collapse-of-america-08-28-08-today-due-to-silent-licensed-attorneys/#respond , cease relying on JUDAS JUSTICE https://acis.alabama.gov/displaydocs.cfm?no=565288&event=40Y0LG67K and begin to P-R-O-V-E to millions of fellow Americans that presidential ID No. 44 is 100% verifiably irrefutably TRUE FACT.

    What do Y-O-U FACTUALLY know, that P&E readers and I do not express on this P&E website 08-28-09- TODAY? “Debunked”…by whom? “Frivolous”…by whom?

    What’s in Y-O-U-R brain, facts or fantasy…or do Y-O-U know the difference herein?

    SHOW ME THE IDFAX herein, just like showing me the sterile carfax!

    Just three more days left before Y-O-U can celebrate the 9th Anniversary of 08-28-08, when Whoreable Nancy Pelosi engaged in Constitution Prostitution to render Y-O-U-R nation as a Constitutional Republic in Name Only (CRINO)! Aren’t you proud of Y-O-U-R presIDential-ignorance? STOP the Fail Time 08-28-08- TODAY and START the Jail Time!


  8. T.F. Bow writes “on the merits”, which is as meaningless as a statement can be. Whose merits, a judiciary that wouldn’t know the difference between a preamble and toasted cheese sandwich?
    I lost count of all of the courtrooms, from coast to coast, that I had a petition in front of a Federal judge to force Obama to show his birth certificate, only to be ruled as having “no standing”, and here I was, a true blue presidential candidate with a valid FEC number; a citizen born in the USA whose parents were citizens also born in the USA; furthermore ¼ American Indian; Honorable Discharge from the US military; and an all around patriotic American.
    Obama needs to be in a cage, in prison along with his accomplices Dean, Pelosi, and Eric Holder, and others, to start.
    Go ahead: the whole world dares you.
    You can’t do it; nobody can and if they could they seem to end-up DOA. So continue to write about “on the merits” and live in your little fantasy world, but, please, leave the rest of us out of your nightmare.

  9. Talked to Andrew Kaczynski, he said after the Dec. presser, they asked several forensic examiners about the findings. Their response was that as described by Zullo the findings were laughable. Since they only had Zullo’s word for what was in the reports, they couldn’t go into greater detail. CNN decided not to pursue it further until the actual reports are released.

  10. Around a dozen courts expressly ruled that birth in the United States is sufficient to confer natural-born citizenship. More recently, a few courts (including the Pennsylvania Supreme Court) ruled citizenship at birth is also sufficient to confer natural-born citizenship. It does not get much more “on the merits” than that.

    Other than misspelling King’s first name, CNN’s reporting about Moore was accurate.

  11. So maybe I have it on good authority that there’s a special place for CNN employees that’s the exact opposite of what honest, responsible and honorable people strive for: HEAVEN.
    And then again maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, but if I were them, I’d err on the side of caution; trouble is, I don’t think they know how to tell the truth.
    I used to work for a company who viewed every employee as a Master Thief, and after I left their employment they spent a whole month trying to find evidence that I cheated them somehow. After an exhaustive search, I finally got my severance pay a month later.
    Trouble with CNN is that there are still people riding around on planet earth who drink the Kool Aid and believe the lies that CNN spews out of, eh, speakers?