by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 11, 2017) — On June 6, a petition to the White House to appoint a special prosecutor to oversee an investigation into the murder of DNC employee Seth Rich had surpassed 50,000 signatures, the halfway point required for the White House to provide an official response.

Rich was fatally shot early on July 10, 2016 near his Washington, DC home in what police have called a “botched robbery,” although little to no evidence has been presented to the public to support the theory.

The mainstream media has imposed an embargo on the pursuit of the theory that Rich had communicated with WikiLeaks and ultimately supplied the open-government organization with thousands of emails demonstrating corruption within the DNC during the Democrat primaries.

Internet technical entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has stated that he has evidence showing that Rich was communicating with WikiLeaks and that he was the source of the DNC emails published later in July which prompted the resignation of then-chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and three other DNC officials just before the Democrat National Convention.

Launched on May 19, nearly 40,000 signatures are still needed to reach the 100,000 required by the deadline of June 18.

The petition can be signed here:



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