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(Jun. 30, 2017) — “Mommy, tell me a bedtime story.”

“Do you want to hear a new story or an old story?”

“I want to hear a new and old story. Tell me the story about the Russians.”

“But I’ve told you that story for the past year; at least every night for the past six months, ever since November the 8th when Trump got elected.”

“But that’s the one I like to hear the most because it’s the best. Go ahead and start. And I want you to start with the Queen growing up and moving to America and meeting the president and getting married and having a baby. And I want the castle, Mar-a-Lago, to be the setting and I want lavish balls and chamber music. I want to hear Paganini-Litz La Campanella.‘”

“Is that all?”

“No, not by a long shot. I want the bad people to eat crow, feathers and all.”

“I believe the term is a metaphor and not really eating a bird; like ‘I’ll eat my hat’ doesn’t really mean the hat will be served after the soup.”

“But in a story you can make up anything, isn’t that right?”

“Okay: all the employees at CNN and MSNBC and all the other nitwits will be served crow, feathers and all. Now are you happy?”

“And I want them to publicly apologize for telling fibs.”

“I’d call them outright lies.”

“Make them apologize for telling outright lies. And I want them tarred and feathered, too. For real and not bedtime story make-believe. And I want them to go to church and find salvation, too, and stop persecuting the Jews and the Christians. I want them to make a choice: either pro-Constitution or get on a plane and fly to any Muslim country and stay there forever and ever.”

“Well, yes, we can do that. Okay, ‘Once upon a time…’”

“Wait! Don’t start yet; I’m just not ready. I want Eric Holder and Obama flown down to GITMO and I want LTC Terry Lakin to be pardoned during a joint session of Congress by President Trump and Melania.”

Now can I start?”

“You won’t forget about the Russians?”

“But there are no Russians.”

“But in make-believe you can believe anything, isn’t that right?”

“Only if you realize that it’s all make-believe.”

“But doesn’t everybody know the Russians are all make-believe?”

“No, I’m afraid not, Honey. Some people are rather not-so-smart, I’m sorry to say.”

“I don’t believe in the Russians; does that make me smart?”

“It makes you way ahead of a lot of people, adults included.”

“Are they stupid people?”

“At first they were misinformed, but by now they’ve morphed into pure stupidity, I’m afraid.”

“I feel sorry for those people.”

“Don’t waste your breath because they sure wouldn’t waste theirs. Remember to do unto others as they would do unto you so if they want to do bad things to you do bad things to them first, in spades, as it’s called.”


“Means to bring guns to a knife fight and if they show up with a machine gun you drive up in a Main Battle Tank; got it? Now can we start the story?”

“Are the Russians bad people?”

“There are no Russians, remember?”


Twinkle Twinkle


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