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by LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret), ©2017

(Jun. 21, 2017) — [Editor’s Note:  The following is Part 2 of an interview conducted with the noted author on June 20, 2017.  Part 1 is here.]

There’s an article at The American Thinker that outlines Mueller’s real agenda.  This is why I’ve been saying that he is a national security threat.

Mueller is responsible for the Madisonville Hoax.  It’s significant because it’s the first time in our history that we know about the FBI actually creating out of whole cloth a “domestic terrorist” event that was not a domestic terrorist event.  They made it all up.

The point that I’m making about Mueller today is that he got away with it then, and he is confident that he will get away with it now.  We have evidence of his confidence because he hasn’t removed himself; he thinks he is secure. We have intent because of the people he’s hiring and the fact that he has now expanded the scope of the investigation to go who knows where…again, to unseat a sitting president.

He’s made up stuff before, and that is what people need to understand.  He made up an entire domestic terrorist event and believes he can be successful again.

The New York Daily News reported that (James T.) Hodgkinson was camped out next to that ball park for 2½ months. He left his home in Belleville, Illinois at the end of March and drove directly to Alexandria, VA in that white cargo van, and he parked there and lived out of it.

The article says that Hodgkinson’s brother Michael knew that his brother James was going to drive to Washington, DC to “protest.”  I’m guessing that Hodgkinson’s wife also knew that he was traveling to Washington, although that is speculation.

In the days just before Hodgkinson left to go to DC, he was approached by police officers because of a neighbor’s complaint that he was shooting a high-powered weapon in his back yard.  So you have Hodgkinson who is in his back yard shooting a gun to the extent that his neighbors complained about him. Police approached him, and he was licensed, so it was no big deal. Then he got in his cargo van, drove to Alexandria, VA, lived there for more than two months, and there are no flags raised.

From what I can tell, Hodgkinson crossed four state lines to get from Illinois to Virginia. He knew where he was going. He was planning this thing out.  The article said he was “deeply opinionated, heavily armed and extremely dangerous,” and the FBI never once looked at this guy.

No law enforcement officer came up to him as he was living in his cargo van next to the ball field, and 2½ months before, he knew that there were going to be Republican congressmen and staffers coming there to practice for a baseball game. He knew.  He was planning this thing out.

How did he know? Who told him?  Has anybody been asking that question? How did this guy know where to go, where to park? Not only that, but he was going in to the YMCA; there are two witnesses who interacted with him.  One of them was a former mayor of Alexandria who thought he needed a job; Hodgkinson turned down an offer, saying, “I don’t have a Bachelor’s degree.”

He knew what he was there to do.  He had weapons; he had ammunition; he was parked next to the location where the crime was going to be committed, and he was never stopped.

Compare that to what Darren Huff did.  None of it was illegal.  Everything was made up.  Darren Huff was said by the FBI to have been standing in front of the General Sessions courthouse with a gun.  FBI Agent Mark Van Balen said Darren was standing at the courthouse on the morning of April 20, 2010 with a gun thinking about taking over the courthouse and that there were other like-minded men with guns thinking the same thing.



What Darren Huff did is juxtaposed to what Hodgkinson did, which was to go to the location where the crime was to be committed. Having told somebody he was going to be leaving Illinois to go to DC with guns after he got caught shooting up the neighborhood, he actually did go to a place where a crime was going to be committed thinking that, “Yeah, I’m gonna do it.”

Moreover, we have information about Hodgkinson advertising about where he was going to be publicly.  He was all over the internet.  He was within walking distance of the baseball field.  According to The Daily News report, he had “a resume of liberal activism and anti-Trump rhetoric.”  He was in a Facebook group named “Terminate the Republican Party.”  He had a 2015 post which named Rep. Scalise personally, and he wrote something like two dozen letters to the editor.

The article says he had a resume of political activism; Darren Huff did not.  And the only reason that the FBI claimed that Darren Huff ever came on their radar was because of a report that they took from Shane Longmeyer from that local bank.  Back in the day, we believed that they were prompted by The Fogbow to say what they said.

Darren denounces these two bankers, but that’s how the FBI said that Darren came on their radar.  I believe he came on the radar because of all the chatter, and all the phone calls, and all the back-channel stuff that Fogbow was doing.

We know from the history of Fogbow just exactly what they were doing and that there was a connection into the Obama White House.

In the case of Hodgkinson, we don’t need a group like The Fogbow.

[Editor’s Note:  The transcript from a press conference given Wednesday by the FBI the day after our interview with Fitzpatrick states, in part:

In March 2017, Hodgkinson, of Belleville, Illinois, told a family member that he was traveling to Washington D.C., but he did not provide any additional information on his travel. FBI analysis of Hodgkinson’s computers showed a Google search of truck stops, maps, and toll-free routes to the Northern Virginia area. Prior to his travel, local law enforcement in Belleville had been called to Hodgkinson’s residence due to complaints of target practice he was conducting on his property. Local law enforcement requested he keep the noise down but determined Hodgkinson was not in violation of any local laws. Hodgkinson’s prior criminal record includes a charge of domestic battery in 2006.

Evidence collected thus far indicates Hodgkinson had been in the Alexandria area since March 2017. On the morning of Wednesday, June 14, 2017, Hodgkinson, who was living in his vehicle, which was located in the parking lot of the YMCA on East Monroe Avenue, is believed to have exited his vehicle with two weapons, a 7.62mm caliber SKS rifle and a 9mm handgun, for which he had a holster on his person. He approached the baseball fields where practice for a Congressional charity baseball game was taking place. Acting alone, Hodgkinson shot in the vicinity of the field where members of Congress and staffers were standing. Immediately adjacent to the field were two United States Capitol Police special agents who were detailed to a member of Congress and who engaged Hodgkinson. Alexandria Police Department officers responded to the scene of shots fired and also engaged Hodgkinson who, over police radio, was reported down at 7:14 a.m.

One of the FBI’s conclusions announced on Wednesday is that “At this point in the investigation, the FBI does not believe there is a nexus to terrorism.”

In closing, Fitzpatrick said:

James Hodgkinson is not considered a “DOMESTIC TERRORIST,” but I am.  And folks like me.

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