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by LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret), ©2017

(Jun. 29, 2017) — [Editor’s Note:  The following interview segment is a continuation from Part 4 focusing on the FBI’s 2010 arrest and prosecution of Darren Wesley Huff and its failure to apprehend congressional shooter James T. Hodgkinson, now deceased.]

The story about Darren is made up.  The FBI made that up, as opposed to Hodgkinson’s brother saying the day after the shooting that he knew his brother was going to Washington, DC to protest.  He knew his brother had a pretty dark past, what his political leanings were, and that he had guns.

Did the FBI react to Hodgkinson?

Hodgkinson was parked next to the ball field for 2½ months with guns and notes and evidence that he was going to assassinate people and he was never approached, and look what they did to Darren Huff.

Hodgkinson had guns, ammunition, notes, a list of congressmen’s names on it; he was going to the YMCA next to where he was parked and was within walking distance to the park.  He was never once approached, ever.

Nobody can tell me that the FBI didn’t sit on their hands and know that this thing was going down.  And if they didn’t know, who’s going to come out and say that they didn’t know today?

Compare and contrast what they did to Darren Huff, which is all make-believe, to what they didn’t do to Hodgkinson.

Hodgkinson crossed four state lines.  Do you think that Hodgkinson was being followed by a law enforcement escort over any of the states that he crossed from and into the way Darren Huff was?  Was Hodgkinson stopped as Darren Huff was?  Was Hodgkinson asked to secure his weapons someplace in his van?  If Hodgkinson had been stopped and his van had been searched the way Darren Huff was stopped and searched and they had found notes and evidence that Hodgkinson was going across four state lines to assassinate people, do you think he would have gotten as far as he did?

Why did they treat Darren Huff differently than they did Hodgkinson?   In Darren Huff’s case, he was being set up, as I was, for a shooting event:  to get shot dead that day in Madisonville.  And Mueller was behind it.  Instead of that playing out, they went after Darren for a crime that they made up, a thought crime, and they successfully prosecuted him for what they said they thought Darren was thinking.

Darren was never where the FBI said he was.  Bill Looman gave a sworn statement which said, “I was with Darren Huff all day, and we were never at the General Sessions Courthouse.”  So you have an FBI agent working for Mueller in the day and Holder and Obama in an out-and-out lie saying that Darren was at the courthouse with a gun, standing there with other men with guns, who were going to join Darren to go into the courthouse to take it over.  But that didn’t happen.

Hodgkinson was parked next to the venue, really there, talking to people, surveilling the YMCA, surveilling the baseball field for 2½ months, and he was never once approached.

The FBI let this happen; they let this guy sit there for 2½ months, but they were all over Darren the day before he went to Madisonville.

Why the difference?

As James Cavanaugh said on TV, Darren Huff and people like me are still classified as “domestic terrorists” to this day.  Mueller is responsible for that.  Mueller is responsible for the fact that I have been declared a domestic enemy, and, by the way, we have that confirmed in so many ways, not the least of which is that DVD presentation we got from the McMinn County Sheriff’s Department back in 2012.

Do you think that the FBI or Department of Justice has put together a DVD presentation about people in the Antifa movement which would depict people like Madonna, the actors involved in the assassination in the park play, Kathy Griffin’s outrageous and obscene representation or Keith Olbermann’s rants?  Do you think that the FBI has encouraged and sponsored law enforcement agents to put together a program about the professor who attempted murder against a participant protesting Antifa and hit him in the head with a bike lock?

What about professors and students saying that people who support President Trump should be guillotined?

Do you see the difference between how the veterans are being treated as opposed to how the Antifa is hands-off?

Who’s to stop a shooting from happening today?  Where is the FBI today?  Where is the DVD portraying the other Hodgkinsons out there as the real domestic terrorists?  Why isn’t that term applied to them?  Why is it applied to me but not to Madonna?

Do you hear these things being talked about in the news as a “domestic terrorist” event today?

It’s still going on. Bernie Sanders sat with Elizabeth Warren and urged people to “fight back.”

[Editor’s Note:  Following the shooting and injuring of five people on June 14 in Alexandria, VA, the FBI described Hodgkinson as having had an “anger management problem.”  On June 21, USA Today reported:

A week after the stunning attack, which left House Majority Whip Steve Scalise critically wounded and four others injured, the FBI Wednesday offered a troubled portrait of the 66-year-old gunman with an “an anger management problem” who abruptly left a strained marriage in Belleville, Ill., more than month ago to take up residence in a van on the outskirts of the nation’s capital – along with his weapons.

While he was prone to rage against the politics of President Trump and was carrying the names of six lawmakers in his pocket at the time he was fatally wounded in an exchange of gunfire with police, federal investigators said they were still at a loss for what drew Hodgkinson to the quiet neighborhood of Del Ray and ultimately to launch the assault in which he fired 60 rounds.

“He was struggling in all kinds of different ways,” FBI Assistant Director Tim Slater said.




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  1. Lies and more lies under oath: ” . . . an out-and-out lie saying that Darren was at the courthouse with a gun, standing there with other men with guns, who were going to join Darren to go into the courthouse to take it over.”

    The actual venue (“terrorist staging area”) was a trailer on the north side of town. Darren spent the day in a diner across from the courthouse in the center of town, apparently to avoid the rain. He had “disarmed” at the illegal stop out side town.

    The domestic terrorists were actually made up of a bunch of old veterans, a family from Alabama, and one small women named Spitfire whose rhetoric is more dangerous than guns, none of which were at the venue. Ironically a photograph of the gaggle outside the trailer, supporting the CMDR, was part of the FBI/TBI training DVD.

    There was no talk of taking over anything although several folks asked to go in the trailer (courthouse) to listen to the proceedings. No one was allowed in.

    A sniper was observed in the second story of an abandoned building over looking the staging area outside the trailer. Presumably for Darren’s “benefit”.

    In retrospect (20-20 hindsight) it looks like the Madisonville Hoax was put together by the DOJ as a precursor for “greater issues”. It was obvious to anyone involved on the “terrorist” side and the DOJ side, as well, that it was a non issue but apparently the DOJ saw an opportunity. They were dealing with novice demonstrators and a back water venue which provided an easy means to establish a precedent for use in the future.

    See the details of the murder of Levoy Finicum and the incarceration and upcoming trials of the Bundy family.

  2. “Were any of these issues raised in Huff’s appeal in the Sixth Circuit?”

    The appeal was put together by a PD who was acting under the directions of the DOJ, no doubt. Darren had little input in the appeal.

    It was submitted very late and sat in queue for several months in the face of several attempts to have it moved. After a year or so it became evident that the appeals court was just going to let it ride out until Darren finished his sentence at which time it would die as an academic issue.

    The charges now stand as they were not successfully appealed. The DOJ is now free to charge anyone with “intent” and will use Darren’s trial as precedent to assure a conviction.

  3. I can’t wait for the further continuation of Part 4 of this series about the brave Lt. CMDR Fitzpatrick. This is a great series of articles representing some of your best work. The FBI needs to follow blogs and forums and arrest anyone who expresses a deeply rooted anger that might indicate a propensity to take matters into their own hands and threaten public officials with arrest or even worse.

    You know what they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.