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(Jul. 27, 2017) — We hear that some candidates for governor are telling voters they “would punish sanctuary cities…” if anyone brings up the topic of illegal immigration. That is good to hear. But the reality is that Georgia already has sanctuary city laws in place and this response is really without substance and is rather disrespectful to trusting voters.

(A few) Real illegal immigration issues:

  • We have yet to hear of a candidate for governor who is willing to take a position on ending the ongoing practice of giving illegal aliens a drivers license. About 30,000 illegal aliens, some of whom are convicted criminals and already under deportation orders now have a Georgia drivers license and/or official ID Card from DDS.
  • We don’t hear about the fact that compliance with the internationally publicized 2011 Georgia immigration law (HB87) is treated as optional or any promises on changing that sad fact.
  • Neither do we hear of a gubernatorial candidate who is willing to commit to helping with a ballot question in November 2018 that would allow all Georgia voters to decide on amending the state constitution to make English the official language of Georgia government.
  • We are also hearing that some candidates are promising to implement 287 (g) statewide. A) not all county jails will qualify for 287 (g). B) Funding for putting 287 (g) in every law enforcement agency in Georgia does not exist, even if all law enforcement agencies would allow it in their area of authority. C)  It is the feds who make final decisions on 287 (g) – not governors.

We think an educated voters make better choices in elections hiring elected officials. Our education efforts will soon greatly expand.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Are there Sanctuary Cities in Georgia?

6:39 p.m Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017 Georgia

“What about Georgia?

Georgia has outlawed sanctuary cities in the state since 2009.

State lawmakers last year (2016) went a step further, in response to the killing of a California woman by a man who was in the country illegally.

The new Georgia law requires local governments to certify they’re cooperating with federal immigration officials in order to get state funding.

Atlanta has said that it remains a welcoming city for immigrants, but stops short of labeling itself a sanctuary city.”

Read the entire report HERE.

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  1. Why did we have to go through drivers ed in high school, take drivers training then pass a written, then driving test before receiving a drivers license and illegals just walk in and get one?

    Inmates running the asylum and spineless unattached clueless republican reps, that’s why!.