by LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret), ©2017

(Aug. 3, 2017) — I attempted to bring felony charges to the grand jury here locally against Robert S. Mueller, III.

While Mueller is successfully blocking me from the federal grand jury to report him and his criminal acts, Mueller has now convened a grand jury to go after President Trump.

State and federal grand juries have turned me out, refusing to consider the hard documentary record.

But tonight, Mueller has his federal grand jury in place targeting our sitting president.

This presents to all Americans a clear picture illustrating how people like Mueller use grand juries to target and destroy our citizenry, in no way protecting our citizens.

Grand juries are accessible to Mueller but not to me in trying to testify against Mueller.

This is not how our government works.

Right now everybody needs to stand up in unison and take Mueller down on the treason charge on what happened in Tennessee and the other things that he did.

The treason complaint is in place; it’s actionable.

There needs to be a pushback, and people need to come together now as a collective whole.

I’ve given everybody a tool to use to see that Robert Mueller is stopped before he advances any farther against President Trump.

Mueller has hired 17 lawyers now working with the grand jury.   They’ll get an indictment, I can guarantee you, if they’re allowed to continue.

This is the FBI vs. Donald John Trump.

I have a complaint against Mueller for what he did to veterans back in 2010.

I filed seven treason complaints against Obama, and Mueller didn’t go after a single one of them.

Obama’s records, to this day, are sealed.  So Mueller has convened a grand jury to go looking at Trump and his background, but he let Clinton go, Obama…and we have Mueller on criminal charges which are legitimate.

If the grand jury doesn’t work for me, I’m not going to let it work for Mueller, either.

Mueller is working with the speed of heat.


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  1. I was not aware that flower shop owners had “staff”; clerks maybe.
    And disbarred attorneys (ineligible to practice 5/3/2001 based on history of manic depression, substance abuse and family problems) most definitely don’t have staff as they don’t have a practice.


  3. Hi Walt,

    Your statement that “Mueller is successfully blocking [you] from the federal grand jury” is misleading. There is absolutely no evidence that Mueller has ever read (let alone seen) your document, and the most logical explanation is that the staff has determined your accusations are without merit.

    There are very clear procedures for citizens to raise issues to law enforcement and (in many cases) grand juries at the local, state, and federal levels. Over several years, you attempted to address grand juries in both Monroe and McMinn counties in Tennessee. However, with every attempt the various grand juries found that you and your charges lacked credibility. That’s the simple answer. The affirmation of your conviction from the Court of Criminal Appeals of Tennessee contains a thorough accounting of your attempts and the repeated findings that your charges lacked credibility.

    Of course, you can always pursue the civil remedies available to you but I’m willing to bet those will come to a similar end.

    My bet is that Mueller’s staff and the grand jury in DC will likewise come to a similar conclusion.

    Beat Army!

  4. Dear Editor:

    I enjoyed this article tremendously, but my staff informs me that if you intend to step up your game and potentially earn some of the multitude of national journalism awards available, you really ought to employ the services of a professional headline writer.

    There are a thousand stories about Bob Mueller’s new grand jury on the Internet today, and the headline “FBI v. Donald Trump” doesn’t begin to describe the unique flavor of Mr. Fitzpatrick’s unhinged and delusional screed, which really does deserve national attention.

    My staff suggests, as a possible alternative, “Crackpot Felon Threatens To Disrupt Mueller’s Federal Grand Jury”. Do you see how that would add some real “pop” to the story, and would grab the attention of people who don’t know that the prestigious Post & Email is the voice of the convicted felon/career criminal contingent in this great nation?

    Mr. Fitzpatrick has done you the favor of putting his threat in the second-to-last paragraph, so that the proposed headline is accurate, while the reader has to finish the whole story to get to the zinger in the headline. This is how the pros do it. A headline like that would enhance this story enormously.

    Of course, since Mr. Fitzpatrick has a long and sordid history of trying to violently interfere with grand jury deliberations and has in the past encouraged armed takeovers of courthouse proceedings, we feel we have no choice but to alert the FBI about his threat that he’s “not going to let [a grand jury] work for Mueller,” at a time when both Congress and the White House are promising to allow Mr. Mueller to go forward with his grand jury.

    I mean, what’s he going to do to prevent the grand jury from working for Mr. Mueller, bring a videographer to our nation’s capital and try to arrest the grand jury foreman on camera, like he did to Gary Pettway back in the day? That would certainly get the attention of the MSM, and then the Post & Email should get some well-deserved national recognition for publishing the threat before it came to fruition.

    My staff is paying attention, Ms. Editor. They’re happy to pitch in with some needed assistance. If you’d like them to propose some additional improved and more snappy headlines for you, just email your stories to us first, and they’ll be glad to help.

    Bill Bryan (Foggy)

  5. Especially considering that treason is a federal crime, Fitzpatrick’s local grand jury has no authority to entertain any complaint about Mueller.