[Editor’s Note:  The following letter was sent to the White House last week.]

July 23, 2017

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Trump,

It’s frustrating to hear your personal remarks on a daily basis. We still believe in what you want to accomplish and will support you, but your remarks are sometimes quite juvenile. I’m sure you couldn’t quite understand that as president you have less control than you did as the head of your own company especially if your own party is against you – but by now you should understand that fact and work around it. Your public admonishment of Sessions is deplorable. You must work to solve your differences especially with a valuable and trusted friend and not express your petulance for all the world to see. We know that you have all the ammunition in your possession to put Obama and the Clinton’s in jail and to hold Nuremberg type trials against all of the treasonous cabal. If it doesn’t happen now it will never happen and America will simply cease to exist.

Your time in office should be spent in restoring America to what it was always meant to be. You are going to go down in history as just another leader who couldn’t keep his promises. If Congress won’t work with you…and they definitely won’t – then you are going to have to make a plan to get the job done and carry it out efficiently.  Excuses and crying in your beer about everything will make you just Trump the Chump.

Everyone who swears to uphold the Constitution and deliberately breaks that promise is guilty of treason and should be held accountable. You’ve somehow got to change this sick, rotten and corrupt system now…or America is finished. Party politics doesn’t work anymore. The Constitution must always be the law of the land. Differences of opinion are fine but nobody must be allowed to ignore or divert from the Constitution. The country comes first. No judge should be politically appointed, and no judge should be allowed to violate the Constitution. Cut down government to its Constitutional mandate without equivocation.

I encourage a dialog with the people – but be stern, judicious and believable in reports. Tell them the truth about the political corruption and power structure and that no elected official is in office to serve the people anymore.  Declare martial law if that is the only way to gain control and to punish the bad people in this country. Call out the militia if necessary. Stop these time-wasting committee investigations which have never been anything but pseudo witch-hunts with no intended purpose except as political publicity stunts.  There is so much more to say but there is no point if people are not punished for treasonous behavior. It will not only continue, it will be the end of America. Punish the law-breakers with all the energy you possess. Make them feel the heat. Make them afraid to break the law. They’ve got too much time at their disposal and they use it to attack you.

If you don’t fully understand that there is no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats then you are naïve. They don’t care which party is in power because they still get all the perks they have bestowed upon themselves. The one thing they are afraid of is for the system to be restructured – and that means you will not be tolerated by any politician.

Make no more concessions to the party or individuals in order to make progress. It will be of little value to you in the end. Take charge by lawful means even if it means martial law. Your supporters will applaud you…but take the power away from the cabal until morality and justice are restored. The country is out of control from a lawful standpoint.

If you say that the system ties your hands and that you are powerless then resign and let the country go to he** because that is where it is headed. There will be no second chance and your name will go into the history books in a way you never anticipated.

P.S: Why can’t the legal tax-paying citizen have the same health care program that all of congress enjoys? Would it be too expensive?

Harry Wilmott
Goleta, CA


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  1. Dr. Lou.
    Thank you for your comments. One is always interested in opinions which provide a gauge for contemplation. While I understand your aversion to anything that smacks of revolt, I find your ensuing sentiment about a course of action to be somewhat paradoxical
    The use of terms like “the time for peaceful reason and compromise has come and gone”, “an army of patriots” and “only a heavy handed crowbar” surely is supportive of my premise. A leader is required, and Trump campaigned on a pledge to drain the swamp; and as for sacrifice, your respect for the brave warriors in Arlington also seems at odds when you suggest that principle is not worth personal sacrifice. Perhaps I’ve reached a different conclusion than you intended and if so I apologize. In writing the Declaration of Independence Jefferson said…that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

  2. A well written letter. But, Mr Wilmott must know that if Trump decides to publicly and forcefully take on the “cabal”, he will paint a target on his back. Just like Martin Luther King and John Kennedy. Are we asking him to risk sacrificing all, as our heroes in Arlington have? Are we willing to follow suit?
    I agree with Mr Wilmotts sentiments. But, his letter rings of revolution; and revolution typically requires spilled blood. Mr. Trumps or ours? Are we willing to do what we are asking Mr. Trump to do? I am as angry as Mr. Wilmot. The Obamas and the Clintons and all those who have colluded with them, including almost every member of Congress, the Supreme Court, the lower courts, the mass media must be held accountable for their crimes. I doubt one man can do it. It’s going to take an army of patriots to back Trump, if he is trully willing to lead. I ask myself everyday; am I willing to heed that call? Because, lets face it folks, the time for peaceful reason and compromise has come and gone. The “cabal” is entrenched, and only a heavy handed crowbar is going to pry them loose. They are not going to go mildly and meekly because Trump or anyone else demands their accountability. So, kudos to Mr. Wilmott for his well written letter. But, Trump has way too much to live for, and only a legacy to die for. Hmmm…

  3. Very interesting comments. What is it about the American people that prevents them for grasping the truth regarding our current situation?

    Ignorance? I don’t think so…the previous two comments were well written and articulated.

    So could it possibly be denial? As Americans we don’t wish to acknowledge, our country has been infiltrated and most of the legitimate public officers have been acting in dishonor? Violating their oaths of office? Violating their fiduciary responsibilities? Committing treason? Showing their true character…criminal impersonators. Impostors pretending to act like our lawfully elected and or appointed public servants…

    But has anyone noticed? We no longer have public institutions run by public officers…they have for the most part been converted right under our noses to corporate operations run by corporate officers…treason right out the gate. Treason you ask? Well did you grant your consent? Were you even provided full disclosure?

    And we as a society dare to presume to criticize a man who is essentially standing alone against all of the cabal controlled agents and agencies…and we have the unmitigated gall to mention things like childish? The man is surrounded by enemies of the American people who are plotting to murder him and we are bitching about the color of the toilet paper furnished in the White House?

    May I cordially suggest we all take another look at the situation and decide who is the real enemy of the American people…Some notes on the matter have been put together which just may facilitate your review of the real source of the problem…


    Instead of wasting precious time on superficial matters…how about considering doing something constructive and arresting and prosecution the 545 impostors pretending to be our legitimate Congress…? The details were professionally drafted by a journalist when they were still journalists…


    And even the Constitutional officer responsible to carry out the arrests on the proper complaints from the American sovereigns has been thoughtfully identified for you…


    Should you have a beef with my comments please feel free to contact me personally. I warmly accept criticism, comments and or complaints.


    The truth…takes so few words to express!

    Available 24/7 –
    714-501-8247 – mobile

  4. A well written letter by Harry Wilmott. The time is NOW! I also agree with Robert Quinn’s comments concerning AG Sessions. He must step up and fully support President Trump in ALL things. Recusing himself early on allowed the Dems/DC Elites to wreak much unnecessary havoc on our President, and our country. It needs to end!

  5. I loved Jeff Sessions as a Senator and he was a fantastic Trump supporter during the campaign but he stabbed my President in the back when he recused himself from the Fake Russian Collusion Investigation and made it possible for a special counsel to be appointed to find some reason to remove him out of office. The least Sessions should do to balance the scales is to appoint a special counsel to investigate the Comey/Clinton Scandal. He needs to get off his butt and support his President before it is to late.