by Oscar Y. Harward, ©2017

Charlottesville, VA outside mall

(Aug. 14, 2017) — Charlottesville, Virginia ‘street fights’ erupted over the decision of the Charlottesville City Council to remove the General Robert E. Lee Confederate monument from the property of the City of Charlottesville.

By claiming the General Robert E. Lee monument is a ‘racial’ object illustrates the political historical ignorance of all who supported and voted for this removal from the City of Charlottesville property.

General Robert E. Lee is part of our U.S. History, including our Civil War.  The Robert E. Lee monument was placed across America after the Civil War and the U.S. Military led by President Lincoln and General Ulysses S. Grant defeated the Confederacy.

General Robert E. Lee is more a part of U.S. History today than any part of ‘Black Lives Matter.’  All persons’ lives matter, whether they be red, yellow, black, or white.  ‘Black Lives Matter’ is, in itself, racial.  We must all conquer racism.

President Trump was ‘RIGHT’ in criticizing ‘ALL’ who were participants in the Charlottesville street fights.

It should be interesting for the ‘Mainstream’ Medias to investigate who is funding each of these opposing groups.  If ‘Mainstream’ Medias are going to attack on this incident, be honest. Investigate and report the truth.

Here is what I saw as the radical ‘right-wingers’ were parading under their permit.  Directly behind the ‘right-wingers’ were the ‘left-wingers,’ who also had a permit.

At some point, the ‘left-wingers’ appeared to close the ranks or space between the two opposing marching groups when the ‘left-wingers’ started fighting by pushing the ‘right-wingers,’ swinging their own fists, rocks, bricks, and sticks at the ‘right-wingers.’  The ‘right-wingers’ responded and the ‘street fights’ were on.

Yes, President Trump was ‘RIGHT’ to criticize all participants rather than to pick out one group over others.


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  1. I believe it’s been said that Soros is paying for most of these protests. There is now speculation that the CIA was behind the rest in this case.

  2. Bravo Marlene. Ditto everything you said. What the city and the police did, and didn’t do, is almost as if they wanted what happened to happen.

  3. Exactly right, find out who is paying for the busing in of the BLM protestors (Soros or Clinton’s …or both). It is time for the racism double standard to end. The BLM protestors have openly called for violence against whites including murder. Marlene’s comments are more news worthy that the actual news story she was commenting on. Why? She states the facts as they happened and lays out the obvious to anyone of intelligence that this was an engineered event, like many we saw during the illegal administration of Barack Obama, to discredit Trump and undermine the good things he is trying to do for this country. The Truth will prevail and Thanks to the Post and Email for being on the front lines.

  4. Did President Trump forget about the First Amendment? Did you?
    The ‘Unite the Right’ rally was planned months in advance as a peaceful protest, with organizers going through all of the proper channels to obtain the required legal permits to exercise their first amendment rightsat Emancipation Park – the site of the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee that is scheduled to be torn down. Then, a few days prior to the rally, the city of Charlottesville (in an attempt to suppress their free speech) used a heckler’s veto torescind the permit – claiming it would place “undo pressure” on the police. ‘Unite the Right’ organizer Jason Kessler demanded an emergency hearing in Federal Court and on Friday evening won a temporary injunction allowing the rally to go on. Bus loads of Black Lives Matters counterprotestors showed up in an attempt to shut down the rally using violence – the police department should have done its job to protect the ‘Unite the Right’ protestors who had a legal right to be there. Instead, the police department ordered the rally an unlawful assembly” and threatened to arrest everybody – totally ignoring the judge’s ruling and blatantly violating the first amendment rights of the ‘Unite the Right’ protestors. After forcing peaceful ‘Unite the Right’ protestors into the streets, violence ensued between them and the Black Lives Matters counterprotestors. The mainstream media praised the Black Lives Matters counterprotestors for showing up without a permit and causing today’s violence, and attacked the ‘Unite the Right’ protestors by calling them terrorists. After President Trump strongly condemned today’s “hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides”, he was attacked by the mainstream media for not specifically criticizing the ‘Unite the Right’ rally, which the media referred to as a “white nationalist” rally. According to the media, if a crowd chants“black lives matter” it’s a civil rights march but if they chant “white lives matter” it’s a white supremacist march.