by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 12, 2017) — NBC News producer Jesse Rodriguez has reported on Twitter that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will testify publicly on Tuesday to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Previous news reports had stated that the setting in which Sessions would testify had not been clarified.

In a letter on Saturday, Sessions appeared to volunteer to testify in response to testimony given by former FBI Director James Comey on Thursday during which Comey suggested that he “knew” Sessions would be forced to recuse himself from the FBI’s two-pronged investigation into whether or not Russia interfered in the election and whether or not Trump campaign aides improperly communicated with Russian-government operatives.

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s website does not yet reflect Sessions’s upcoming testimony, whether public or private.

As of 12:35 p.m. EDT, ABC News has updated its reportage to reflect that Sessions will testify publicly to the Senate Intel Committee on Tuesday.



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