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(Apr. 30, 2017) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘Pulse of the Nation,’ the ever-popular news show that entertains as well as informs. Hello, I’m Mr. Roving and will be your host for tonight’s show. We were first introduced to mob insanity when the Taliban blew up the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan and then, again, when the governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, removed the Confederate Battle flag from her state’s capitol building.

“It’s a very childish and expensive phenomenon, the belief that closing one’s eyes can physically alter history, but to the immature ‘stuck in the terrible twos’ mentality it appears, at least to those who subscribe to mob rule, that goals have been reached and everyone is satisfied: the vehicle of offense has been destroyed and the victors shall go forth and rejoice. We here, at ‘Pulse’ take a more mature and long-lasting view of history.

“It’s our belief that, had such a one-sided and childish view been held by the majority throughout history, there would be no recognizable Colosseum in Rome, for wasn’t Rome built on the backs of slaves? There would be no Arc de Triomphe in Paris, for doesn’t such a monument glorify war? And so on, with specious arguments that add up to a hill of beans when it’s all said and done, years from now. And look who just walked up: Professor Wert.”

’Small minds live small lives,’ as they say. Saw your gang hanging out on the corner so decided to come on by. Heard your opening statement, by the way. I have to say, I agree with you. I take you read the report about the New Orleans mayor removing a statue of a Confederate soldier? Where will it end, I ask you?

“Did you know had The Muslim Brotherhood gained control of Egypt they had plans to level the pyramids? Stupid, childish people, little children, torturing helpless and defenseless animals, and when they grow up to become adults, they torture helpless and defenseless human beings. Somehow it gives them a sense of, what? You tell me.”

“Sorry, I can’t; nobody can, not even themselves. They are so far off-the-radar that not even Sherlock Holmes could find them among the humans on this planet.

“Here’s the thing: you can’t be rewriting history. If the truth – history – offends someone, then that someone has a lot more wrong with them than being exposed to the truth.  The big loser in our nation’s Civil War was the depletion of our gene pool. The young men who died were the cream of the crop of that decade in our young nation’s history. To say that our nation has paid for that most grievous error would be to put the problem mildly, I’m afraid to say.

“However – and there’s not necessarily always a ‘however,’ you know, but in this case there is – the United States was spread over vast distances, so vast, indeed, that by the time some places got the news that there was a War Between the States, the war was already over. And that was our nation’s saving grace: not ALL ended up as sacrificial lambs. Some lambs escaped the carnage through pure luck or happenstance.

“Which explains our successful military campaigns since the Civil War, except, of course, the wars in which the politicians stuck in their two-cents-worth, which was all of them. Why can’t the Company Commander order the troops to go in and ‘kill the enemy?’ Only happens in Historical Novels: ‘He smite them all until there was no one left to smite. His smite days were over’: Chapter 17, Verse 23-24.”

“Don’t hand us that. There is no chapter and verse; you just made it up.”


“Well, let me say thank you for watching and, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing each and every one of you a goodnight: Goodnight.

“That was one cheap shot, citing chapter and verse. Oh, well, it’s television. Burger time: my treat.”

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