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by Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Col., USA (Ret), ©2017

Andrew Jackson’s supporters founded the “Democratic Party” in 1828, when he ran successfully for president after having been defeated by John Adams four years prior

(May 18, 2017) — The Central or Federal Government of our greatly blessed republic is badly broken. Though elected by basically content, well-fed, safe and happy but woefully ignorant citizens and far too many illegal aliens, WE have neglected and abandoned OUR caretaker responsibilities. We have in the past 230 years (1787-2017) allowed a plethora of incompetent, immoral, and deplorably corrupt and specious pseudo-Americans, better known as party politicians, to seize absolute control of our Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government.

The genesis of our ailments began precisely with the formation of the “Democratic-Republican Party,” founded in 1791 by two brilliant, learned Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Both are on record as being opposed to political party “Factionalism.” Their action in response to the fiscal policies of Alexander Hamilton was, therefore, not only spiteful but knowingly stupid. Their misbegotten venture was dissolved in 1825 during the single term of President John Quincy Adams. He was defeated by the Democratic Party stalwart and demagogue, Andrew ‘Stonewall’ Jackson.

The following biography is one of the best I have had the pleasure of reading, though my opinion of Jackson was not improved!


Jackson’s administration ushered in the still-operative and outrageously corrupt “Patronage” system, the first profiteer of which was one Samuel Swartwout, one of Jackson’s military veterans. Jackson appointed Swartwout to be the Collector of Customs at the Port of New York. Swartwout later absconded to Great Britain. According to the congressional inquiry, Swartwout absconded with $1,225,705.69 in public funds and fled to London. That translates to roughly $30 million in year 2011 dollars-a shocking sum by any standard.”

It took 290 words to get to the first of the major criminals in our relatively short history. In summary, Andrew Jackson, as confirmed by historical accounts, may have been “A Man of the People,” but he was, as a matter of record, a murderous killer of Native American Indians during his military career (estimates run as high as 8,000-10,000).

The premise of this article is, “Party Politics is and has been the cause of our abandonment of our Judeo-Christian Ethos.” There has been an ongoing effort to have the Congress call an Article V Convention of States for the singular purpose of identifying and putting into the form of amendments to our constitution a yet-indeterminate number of matters plaguing our nation. As a matter of fact, 49 of our fifty States have made appropriate requests for the Congress to obey the provisions of Article V and on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments….”

Judge Bruce Van Sickle and attorney Lynn M. Boughey compiled a list from the Congressional Record of state applications for an Article V Convention in the Hamline Law Review. This list of applications has been expanded and maintained by the organization Friends of the Article V Convention, which sponsored a complete review of the Congressional Record from 2008–2010.” ibid

Mr. Speaker, why all this procrastination, dawdling or just plain stalling? You and the 115th Congress are simply postponing the inevitable: We the People WILL prevail! As a patriotic longtime citizen of this ultimate republic, I have and hereby exercise my God-given right to DEMAND that you, on the next day of business in the Congress, “Call an Article V Convention of States to be held during the entire Month of August 2017, in the chambers of both houses of Congress with the support personnel present to provide ancillary services to the Convention delegates.”

We will take it from there; we will deliver into your hands for dispatch to the fifty states for ratification such proposed Amendments as we have agreed upon. We will leave those premises in pristine shape as I am sure we will inherit them. Your failure to comply will leave us with but one recourse; LITIGATION we are prepared to pursue as a last recourse.

So, let’s get this done. God Bless America and Make Her Great Again!

Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (Ret)
326 F Nantucket Lane
Monroe Twp, NJ 08831

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