by Sharon Rondeau

(May 16, 2017) — Late on Tuesday morning, Fox News host Sean Hannity tweeted to a woman reporting that she exchanged instant messages with “Guccifer 2.0” about murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich last year that he is “looking into all of this.”

Rich was a paid DNC staffer responsible for conducting voter-registration and access; he was based in Washington, DC.

In a release made public in early April by Robbin Young, Guccifer 2.0 appears to have told her in a series of instant messages last summer following Rich’s death that someone named “seth” was his “whistleblower.”

Guccifer 2.0 has been said to be connected to “the Russians,” who allegedly “hacked the election” and DNC servers last summer, as determined by “the intelligence community.”

On April 10, Fox News Channel reported on the alleged instant messages between Guccifer 2.0 and Young.

On Monday night, a local Fox affiliate, Fox5, broke the news that a detective investigating Rich’s death independently of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) claims to possess evidence that Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks before he was killed.

On Tuesday morning, the Fox News Channel expanded on that report, quoting the same detective, Rod Wheeler, who is also a Fox News contributor, alleging a potential “cover-up” on the part of politicians.   Wheeler stated that an MPD officer told him face-to-face that the department was told to “stand down” rather than pursue the investigation.

The Fox report stated that a “federal investigator” who spoke to them directly corroborated Wheeler’s claim.  “The federal investigator, who requested anonymity, said 44,053 emails and 17,761 attachments between Democratic National Committee leaders, spanning from January 2015 through late May 2016” were sent by Rich, Fox reported.

On Tuesday morning, Rich’s family pushed back at Wheeler’s revelations, calling them “unsubstantiated.” In a statement, the Rich family said that Wheeler was not authorized to speak to the press and that they remain unconvinced that their son is the source of the tens of thousands of emails provided to Wikileaks, which began publishing them on July 22 of last year.

Rich’s killing has previously been described as a “botched robbery,” but media reports say that when he was brought to the hospital after taking two bullets, his watch and anything else of value remained on his person.

Rich died shortly after his arrival at the hospital.

WikiLeaks has offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the killer or killers.

On January 18, The Washington Post, which interestingly released a report alleging that President Donald Trump shared “highly classified” information with two Russian diplomats at approximately the same time the Rich story broke, reported as “rumors” internet speculation that Rich could have been in touch with WikiLeaks.

“What seems painfully obvious to his family is that Seth Rich was, instead, the victim of a botched holdup, one of a series of armed robberies in the neighborhood around that time,” The Post reported. “Interviews with more than a dozen people who knew Rich well, including several who spoke to him in the final hours of his life — as well as a previously unreported minute-by-minute log of Rich’s phone calls — fill in some of the blanks of that night. But they offer no hint that a conspiracy was at play.”

Fox5 reported that the DC Metro Police have denied Wheeler’s “stand-down” claim.

Slightly earlier in her Twitter timeline, Young claimed that she was threatened by an individual who reportedly hired Wheeler to assist Rich’s family in arriving at the truth of why their son was murdered.

On May 13, Young tweeted to Trump:

In her exchange with Hannity on Tuesday, Young thanked him for his interest in the story and said, “I just want justice for Seth Rich.”

If investigations conducted by Wheeler or the FBI ultimately prove that Rich was WikiLeaks’ source of the DNC emails, it could prove inaccurate multiple claims made by the media and the “U.S. intelligence community” that the DNC’s servers were breached by the Russian government.

Assange has consistently said that he did not receive the documents from a “state party.”

On Tuesday, left-leaning media are stressing the Rich family’s negative reaction to Wheeler’s report and that the murder “remains unsolved.”

But are they seeking the truth?


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  1. Bob 68, Right On, Right On. Lt. Zullo was to have had appeared on the Hannity Show but was
    cancelled at the last moment (about a day from airing). Hannity could have revealed the news
    story of Obama being a fraud. Could there have had been a bigger and more important story that there was an USURPER in the White House?

