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(Aug. 6, 2017) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘Pulse of the Nation,’ the editorial news program that just lays it out for you, the viewer, to decide. We’re back on our corner across from the railroad station under the umbrella where we waylay unsuspecting neighbors and ask them their concerns of the day. So what do yousay we just jump in and get started by asking the next person walking by some questions?

“Excuse me, Miss, Roving here for ‘Pulse.’ Care to answer a couple of questions for our viewers?”

“Sure; I’ve got a few minutes. Felix, that’s my cat, and enjoy watching ‘Pulse.’”

“Thank you. What’s your take on this Russian probe?”

“You want the short version or the long?”

“The short, if you don’t mind.”

“Here it is: Hillary and the rest of the Left-Wing Loonies aren’t smart enough to realize that Americans don’t want the National Debt to increase; don’t want illegal immigration and Muslims; don’t want open borders but do want 100% support for Israel and jobs; a stronger military and a chance to ‘Make America Great Again.’

“And we do want a Grand Jury for the Russians, but we also want the truth, which means to start with Hillary’s connection with the Russians and her 20% uranium deal and let the probe go all the way to something that has never been released: Obama’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

“And that’s why they’re going after Trump so one-sidedly; so focused; so determined one-track that, even if the investigation starts to veer off towards Hillary, the DNC, George Soros, Valerie Jarrett and Huma Abedin, Eric Holder, Susan Rice and all the others, they’ll refuse to take the bait. And the ‘investigation’ – aka ‘witch hunt’ — won’t veer because new lies will be invented rather than take an outside chance the there’s the slightest possibility that Obama’s name will come up, even in the footnotes, even if the Armadillo Space Invaders are the only ones left to blame. And did you hear that train whistle? That’s me; goodbye.”

“Goodbye, and thanks for talking to us. She made some pretty good points, didn’t she? And who’s next? Hello, sir, so what’s up?”

“I heard what that lady said and I wouldn’t trust Congress and the DOJ and FBI as far as I could throw them. I mean, talk about the wolf guarding the hen house, that’s it.”

“So you don’t have much hope for this Grand Jury ploy?”

“None whatsoever. Would you or anybody in his or her right mind? My gosh, just look at how the deck is stacked and I’ll tell you the future; you don’t need Madam Shylock*. The Swamp is nothing but a colossal collection of shady accounting practices where, if it were ever exposed to the light of day, would make the peasants go after Dr. Frankenstein and his monster, and we’re the peasants; I mean, going after the politicians and the Federal Reserve Bank**. Now I must be off. Bye.”

“Okay; see you around.”

“It’s the old Shell Game.”

“What? Pardon me, but you shouldn’t sneak up on people like that. What’s your name, what do you do and what about this so-called shell game?”

“Jacob; a watchmaker; and this Grand Jury is nothing more than the old shell game. You see, underneath one shell is Trump and his ‘Make America Great Again’; under another shell are the card-carrying Swamp Rats, people like Paul Ryan, Chuck Schumer, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Paul Ryan, all the RINOS and all the Democrats; and under the third and last shell lurk Obama’s records.

“And you ask, ‘Why are Obama’s records so important?’ I’m glad you asked, so I’ll tell you: proving Obama a fake would make his presidency illegal, which would automatically render everything he touched as worthless as the Iranian Deal, Hillary’s ‘Pay for Play’ and the United Nations ‘Food for Oil’ criminal activities.

“Ever wonder why they’re so eager to close down GITMO? Wonder no longer because that would be the perfect spot to throw all of America’s traitors. And here comes my train. Later.”

“Hey, thanks for taking the time to talk with us. I liked his description of the Russia nonsense. It kind-of puts it all in perspective, doesn’t it? Rather than focusing on the real issues, America is being distracted by made-up stories that the ignorant and easily-swayed segment of our population so eagerly want to believe, such as ‘The View’ and the rest of the really fake news programs.

“It’s all nothing but a distraction; meanwhile Lois Lerner, Hillary, Obama, Holder, Lynch and all the rest of the Swamp Rats are still out of jail, and that’s the whole idea of it all, now, isn’t it? It’s just another hoodwink of the American people whose attention span seems to be no longer than a Roadrunner cartoon.

“And I see that our time has expired —  no time for a letter — and so, on behalf of the crew, allow me to wish each of you a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

[*Madam Shylock: A fortuneteller (Medium) who lives in Cassadaga, FL, who has been a frequent guest on this program.]

[**Federal Reserve Bank: I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of waiting for the public audit of that private bank.]

Gypsy Woman” 2:20


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  1. Indeed, it is a shell game. But as Smokey the Bear has said it only take a match to start a
    forest fire. A tiny little match or spark can and has cause a massive forest fires. Winston
    Churchill has had stated, “Never Give Up, Never Give Up”. Indeed, it is an uphill battle,
    and we have great odds against us, but should we have victory, oh how sweat it will be.

    If I recall correctly, I tend to recall Churchill also commented about fear. Fear can be good
    for it could let us think and react wisely and boldly. How do we win a long race? Don’t stop and one stride at a time.

    Recently Lt. Zullo has had stated the investigation into Obama’s credentials has been
    completed and is ready to go to Congress. He had also stated that some Congressmen
    have received updated information and are on standby. So what is keeping us to assist
    Arpaio and Zullo and numerous others who have provided endless evidence of Obama’s
    fraud from calling our own district Congressmen of USURPER OBAMA?

    To find your US Senator go to and US House Representative at

    Find your reps by home state or last name.

  2. Mr. OPOVV’s makes a comment to CortWrotnowski’s comment:
    The road to purgatory is laced with the rotting corpses of the Innocents, and I ought to know, because I lived it, for real.
    I was threaten by both the government AND the mob when I brought a Federal Lawsuit against Carlos Marcello, the mob boss of New Orleans. And here’s the point: after it was all over and done with, the Teamster’s BA told me if I ever wrote a book about it I’d be found OD’d on heroin on some backwoods bayou road.
    Okay, I never wrote the book. And another thing: my formative years were in Chicago where I learned that dead bodies are a reality and not an empty threat.
    So the point about anyone actually testifying against Hillary or Obama is as remote as a Federal Judge agreeing that I had standing as a viable and legal candidate for president in 2012 as to know whether or not Obama being an agent of Iran was none of my cotton pickin’ business.
    And so we’ll see yet more dead bodies as these so-called ‘investigations’ move at a snail’s pace, or at the pace of congress, which is, I do believe, immeasurable unless, of course, we keep a tally on the dead. Let’s start in Chicago with Obama in 1996 and with Hillary’s Whitewater in the 1970’s.
    CortWrotnowski’s comment isn’t hyperbole.

  3. Hard to accept, but not hard to imagine…a backroom deal that runs along these lines: If you keep us out of jail we won’t kill your family.