by Sharon Rondeau

(Jul. 4, 2017) — Constitutional educator, attorney, and U.S. Army veteran KrisAnne Hall has released a video in her new “Liberty First University” series in which she narrates the events leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence by 56 men, declaring the American colonies free from European monarchical rule.

The document, Hall said, signified more of a “restoration” then a “revolution” between the “British subjects of America” and their government in England of the rights they should have enjoyed.

Hall said that the British goverment’s refusal to guarantee the colonists their “inherent rights” and “direct representation” in Parliament, among other transgressions and “encroachments,” brought about a war “to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

In the video, Hall quoted Founding Father and second president John Adams as having said, “Liberty must at all hazards be secured.”

Hall hosts a radio show, provides constitutional education throughout the year in a variety of venues and locations, and is a published author of four books and a DVD geared to home-schoolers.  Her YouTube channel is here.

Working as an assistant prosecutor some years ago in Florida, Hall was terminated for teaching constitutional principles to Tea Party groups on her own time.

She maintains that fighting “tyranny” requires “knowledge.”


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  1. If John Adams experienced what we have now as government he would be speechless! “How could we have gone so far astray?

    Bottom line government is a corporation unto themselves and we are little more than annoyances to the elite political class. Even after giving the republican party a full house we are still paying for abortion, still have Obamacare, IRS is still persecuting conservatives, taxes still too high, government still spends too much, congress and the senate still do not listen to us.

    We had the honor of receiving some of her time on our radio show a while back. Anytime one gets an opportunity to hear or watch her speak take it by God! You will not be disappointed.

  2. John Adams, the Founder of our Constitutional Republic and 2nd President, said: “Liberty must at ALL HAZARDS be supported.” “Americans, a people who RULED THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT, NOT A PEOPLE RULED BY GOVERNMENT.”