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Lt. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest

(Aug. 20, 2017) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another half-hour of trying to explain the insanity that is gripping America. Hello, I’m Roving Reporter and will be your host for this episode of ‘Pulse of the Nation.’ Professor Zorkophsky invited us to his office to meet his brother, Igor, who just retired himself from a job he really liked.

“Hello, Igor, very pleased to meet you. What do you mean you ‘retired yourself’? Did I ask that correctly?”

“Am I on television? Never been on television before. Will I be overdosed with radiation? Zork tells me not to be afraid but maybe I should be; never can tell who your friends are these days.”

“You are so right, but I’m your friend and so is the crew, so relax. Tell us, in your own words, how come you quit your job? Where were you working?”

“Like my brother, I am a professor and taught at a well-known military school. I taught Military Science; Specialty in Military Tactics: the tactics of Alexander the Great all the way up to General Norman Schwarzkopf.  We pay special attention to the outstanding strategists in history, one of whom was General Nathan Bedford Forrest of the Confederate Army. Matter-of-fact, a full 20% of my class argued that the best General our country ever produced* was General Forrest. I said all that, ‘in my own words.’

“So yesterday, just as I’m starting to lecture my first class of the day, I receive a memo stating that, forthwith, no reference of any Confederate soldier is to ever be mentioned: period. So I packed up my meager belongings and drove all night to be with my brother in time of emotional support.

“It was bad enough when they took away my ability to write the test questions and to grade papers, presumably because I might give preference to those students who could think for themselves rather than to recite, by rote, the correct answer as printed in the textbook circa 2017 and not from my lectures. I was told, and I quote, that it was ‘To weed out the Pattons, believe it or not.

“I almost walked off the job then, but I thought I could make a dent by teaching the unorthodox tactics used by the great innovative warriors of the past.”

“So this General Forrest guy was the real thing?”

“Let me put it to you this way: anyone who grew up in the South has a great reverence for the General, and his memory and the genius of his tactics** will be forever lost to us because of, well, a bunch of not very smart people seem to be in charge. Be assured that our enemies will continue to study General Forrest; they’ll learn from him but we won’t because of short-sighted, mindless Left-Wing Idiots, the Obots and the Hate-Mongers of our time.”

“I had no idea he was that popular.”

“Well, Mr. Roving, had you paid attention in class you would’ve, I’m sure.”

“I was going to say I dated a woman from the South, I think she was from Alabama, who ranted and raved about him, and she wasn’t the only one. Anyway, your point is well-taken: even the tactics of successful Southern Generals are to be erased from the roll call of history, is that right?

“Nathan Bedford Forrest: soon to be toppled and forgotten, so-to-speak, just as the other disappearing Confederate statues.

“Look: I don’t know if statues or tombstones have a heaven to go to after they, well, are destroyed, but if they do I’d like to think that they’re greeted with this song: “And the Angels Sing” 3:19.

“One needs to garner all the pertinent information available to our battlefield Generals and to discard the tactics of a successful campaigner. When a person doesn’t agree with a certain political philosophy, it would be the epitome of failure to not take advantage of that by whatever means available. It would be somewhat unfortunate if a battle was lost because someone didn’t do his homework, now, wouldn’t it?”

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but our time is, unfortunately, up and so, on behalf of the crew, I will be wishing you all out there in TV-Land a goodnight: Goodnight.

“America is being chipped away, becoming weaker day-by-day; there’s just no other way to look at it. And we let the idiots run the asylum. I think the price that we’re paying — allowing the Left to tear down our statues — is way too high, if you ask me. Burger time: my treat.”

[*Our country ever produced: When studying the tactics of the great military tacticians throughout history, isn’t it interesting to note that the Confederate strategists are listed under the heading belonging to “The United States of America” and not some separate/sub heading of the ‘Confederate States’? Say what one may, the Confederacy only achieved intent on seceeding from the Union, which is why Military Science classes at our War Colleges portray General Nathan Bedford Forrest as a great American General: therefore, a statue in his name is honoring a military genius which has nothing whatsoever to do with Civil Rights for any, or none.]

[**tactics: This editorial addresses military tactics only. Any superfluous additions of referencing Bedford’s political views would not, should not, and will not be a consideration of his demonstrated ability to conduct a successful military campaign. Every country at every time is susceptible to be overrun by its enemies, and it would behoove the wise, as General George Washington said, “In time of peace prepare for war,” which includes studying how Private to General Nathan Bedford Forrest conducted his military campaigns.] 

Stonewall Jackson’s Way” 2:16



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  1. “One needs to garner all the pertinent information available to our battlefield Generals and to EMBRACE the tactics of a successful campaigner.”