The Play: “The Bonkers Syndrome” (RR)


by OPOVV, ©2017

(Jun. 15, 2017) — “Welcome to our play. I’m Professor Zorkophsky, the author of what you’re about to enjoy, we hope. Setting up shop in the balcony is none other than Mr. Roving Reporter and crew representing the ever-popular news show, ‘Pulse of the Nation.’

“We haven’t completely worked out the kinks, I’m afraid. For instance, at the beginning of Act II we have Sally talking to herself in a padded cell, but we think it would be more realistic if Sally was with two or three other nut cases who publicly stated that ‘Trump is not their president.’ I mean, really, if Trump isn’t their president, who is, right?

“And, sorry, my notes aren’t in any particular order: in Scene II, Act I, Randy’s fight with the Vietnam veteran doesn’t really end with Randy as the victor: the Veteran was wearing a Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball cap, and when Randy started to come after him the Veteran pulled his .45 caliber pistol, thereby stopping Randy in his tracks, at which time a citizen’s arrest was completed with Randy going directly to jail. I think he got five years for attempted assault, or maybe it was seven.

“I’d like to interject a note about our blackface actors: if any of you think you may become unglued about our complete disregard for any political correctness nonsense, we’ll gladly refund your money forthwith. However, once the curtain goes up all bets are off.

“I must warn you, in Act III, when Hillary laughs-off our Ambassador in Libya and three others getting killed and then when Hillary laughs when she holds up the cashier’s check from Putin for selling Russia 20% of our uranium, the actress was chosen for her laughing abilities and not necessarily for her acting abilities.

“Let’s see, now: in Scene I, Act III the dog is none other than the ‘Talking Dog’ of ‘Pulse’ fame. As you know, the poster advertising our play is dominated by none other than the ‘Talking Dog,’ which will be, the poster, that is, on sale in the lobby at the conclusion of Act IV.

“And speaking of Act IV, where the Left-Wing Loonies have a chance to make amends – but don’t – you’ll notice that the actors and actresses will be wearing Halloween masks of such notable detestables as Pelosi, Ellison, McCain, Schumer, Maddow, Waters, and the other leaders who have been promoting nothing but pure, unadulterated hatred for Trump as our president, the USA as our country AND badmouthing our Constitution at each and every available opportunity, specifically the Second Amendment. Without the Second there’s no way to protect the other Amendments.

“The speech about getting out of the United Nations is for real.

“I think that about does it, so sit back and enjoy the show. Oh, and the ending: I’m sorry, I wish I could’ve written a happy one, but instead I wrote a truthful one: the Left-Wing-Loonies are not going to change their stripes; they’ll just continue to ratchet up the rhetoric so more and more borderline loonies (like the baseball diamond assassin) will become completely unhinged, go bonkers and act like the crazed jihadists that they emulate in action.

“Wouldn’t one eventually reach the conclusion that maybe, just maybe, our country needs to be great again, after all? Not going to get there with a bunch of Loonies getting away with violent speech. Look, you can’t yell ‘Fire!’ in a crowded theater and you can’t threaten the president, the Administration and everyone else who believes in the rule of law, our law, the Constitution, and not some lame-brain sorry excuse for justice, like what Sharia Law is and/or some smoke-dream of ‘equality’ for the ignorant and the lazy.

“Now let’s see. Oh, here it is: the scene at the zoo, the one with the ducks and the giraffes? Well, when the animals chant ‘There’s no Russians, you stupids; there’s no Russians, you stupids,’ that’s supposed to be the dream of the judge. Got that?

“I’m sorry; I’ve spoken for so long that we have to vacate the theater: our fire marshal’s permit only extends to a certain time, and we’re almost there. Look, out front, across the street, we’re set up for charcoal-broiled burgers and dogs for every one of you; just show your ticket stubs: our treat.”

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