    Hannity could have had saved the country from such pain and devastation. Under Obama it was eight years of hell. Obama is responsible for lost lives, poor economy, and numerous horrors that will continue for a long time.

  2. Will Hannity “look into” this with the same diligence and tenacity he he used to look into Obama’s ineligibility and identity fraud?

  3. Cody, Sharon,

    I just read an interview done on WND with Sharyl Atkisson where she pointed out that the FBI doesn’t need DNC permission to examine the DNC servers when national security is involved. Once “Russian Hacking” was suspected/determined, why would they (the FBI) let the DNC deny them access to the servers. They (The FBI) had the DUTY to seize the servers and examine them BECAUSE it was now a national security issue. Excellent point by Sharyl! Interesting that the FBI did not insist on examining the servers and still has not examined the servers even with all the controversy. The deeper it goes, the more it stinks.

  4. Crowdstrike was computer intelligence business DNC hired to investigate their leaks, and was founded by a Russian. They are the ones who say they found 2 Russian fingerprints on DNC Hack. Guccifer 2.0 was one, who admits one of his sources was (Seth).

    Seth had confirmed communications with Wikileaks.

    Why does DNC Hire a business founded by Russian to find Russian Hack and expect /want to pin “Russia” for hack?

    I think Seth working for the DNC found out DNC was fixing Primary for Hillary away from Sanders and became a whistleblower.

    Then DNC framed the “Russian Hack story” to defer credit from DNC’s own leak ‘Seth’ who either directly or through a third perso gave it to Wikileaks.

    They hired Crowdstrike and didn’t want the FBI involved in the same work they hired Crowdstrike for. The FBI just took what Crowdstrike said… no further query.


    Was Seth murdered ( shot in the back like a back-stabber of the DNC) for his info against DNC Crooked primary.

    Police say botched robbery but he had nothing stolen on his person. (watch, wallet)

    Former FBI Director James Comey would have known about this.

    Did the FBI stuff him? For ‘espionage’ that basically was blowing the whistle on the DNC crooked primary election?

    Wikileaks confirms the Government of Russia was [not their source] and Seth was killed two weeks prior Wikileaks Release of DNC Hacked Emails.

    Wikileaks post 20K for info leading to information on Seth’s murder. How much has the FBI posted?

    In a Dutch Interview Assange- Wikileaks CEO, admitted the ‘danger’ wikileaks sources face and a peak interest in his murder. While not directly naming ‘Seth’ as a source, the collaborative interest and ransom suggest he was.

    Seth’s family’s disconcerting feelings of Seth being portrayed as the source to Wikileaks is understanding as if proven true, it relates to his giving information to a foreign source and indeed being a traitor to the DNC and in such America, which very well may ‘influenced the Election’.

    The very heartbreaking situation is the under-reported burden the MSM has laid on a person such as Seth in that he did not feel like the MSM was a source he could turn to in reporting against the DNC and thereby the MSM, and chose a foreign source as Wikileaks. Assange is not an American but is Australian in nationality.

    It is of sad consequence that when the Press isn’t ‘free’ and is politically partisan, a whistleblower cannot go to a ‘domestic news source’ and is faced with a foreign one. When an Election is at stake and both major parties establishments are heavily involved in cover-up, either directly or indirectly, or have interest in keeping the lid on it to protect an ‘established elite, what sources can one go to in order to gain an audience?

    Obama’s fabricated identification and the forgery, as well as his eligibility in the first place, shed a dis favorable light on both ‘established’ politicians. On the Republicans side for not objecting to it in Congress or holding hearings which if they did may have stopped Obamacare in the first place, as well as directly with most Democrats for obvious reasons.

    The losers always seem to be ‘We The People’, and ‘liberty & justice for all’.

  5. It might be noted here that the DC police have yet to release the truth regarding the shooting death of Miriam Carey – Also notable is the refusal of the DNC to give the FBI access to their hacked servers – that might have resolved the Seth Rich mystery (as well as other skullduggery ) right there.