by Sharon Rondeau

(May 27, 2017) — Late on Friday, a New Zealander who says he has evidence that the late Seth Rich was a source to the open-government organization WikiLeaks tweeted a recommendation to an article at The Huffington Post titled “Why Is It Blasphemous for Kim Dotcom to Testify Under Oath in Congress about ?”

Judging from the title and introduction appearing in the tweet, the article was likely supportive of Dotcom’s offer to give testimony in written or oral form to U.S. authorities regarding the evidence he claims to have.

Rich, a 27-year-old staffer at the Democratic National Committee (DNC), was murdered on July 10, 2016 mere steps from the apartment he shared with three roommates in Washington, DC’s Bloomingdale neighborhood. The police and mainstream media have characterized the tragic incident as a “botched robbery.”

The DC Metro Police Department has not made any public statements on the progress of the case.

Ever since a local Fox affiliate station aired a segment on May 15 in which former DC Metro PD Detective Rod Wheeler stated that there is evidence that Rich had been in touch with WikiLeaks through his computer, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, MSN, The Daily Caller, CNN, National Review, The Hill, Yahoo! News, ABC News, The Wrap, Newsweek, and many others have forcefully insisted that any suggestion Rich could have been the supplier of emails incriminating to the DNC is a “conspiracy theory” deserving of nothing but ridicule and shame.

Although in subsequent interviews, Wheeler denied having seen the evidence himself, stating that he obtained it through a Fox News reporter’s investigation, the media has conducted a visible disinformation campaign such as what might have occurred in the former Soviet Union or in Cuba today to discredit not only Wheeler, but anyone taking action as a result of his report.

“Democracy Dies in Darkness” reads the new slogan of The Washington Post since Donald Trump took office.  But why is the newspaper maligning Kim Dotcom?

When The Post & Email clicked the link posted by Dotcom, it found the article removed with the following message:

While left-leaning media decry the anticipated “end to democracy” under President Donald Trump, many appear to be attempting to manipulate the information Americans read, write, and think about. If their own propaganda appears insufficient, they organize campaigns to destroy revenue streams for those investigating matters which they wish to remain hidden.

Why would these outlets not want someone claiming to have evidence which could help solve the Rich case come forward? What is driving the “legacy” media and many others to say, day after day without evidence, that the theory that Seth Rich provided Wikileaks with the damaging emails is “debunked?”

By whom?

The same word was used for the five-year-long investigation into the long-form birth certificate image bearing the name “Barack Hussein Obama II.”  They painstakingly did not report that former detective/investigator Mike Zullo announced in December that two well-respected forensic analysts agreed with his conclusion that the image is a “computer-generated forgery.”

Why does the media want that fact obscured?

Is Trump correct in stating that the media is the “enemy of the American people”?

In George Orwell‘s “1984,” the “Ministry of Truth” did not hesitate to rewrite history when it perceived the need.  Spark Notes’ summary of Orwell’s famous novel states that the creed of the new society of Oceania — “War is peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength” — “serves as the reader’s first introduction to the idea of doublethink. By weakening the independence and strength of individuals’ minds and forcing them to live in a constant state of propaganda-induced fear, the Party is able to force its subjects to accept anything it decrees, even if it is entirely illogical—for instance, the Ministry of Peace is in charge of waging war, the Ministry of Love is in charge of political torture, and the Ministry of Truth is in charge of doctoring history books to reflect the Party’s ideology.”

A petition for the White House to appoint a special prosecutor to see that Rich’s murderers are brought to justice has been gaining thousands of signatures steadily since Dotcom and others began promoting it last week.

Will we find the truth despite the media?

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