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  1. We the People on Main Street USA have firearms to keep our government at bay = CITIZEN CONTROL BY FIREARMS.

    Maybe Tax Revolution folks will work around millions of minions called “U.S. Government” to unite millions of “U.S. Taxpayers” on Main Street USA to hold back sending in their tax dollars to keep our government at bay, as well = CITIZEN CONTROL BY FUNDS.

    Here’s how, via proposed QUID PRO QUO TAX SUBMISSION:

    A. Taxpayers prepare tax forms and determine if they owe taxes to government.

    B. For those who owe taxes, have the funds and forms ready to be mailed to the U.S. Treasury per usual compulsory tax submission/surrender

    C. Tax Revolution speaks with one voice on behalf of these member taxpayers-in-waiting by sending detailed letter to U.S. Government stating said member taxes-in-waiting will be forwarded immediately to U.S. Treasury AFTER five healthy doable measures are enacted by Congress:

    1. Ratify constitutional amendment for elected government employee term limits
    2. Ratify constitutional amendment for balanced annual federal budget
    3. Commit to construction and maintenance of Wall of Sovereignty along entire US- Mexico border from 2017 to 2117
    4. Cease all immigration of muslims and other Koran-worshippers into USA until after worldwide islamic community’s jihad murder and mayhem ceases worldwide
    5, Arrest and fully identify, for 320,000,000 government-knowledge-robbed American citizens, Barry Soetoro (aka “FANTASY 44 OBAMA II”) et al for Constitution Prostitution 08-28-08- TODAY