by Cody Robert Judy, ©2017

(Jun. 6, 2017) — The body double Trump-Team was in place, assembled with the regular Team escorting the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. The body-double for Trump was just a hair shorter than President Trump, but from a distance the eye was fooled enough for the security concern for which the Team had been assembled.

It was a little disappointing to the press when they understood they had been “duped” much more by Obama than Trump. But the evidence actually produced showed Obama’s administration had been built entirely on an unconstitutional and weak foundation which made for a precariously dangerous legacy sure to be remembered under the audacity of Fraud & Forgery.

The helicopter planes hummed above as we spotted the landing platform for Marine One. President Trump was waiting as I got off with a smile enjoying the view.

Clasping the President’s hand I said, ” Hello, Mr. President, I’m Cody Judy, and introduced my guest to him also. The budget for the occasion was built in.

The party was BIG-TIME, and all you could possibly imagine. Every kind of meat you could want was being spotted on open flames:  buffalo,  lamb, and wild boar, all favorites of mine.

Fresh sawdust covered the floor, adding to the rustic ambience of the shindig. The cooks and waiters were thrilled to be doing what they loved in assuring the guests were personally catered to in the most enduring and sweet way.

A special Lamb Jalapeño pepper was skewered with Jack cheese, smothering the long toothpicks holding the mouthwatering deliciously-tasting appetizer together.

The guests were just thrilled to be there, and it was great to see President Trump after such a grueling quarter finally settled in enough to relax from the stress and take in with a smile the entertainment provided on the modest stage he had a front and center seat to.

The movie in the planning stages already would be a national treasure. The plot involved the whole United States being sucked into the biggest fraud in U.S. history but turning around and thriving with the Truth instead of the Lie.

Such was the spectacular and visionary dream I had June 5th as I seemed taken away by the spirit in a most vivid remembrance and experience.

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